Quickly Fix Avast Is Slowing Down Your Computer Error

We all know that having a good security system installed on your computer is vital to its performance and health. Avast is one of the most popular anti-virus products that are available, both for free use and for a subscription-based premium experience as well.

Unfortunately, much like other anti-virus software, Avast has also been known to slow down your computer in some cases! It can be quite a hassle to work on a computer that is lagging or working slower to get normal functions done!

However, as we mentioned before, it is certainly not wise to completely remove your security and protection from the computer either. So, in cases like this, it is wise to first learn what may be causing your computer to slow down. However, the main topic for today is what to do when Avast slowing down computer!

So, if you are facing this issue yourself, then this might be the best way to solve this problem! First, let’s dig into what other factors might be slowing down your PC apart from your Avast security system.

Why is my computer slow?

Your security system might indeed be flagging certain actions of files and thus slowing down your computer’s performance. However, as we will list down below, there can be many other reasons why this can happen!

Software updates help!

If you do think that Avast slowing down computer, then you need to be sure that you are using an updated version of this software! Older versions might not be compatible with newer versions of Windows for example and this can cause your issues. The newest versions contain various patches that enhance this process.You can learn different ways on how to block photoshop in firewall.

If you are using an older version of Avast Antivirus, you might not even get any new updates and that can be your issue! Versions 8.0.1497 and before do not receive patches or technical support.

Not enough RAM or older hardware

Let’s face it! Your computer might just be old and newer software will not run properly on older hardware! So, if your device needs an update, we recommend investing in a PC that has a multi-core processor. In many cases, it might not be feasible or possible to get a new PC, so in that scenario, we recommend that you add more RAM to your device.

Clean out unnecessary files

Bloatware, unnecessary cache, leftover files, unneeded shortcuts, and toolbars can all be residual files that will slow down your computer. If you don’t want to delete any of your files but still want to make more room, you can choose to transfer all your various files into a reliable hard disc or drive. The minimum amount of space that you need for a smoothly running system is at least 20 percent of the disk space.

How to fix it when Avast slowing down computer

  1. Update the latest version for Windows 10

The first method we recommend to fix when Avast slowing down your computer has more to do with your OS. If you make sure you have regular updates for Windows 10, then this issue should not pop up.

Heres what you need to do to update Windows 10:

  • First, choose Settings from the Start menu. Then, you can click on both the Windows and I keys to get to this quicker.

  • You can then select the Update and Security tile.

  • You will need to stay on the default Windows Update menu.

  • After this, you can select the option that says, Check for updates button.

  • In case you find an update, click on the Install button and wait so that it is downloaded and subsequently updated.

After this, you will notice that your system should be running smoother. If not, then proceed to the next option!

  1. Turn off all background updates for Avast

Next, you will notice that Avast automatically installs new updates and while this is great for the antivirus’s performance, this can be problematic for your computer. If the update is automatic, you might not be able to figure out what is causing it and the easiest fix is to disable all background updates for Avast.

Heres how you can do this!

  • Launch the Avast antivirus application.

  • Go to the menu option and select the option for Settings. This will redirect you to Avast’s General settings.

  • Once you are there, you will click on the Updates tab.

  • You will see an option for the Virus definitions section. Once there, select More options.

  • There, you can choose whether you want to engage with a manual update or if you want to see if an update is. This will ensure that Avast no longer automatically updates in the background.


  1. Enable Windows 10 services and then load Avast

Sometimes Avast might be slowing down your Pc by working faster than other applications and services on your computer.

Heres what you need to do:

  • Open your Avast antivirus application.

  • Press the Menu button and Settings.

  • In the Troubleshooting tab, check the Delay Avast startup option.

  • Press OK and restart your computer. All your Windows services will load first and then Avast will start. This is all you need to do and now your computer will no longer be slow.

  1. Disable Avast Community and Data Sharing

This is usually an option that most Avast users are not familiar with.  This has to do with data sharing and other community features. However, the thing with this is that even if you aren’t familiar with it, it might still be running in the background.

To turn it off, heres what you have to do:

  • Open the Avast antivirus application.

  • Go to Settings, then General, and then Privacy.

  • Uncheck where it says Participate in the Avast community and Participate in data sharing.

  1. Turn off startup programs

Every time you turn your computer on, many applications will automatically start as well. This will undoubtedly include your Avast software since your antivirus needs to run a scan and ensure everything is fine. However, this can create quite the load and might be why Avast is blamed for slowing down your PC.

Heres what you can do:

  • First, launch the Task Manager.

  • Then, you can click on the following keys together; Ctrl, Alt, and Esc using your keyboard.

  • Next, click on the option for More Details. This will magnify the window and you will know how to access startup applications.
  • Use the menu to access the Startup tab in the Task Manager window. You will then be able to choose which applications you need to disable.

  • Select an application and click on Disable. Do this for any app that you don’t want at startup.


  1. Update drivers on your PC

While the device drivers are vital software to control the efficient running of your hardware, if they are outdated or malfunctioning, this might be the reason why you are experiencing a slowdown of your PC. So, a simple way to fix this is to regularly update your drivers.

  1. Clean your PC internally

If you have tried all of the methods to fix the Avast slows down and nothing has helped, then you might want to consider making sure that your PC does not have an accumulation of dirt. In many ways, if dust gets inside your computer or PC then it can clog up a lot of different elements inside. One of the worst places it can affect is its fans.

The fans are, of course, vital at making sure that your graphics card and processor remain cool. If they are slowed down or clogged, then you might face serious issues with your hardware. This might cause to slow down your pc but in the worst-case scenario, your device might even overheat and stop working.

We have now reached the end of the article on how to fix it when Avast might be slowing down your computer! This has been a thorough look into the issue as we have tried our best to explain all possible reasons and have also dived into all the potential fixes as well. Hopefully, after this in-depth guide, our readers will be far better equipped to handle this issue!