How Can You Fix Cannot Load M3U8 Error ?

The Cannot Load M3U8 issue can happen while attempting to play a video on your internet. The issue may show three diverse kinds of messages, for example, No levels to play, Cross-Domain Access Denied, and 404 not found. The issue can prohibit you from being capable of playing a video, and the problem is not restricted to a particular browser and has been seen in almost all of your browsers. However, it can be fixed with a few simple solutions. In this post, we’ll provide you with a thorough guide to follow such fixes and also inform you about the causes which trigger this issue.

What Causes This Cannot Load M3U8 Issue?

We looked into the problem after receiving numerous user reports and created a set of fixing strategies that helped fix the issue. Also, we investigated the cause because of which this problem was being caused and found 3 of the most common reasons that are the following.

  • Firewall: The first kind of issue which shows the Cross-domain Access denied message is reasoned because of being blocked by a firewall or a proxy. A certain video might be blocked in the country, or for some cause, your firewall might deem it dangerous, so it might not load and show this problem.
  • Cookies: It involves the 2nd kind of issue, and this shows the No Levels to Play message. This problem is seen when you’ve denied access to the 3rd-party cookies and data in the privacy settings.
  • Removal: If the uploader or the platform removed your video that you’re attempting to view, then the 404 not found message will be showed.

Now that you’ve the basic concept of the nature of this particular issue, we will go on towards the fixes, which you can try to get rid of this error. We’ll advise the users to follow this guide below and try the methods until you come across the one that helps you in the best way.Facing Prime Video Internet Connectivity Problem ? solve it now by using easy methods.

Cannot Load M3U8

Try These Fixes:

Note: Make certain that the web browser is up to date to the newest build before continuing.

Method#1: Granting Access To Your Firewall

The first solution you can try to resolve this error is granting access to your firewall. These steps are:

  • Enter Firewall in the Search box for opening the Firewall and the network protection> simply click on the Allow an application through the firewall option.

  • Make certain the box that permits the browser is checked in both Private and Public networks.

  • Then, simply reboot the web browser > check if this cross-domain access denied issue had been resolved. If not, then simply go on to the next method.

Method#2: Utilize The Incognito Mode

Each major web browser has an incognito or private mode wherein your web browser is opened without different extensions and cached or saved data. For ruling out if any of such saved/cached data or extensions is causing the issue, open your web browser in the private or incognito mode. For illustration reasons, we’ll make use of the Chrome web browser.

  • First of all, open Chrome.

  • Then, click three dots > click New Incognito Window.


  • Now, simply visit the page you’re having problems on to play your video > check if you can now play the video without any problems.
  • If you’re capable of playing the video in incognito/private mode, then either disable extensions or clear the cache that can be problematic. The extensions such as Adblock are recognized to cause this problem. In the Chrome browser, the HTTPS Everywhere extension is recognized for the root cause of the error.

Method#3: Disabling The Ad Blocker

A few individuals make use of the adblocker tool, which might reason this error, as they frequently disable Flash. Therefore disable the adblocker tool > check if it fixes the issue or not.

Method#4: Enabling Or Allowing The Flash For Your Site

It’s the most crucial step you have to perform to fix this problem. As this error occurs just with the Flash players on a few websites, you have to allow the Flash in the Google Chrome browser so that the site can play your video. When you get this issue, you have to click on the lock sign visible in your browser’s address bar. Here, you see the option for allowing Flash. If you’ve blocked Flash on a site by mistake, you have to follow the following steps for enabling the Flash in the Chrome browser.

  • Open Chrome > navigate to Settings > go to Advanced settings > under Privacy & security, locate Content settings > click Flash. On the other hand, you can enter ‘chrome://settings/content/Flash’ in the address bar > press Enter.


  • Here, you can locate all the sites that can’t utilize Flash in the browser. Click on the corresponding trash can for removing the site from that list.

Method#5: Allow 3rd-Party Cookies

At times because of the privacy settings, the 3rd-party cookies and data aren’t permitted, which can reason this error; therefore, in this method, we’ll ensure that the 3rd-party data and cookies are permitted in the browser. Also, this method may differ from one browser to the other.

For Google Chrome:

  • Open the browser > click three dots from the top corner > click settings.

  • Scroll down > click Advanced > Content Settings > choose Cookies.

  • Make certain that Block 3rd-Party Cookies are not selected.

For Microsoft Edge:

  • Open the browser > click three dots from the top corner.
  • Then, click settings > from the left pane, choose Privacy & security settings.
  • Now, ensure that Don’t block cookies is chosen under the cookies heading.

Note: The procedure might differ if you’re utilizing a diverse browser, and if the above fixes do not work for you, then reboot the internet connection or install the browser again.


Have you ever experienced the Cannot Load M3U8 issue on the browser? Now, it’s your turn to attempt these solutions to get rid of the error. Hopefully, one of the methods mentioned above will be useful for you.