Canon Support Code 5100 : Easy Guide to Fix the Issue

Many of you love Canon printers as it is the trusted brand present in the market for years. The Canon printers are available to use both for home and office setup. Many times people have come across the Canon support Code 5100 error.

But do you have any idea when this will happen? What actually is this error? The reason behind  Canon support Code 5100 error?

Actually, this error occurs because of a problem with the cartridge carriage of the Canon printer. This is the main problem by which people get stuck in the middle of the printing work and as a result, you will definitely feel frustrated.

So if you are one of those unlucky users who face this error then without any further ado, jump into this article and dig out some of the commonly used fixes.

So ladies and gentlemen to avoid this issue in the future, let’s get started!

Which Canon Printer Type Has This Problem?

Canon support code 5100 error is the common problem with most Canon printers. When we talk specifically about which printer model faced this error most, we can say that, unfortunately, almost all the printers come across this error.

But research also shows that Canon’s multifunctional All-in-one inkjet printers show this error. This does not mean that all inkjet printers are responsible for this error. Some of them work fine also. Other types of printers that run out of work because of this issue are Megatank inkjet printers, Canon Professional inkjet printers, and canon Photo inkjet printers.

Which Canon Printer Model Has This Problem?

As mentioned above, all multifunctional All-in-one printers have this error issue. But a specific series of models that come across this error is present in the market. It has been seen commonly that PIXMA model series printers encounter Canon support code 5100 error. A few of the printer models for which users search for fixing methods are given below. Follow the simple steps to get rid of this issue not only in these models but they are equally useful for other models too. Models showing this error include E410, E500, IP 2770, MX 410, MP258, MP280, MX410, MX430, IP 2772,and more.

Canon Support Code 5100 Error: Step by Step Guide to Fix the Issue

We can solve this error by using the fixing steps, but what about the reasons. It might be possible that you just brought the new printer and stuck it in between while printing papers. This error may occur because you left some of the protective material or tape inside it. That is the most common reason for the Canon printer showing error 5100.

To avoid the situation, simply open the paper output cover and ensure that all the protective materials such as tapes and covers are removed and not left attached with the ink cartridge holder. After doing this, close the printer paper output cover and on the printer to check whether the error has been fixed. If the error is still there, then follow the below-mentioned solutions to fix it. Canon Support Code 5100 error is an error related to cartridge only.

#1: Check For Paper Jam Inside The Printer

Suppose you are printing your essential documents and the Canon support Code 5100 Error Showing up on the screen. Then the leading cause is the jamming of paper. So to make the printer capable of working again, clear the paper jam inside the machine.

  1. In the Sheet Feeder Tray, first look for any paper jam. If you find any paper stuck in the paper tray, then pull it with soft hands. It would be better to use both hands otherwise, there is a high chance that paper will get torn.
  2. Now try opening the Printer Output Cover & make sure there is no piece of paper inside.
  3. Check the back panel of the printer and see whether there is any paper inside or not.
  4. This is time to reload the papers in the printer’s paper tray.
  5. Plug in all power cables and turn on the printer; if there is still any paper jam, it will come out automatically.

#2: Reset The Printer

If you have come across this error then we recommend you reset the printer as it is the most commonly used method. It is suggested to reset the printer after many uses. Resetting the printer is mainly needed when you use the printer for heavy work. It also clears the invalid buffer data and resets the sensors stuck in a particular mode. Whenever you face this issue, follow some of the simple steps and reset your printer.

  1. Switch off the power button to turn off the printer. In most of the advanced models, the power button is not present, so in this case, detach the data cable and power cord from the printer.
  2. After turning it off, wait for at least 10 minutes, and plug it again.
  3. Now turn the printer on again.

#4: Clean Dust Inside The Printer

Your printer may face Error 510 if you leave it in dusty areas and don t care for it. If the printer is not away from dust particles, ink, and debris, it will be harmful. Cleaning the printer might be helpful for you. Try to keep the printer clean after regular intervals. /but before you start cleaning it, you have to unplug it.

To clean the printer, always use a soft piece of cloth to clean it from outside. Now to clean the internal parts, use a lint-free cloth and rubbing alcohol, and start cleaning by using gentle hands. There is no need to move any hardware forcefully. If you like, then use a handheld vacuum cleaner or air to do this task.

#5: Clean The Printing Strip/Encoder

Transparent plastic material inside the printer is known as the printing strip which is present behind the cartridge holder and above the drive belt. It is fine and has an essential role in printing. It also easily communicates with the printhead. If it remains dirty then you may face a Canon support code 5100 error. Properly check whether the printing strip is cleaned or not, if it is not then clean it as your first priority via rubbing alcohol and cotton swab.

Wet the cotton swab with rubbing alcohol and wipe the encoder film with soft hands. Do try to touch it with your hands, and change the swab when it gets dirty. Once you clean the encoder film now close the output cover and turn on the printer again. See if the error has been resolved.

#6: Look For Obstacle Or Obstruction

Any hurdle or obstacle which may cause trouble in the movement of the cartridge in its pathway may cause Canon support code 5100 error in the printer. If you see any obstruction in the path of the cartridge, clean it gently and properly.

#7: Reset Ink Absorber

The ink absorber is used for absorbing waste ink in the printer. Sometimes ink absorbers are the reason behind the error 5100 in the Canon printer. So, in this case, all you need to do is reset the ink absorber. Press and hold the power button to reset the ink absorber.

Reconnect the power cord while holding the power button. When the printer is getting on again, release the power button, wait for at least 5 seconds and press the power button again.

How To Avoid Canon support Code 5100 Error Printer Error

To get the best result out of your printer and make it run error-free. Keep it clean after regular intervals just like any other machine requires.

  • Try to use the printer carefully, keep it clean and check if there are any dust particles, stains, or debris. If you find any, clean it on time.
  • Try using a genuine ink cartridge.
  • To get the best quality print clean printer head from time to time.
  • Try using the right thickness and size of the paper

Contact Canon Printer Support : An Ultimate Solution

The above steps are enough to fix this error but if the issue still persists, the last option is to contact the official Canon printer Support. Canon is famous for providing free services just after the purchase of its products. Not only this, it also offers customer support to handle technical issues like Canon Support code 5100 Error.

Key Takeaway

We know Canon is a prestigious brand but this is also a fact that it is a machine. So errors can occur at any time. The Canon Support Code 5100 error is quite frustrating but no more tension. We hope this blog post will help you a lot to avoid this issue again. So read this carefully, try to follow the guidelines accordingly, and make the printing work easy as it was before.

Wish you luck!