Blue Yeti Headphone Jack Not Working – Explore Our Reliable Hacks

Blue Yeti microphones are multi-pattern USB microphones; it is useful for recording, streaming, online communication, and podcasting.

If you want to enjoy your gaming or YouTube, you will find no better headphones than Blue Yeti. These headphones have low latency and it helps you hear the sound more accurately. However, despite these all benefits, we have heard the users complaining Blue Yeti Headphone Jack Not Working.

There could be different reasons behind the Blue Yeti microphones not working. You can troubleshoot the issue by figuring out the cause of the out-of-order. Often, improper output/output selection and un-adjustment of volume levels interfere in the malfunctioning.

Well, instead of making guesses, you can dive into our article: Blue Yeti Headphone Jack Not Working and crack the solution.

So, let’s go ahead!

Blue Yeti Headphone Jack Not Working – Ultimate Tips

If your Yeti headphone is not working, you don’t need to worry. There are simpler ways to get this issue fixed. We have mentioned many ways; get into them.

1. Sound source on the PC

To check either your Blue Yeti Headphone jack is working fully or not, see that your microphone is strongly connected with your PC. In most cases, people forget that Blue yeti operates via Windows 10 set up. The device should be selected as the sound source on the PC. Verify this, and check again to see if it is starting working.

2. Volume Knob

The most commonly repeated mistake by Blue Yeti is that they forget to check the headphone volume knob. Keep your hands on the volume knob to make sure that the headphone jack works continuously.

All you need to do is turn the volume knob up of the headphone. Now go to the tab pointing up to start to make sure the volume is full. If the issue is still there, it might be possible that the microphone is on mute. Unmute it first, you will learn about this by checking the indicator light. The indicator light will flash if it is on mute. Make sure that light will not flash, and is stable fully.

3. Check Cables

One of the issues is that the USB cable used to connect the PC, and Blue Yeti microphone may be damaged, or loose. Check the cable connection to the ports also. Wingle them to see if they are loose. Try to push them further into the port, if the cables are not fully inserted.

If the pins are bent, try to bend them to their place again. If pins break down, then you have to buy a new cable. Another cable that connects the microphone, and headset may be broken, check it also. And one thing more, thoroughly check the plug also, if broken go to replace it.

If the cable is not damaged badly, use tape to fix it until you buy a new one. But try to purchase a new one as soon as possible because fixing it with tape is not a great option.

4. Check Software Compatibility

One more reason for the Blue Yeti headphone jack not working could be an incompatibility between streaming or recording software and a microphone or headset.

If the compatibility check is done then your system will require an update, so update it and do check again. You also need to check whether an audio enhancement software is conflicting with your headset or microphone sound settings.

5. Replace Damaged Parts or Devices

You also need to check the parts and devices of your headphones; many times these damaged devices become the cause of malfunctioning headphones. If you find any affected part, replace it and check the improvement.

Note: Commonly, Blue Yeti microphones offer a two-year warranty for their defective hardware. If your headphone is not working but it is in warranty, you can claim it. This way, your microphone will be replaced. If the warranty is gone, you can take it to an electronic to get it fixed.

Summing Up the Discussion

If you are going to buy a headphone, you will find the Yeti headphone jack at the top; it holds dozens of features but one flaw, too.

It stops working anytime and you get hanged and wonder about the ways to repair it. Well, you don’t need to be worried the next time because we have elaborated on ultimate ways that will help you to come out of this unwanted situation.

Our every method is tested and approved; we hope, from now on, you will handle your defective headphone on your own and save your money as well as time.