Are Scuf Controllers Worth it?

Scuf controller is one of the additional devices that is used for gaming consoles as it offers additional buttons that are best for PlayStation and Xbox games. Scuf controllers always seem to be distinctive at all from the PlayStation or Xbox controllers at a first impression. However, if you want the custom-designed controllers then the faceplates are almost the same in every controller.

Every controller is a bit different from the other controller as it might look the same but there are small modifications in the controller mainboard that make it a scuf controller. Also, the scuf controller comes up with a unique log and version, so unlike other Playstation controllers, the scuffs controller has blank buttons.

Don’t get baffled, below we have mentioned a comprehensive answer to your question.

Are Scuf controllers worth it?

Scuf controllers are one of the most successful customized controllers that are remarkable and are best for professional gamers. The scuf controller is worth trying for everyone who owns PlayStation or Xbox One, all thanks to its distinguishing features that prioritize the player’s experience. As a modern player, the foremost priority of having a scuf controller is to avoid being caught unawares, specifically in action games, since it will often result in a launch failure.

The scuf controller, unlike regular controllers, includes responding to unusual challenges by permitting users to shoot back or retreat while having to relocate their hands.

So, what’s good about scuf controllers?

Here we have segregated all the detailed pro features about scuf controllers that make it worthy for buying.

What’s good about it:

  1. One of the biggest advantages of having a scuf controller is not moving the hand from the controller if there’s slow response time, unlike other controllers that need you to remove your hand from the controller while slow response time.
  2. Also, the D-pad form and analog buttons on the rear side of the controller can be changed with the help of this controller. This unique joystick allows the user to play safely for longer durations and while the smooth grip of this controller also prevents the hands from falling off from the controller in intense fighting.
  3. Another feature that perks up the worth of the scuf controller is its interchangeable thumbstick area that means the user can easily switch thumbsticks quickly. Also, the scuf controller comes up in a variety of designs and sizes that suits well to the playing style and it has a wider grip for the thumbs grip.
  4. The scuf controller is the best one all thanks to its efficient and highly appreciable grip that not only improves the handgrip but also provides a smooth playing style while fighting intense battles.
  5. Scuf adjustable hair-trigger that allows the users to change the trigger pull instantly just by using attachment which is also included with the controller. Users also can apply a digital trigger technique to resemble a clicker for immediate answers.
  6. Scuf controllers are used by 90% of pro gamers, which means it not only gives excellent performance but also it is durable and trustworthy controllers for high-profile games.

The only drawback of the Scuf controller:

Below we have mentioned some major drawbacks of the scuf controller;

  1. Scuf controllers are the most delicate ones so if you are going to use them for intense matches then it is gonna break in two or three months which means you have to spend extra bucks every year for the controller.
  2. Also, the BlueTooth connectivity of the scuf controller is not efficient at all and so if the BlueTooth is not functioning properly with the controller then you can use a micro-USB to link the controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Scuf controller work well with PS5?

SCUF controller works very well with PS5 but the SCUF controller is only compatible with the PS4. The new games on PS5 are not highly supported by the Scuf controller, but it works smoothly and efficiently with PS4 games.

  • Are Scuf controllers legal?

Every Scuf controller comes up with a unique and tamper-resistant design with SCUF seal approval that is attached with controllers. That means if the controller is designed by a SCUF certified professional then these controllers are legal for usage in events like Call of duty league, ESL, SFCO, and many others.


Scuf controllers are worth buying because it comes up with an extremely incredible feature that not only gives a smooth and firm grip. Also has a rear button that provides the gamers instant response without any delay and the scuf controller is only compatible with the PS4. We hope you found this article; are scuf controllers worth it, really helpful and informative.