Fix Chrome PDF Viewer not Working

Over the years, the Chrome web browser has given immense convenience with its capability of opening and viewing PDF files. And with the recent move away from the NPAPI plug-in of Adobe to the in-house PDF viewer, this browser now offers a better experience in terms of both security and performance. However, everything is far from perfect, and you might face random issues ranging from auto-downloading PDFs and inappropriately loading material to scrolling problems. Luckily, you do not need to suffer through such displeasures. More often than not, they stem because of a few really trivial causes, and there’re a number of solutions to fix them.

What Are The Reasons Of Chrome PDF Viewer Not Working Error?

We researched the Chrome PDF Viewer Not Working error by looking at many user reports and the repair solutions that they deployed for getting the problem fixed. Based on the investigations, there’re a couple of common scenarios that’ll trigger this error on the Chrome browser:

The Chrome browser’s built-in PDF Viewer has gotten even better recently, and many bugs related to it have been fixed by Google. However, you’ll not notice the improvements unless you really upload the Chrome browser version to the newest. In a few cases, the solution is as straightforward as updating the Chrome browser to the latest version accessible.

  • The Built-In PDF Viewer Isn’t Equipped To See Protected PDF Files:

Many users have been reporting issues with the incorporated PDF viewer when attempting to open the protected PDF docs. In such a case, the fix is to configure Google Chrome again for avoiding utilizing the PDF viewer and open the doc with a diverse PDF viewer program.Fixing google discover is really easy if it is not working.

If you are struggling to fix this particular issue, we have a few verified troubleshooting solutions that’ll assist you in resolving the problem. Down here, you’ve numerous solutions that other users in a similar case have utilized to get the problem fixed. For the best results, follow these solutions in order by severity and efficiency. You ought to eventually come across a solution that will fix the issue in a particular scenario. Let’s start!

Try These Solutions:

Solution#1: Disabling The PDF Downloads

The Chrome browser has an incorporated setting that downloads PDFs by force in place of opening them. While this setting is more often than not disabled by default, you might have turned it on accidentally, or perhaps some 3rd-party add-on customized it instead. For checking if that’s the case, you have to dive into the Advanced Settings panel of Chrome.

  • First of all, launch the Chrome menu > click on Settings.


  • Scroll down > click on Advanced option.


  • Under the Privacy & Security part, simply click on Content Settings.


  • Scroll down > click on PDF Documents.


  • If switched on, simply disable the switch next to the Download PDF Files in place of Opening Them Automatically in Chrome.


That is all. PDF files ought to now display within the Chrome browser instead of automatically downloading.

However, Certain PDF Files Would Still Download:

Hardly ever, the users might locate certain PDF files automatically downloading even if the Chrome browser is configured otherwise. The cause lies when such PDF files are, in fact, instructed from the server-side for downloading to the hard drive instead of opening in the browser. In the developer language, it occurs if the URL hosting your PDF has the Content-Disposition header of it set to Attachment, pointing to that it is hell-bent on downloading in any case. Unluckily, you cannot do anything about it. There was an add-on in your Google Chrome Web Store that stopped such PDF files from downloading by force, but it no longer can work.

Chrome PDF Viewer not Working

Solution#2: Updating The Chrome Browser To The Latest Version

Numerous users that have been facing this particular error on Chrome have stated that the error was fixed after they updated the browser build to the newest version. Almost certainly, this solution is helpful because Google has patched a few issues related to PDF viewing. Here is a simple guide on how you can easily update Google Chrome to the newest version:

  • First, launch Google Chrome > click on the action icon (3-dot icon) > navigate to Help > click About Google Chrome.

  • Now, the updation feature will scan automatically for deciding if a new Google Chrome version is accessible for download. If it is indeed accessible, you’ll be asked to install it.


  • After the new version is installed, restart the browser and check if the problem has been fixed.

If you are still facing this error when attempting to open the PDF file in Chrome, go on to the next solution below.

Solution#3: Configuring The PDF Settings Of Google Chrome Again

This Chrome PDF Viewer Not Working issue may happen because of the inability of Chrome to open the PDF file. It’s typically known to occur with the protected PDF docs like Firmex. In such a case, the way around this problem is to download your PDF file and make use of some other program such as Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader for opening the PDF file. Here is a quick guide through this entire thing:

  • First launch Chrome > click the action button > from the newly opened menu, select Settings.

  • Scroll down to the bottom of your screen > click on Advanced.

  • Scroll down to the Privacy & security section > Content settings

  • Now, scroll down through this list of Content settings > click PDF documents. Inside this next opened menu, simply enable the toggle linked with the Download PDF files instead of opening them in the Chrome browser automatically option.

  • Once it’s been enabled, access your PDF again. This time, the browser will just download it instead of attempting to open it.

  • When the download is finished, open it with a specialized program such as Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader. You ought to have no issues doing so.

I hope you have solved the error after using methods given in this post.If you are also facing google chrome sound not working there are also many solutions available on our website.