Instantly Fix Apex Legends Crashing to Desktop

If you are big on online first-person shooter games where there is a lot of action, then you might be intrigued about the new Apex Legends game! This is a very recent launch as it was only released for Nintendo Switch in 2021! However, this battle royale game has been available for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox since 2019!

It is created by Respawn Entertainment and has been published with the aid of Electronic Arts. The reason for its popularity is that is fluid, keeps adding more exciting elements, and of course, has excellent shooting mechanics as well!  However, it is not immune to its errors and has been known to crash from time to time especially on PC.

What is the Apex Legends crash?

We are of course talking about one of the most common crashing errors that users have cited while playing Apex Legends. First, the game freezes and after a few moments, you will see that there is a message that reads, connection timed out. The real issue arises when this is not a one-time occurrence and is constant.Gta san andreas mouse not working ? Use our easy guide to fix it.

If you are not sure whether your error is the same as this one, figure out when the crashing generally takes place. If it happens the most while you are selecting your character and your game crashes, then you are dealing with this crash error.

Now that we know a bit better about this Apex Legends crashing to desktop, lets figure out how to solve it.

How to fix apex legends crashing to desktop?

  1. Verify Integrity of Game Files

If a game file is missing or damaged then this might be why your game crashes. You can easily rectify this by verifying the integrity of game files.

Follow these easy steps to do so:

  • Start the Origin Launcher and click on Apex Legends from your library.

  • Select the gear icon for settings.
  • To verify your game files, click on the Repair option.


  • It will automatically search for missing or corrupted files and then you can restart the game and the issue should be solved without any crash.


  1. Update your graphics driver

If the last method hasn’t stopped Apex Legends from crashing on PC, then, you need to make sure that your graphics card drivers are not outdated or corrupted as these can cause it to crash. If this is the reason, then you can simply update your graphics driver.

This can be done via the graphics card manufacturer’s website where you can find a driver that is compatible with your Windows OS and download it.


  1. Downgrade the Driver

If upgrading your Apex Legends app has not stopped it from crashing, then you might want to look at it another way! It might be that you need to downgrade the app since it might not support any new update. So, to enjoy the game without any crashes, you might have to reverse your update.

  1. End unnecessary programs

Since Apex Legends is quite a demanding game, then it might be putting on a big enough load on your PC as is. Add the other background processes that might be taking place and this can cause quite a few programs to crash!

So, ultimately, if your PC simply doesn’t have enough power or memory to run Apex Legends without crashing, you need to end the ones you don’t need. The easiest way is to close all other programs in the background and this can include the utility programs. After you have done this, restart your device and the Apex app should be working properly.

  1. Reinstall Apex Legends and Origin

If the previous method has not worked for you, then you could try to reinstall the game to fix Apex Legends from crashing to the desktop. By reinstalling the game, you will also be removing the cache of the game and this will be an overall fix. Sometimes, the cache can be helpful however, if it accumulates too much, then this could cause a lag in the overall efficiency of your system as well.

  1. Limit FPS

Our last and final fix for when your Apex Legends game crashes is to try and limit the frames per second! This is an excellent fix since when you will limit the FPS using the command line of the game, it will smooth things out and lower the chances of it crashing again.

  • To do this, simply go the Settings and click on Game Properties.

  • Here you will click on Advanced Launch Options click on add +fps_max 90 (or an amount of your choice) and then finally, Save.

Conclusion to apex legends crashing.

We have gone over all the top fixes for what to do when your Apex Legends game keeps crashing to the desktop in today’s article. These are all pretty basic tips that will undoubtedly help you fix this crashing error and help revitalize your gaming experience.

We hope that this article has been a thorough look into this topic and that our readers are now equipped with the proper knowledge they need to tackle it without any need for help! Remember to contact the Apex Legends help center in case you feel like the issue is from their server.