Fix Chromebook Keyboard Not Working Samsung, Lenovo, Acer

Chromebook is an advanced form of laptop which comprises both the Windows and Mac features. This works on the Linux based Chrome OS operating system.This also works on the Android apps and is the glorified version of laptops.

Many recent users of the Chromebook have reported that the Chromebook keyboard not working. They are unable to type from the keyboard and not able to give any sort of information through the Chromebook keyboard. This keyboard issue is mostly found in users of Samsung, Lenovo, Asus brands of Chromebook.

Reason Why the Chromebook Keyboard Not Working

There can be many issues due to which the Chromebook keyboard not working. There can be any technical issues to cause this issue. Any application may also cause the keyboard not working issue to generate. There can also be a keyboard hardware failure that causes the Chromebook failure to occur. This issue of keyboard of the Chromebook not working can also be due to the presence of some type of virus that enters the software of the Chromebook and causes working failure in the keyboard.If you cannot open pdf in chrome check solutions for this problem on our website.

How to Fix the Keyboard Failure in Chromebook:

To fix this keyboard not working issue in the Chromebook you can use one of the following solutions in order to resolve the Chromebook keyboard issue.


These two are the basic methods you can use in order to fix the keyboard not working issue.


These are the advanced troubleshooting methods you can use to fix the Chromebook keyboard not working issue. Following any of the above-mentioned solution may help you fix the working problem of the Chromebook. The steps for each of the mentioned solution is discussed below.Learn how to enable bluetooth on samsung smart tv.

Method # 1: Try Basic Troubleshoot:

The keyboard not working issue of Chromebook can be due basic technical issues. Thus, this can be fixed by performing basic troubleshooting on the laptop. Follow these steps to fic the Chromebook keyboard not working issue. 

  1. Power off the laptop.
  2. Wait for 2 minutes and then again turn on the laptop.
  3. Now open the Chromebook.
  4. Now remove all the devices from the Chromebook keyboard.
  5. Remove all the devices that maybe attached through the power cables to the Chromebook.
  6. Now restart the Chromebook.

This should help you fix the issues of the problems in the working of the keyboard of application.

Method # 2: Update the Operating System:

If you are using an old version of the Chromebook keyboard then you might be facing the issue of keyboard that is not working in the Chromebook. Hence, you need to update the Chromebook to the latest version of keyboard to solve the Chromebook keyboard not working problem.Learn how to boot lenovo laptop in safe mode so that you can solve issues easily.

You must update the keyboard system to the latest version. Thus, to update the system following steps should be taken in order to fix the Chromebook keyboard issue:

  1. First of all, switch on the Chromebook and then connect it to the Wifi.
  2. Now click on the Time icon in the main window that is present in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Now click on the Settings option.
  4. Now find out the About Chrome OS option and then click on it. This will show you the version of Chromebook you are using on the laptop.
  5. Now click on check for updates button.
  6. Check whether there is a new update. If yes, then press on Update in order to install the new version of Chromebook.
  7. Once the update is completed then restart your computer in order to restart the system and check if the keyboard of Chromebook is working or not.

This will help you eliminate the older version of Chromebook and update the new version with the latest updates and fix the not working of the keyboard of the Chromebook. Learn how to manage and open lenovo power management windows 10

Method # 3: Sign in as a Guest Account:

This is an easy way to make sure that no virus is entering in the keyboard of the Chromebook. Log in as a Guest Account as it will sign you in with out and apps being downloaded from the Play store or the Google Chrome. You just have to sign in with the help of clicking on the paying guest option and it will eliminate any virus to enter your Chromebook and creating keyboard issues.


Method # 4: Reset Your Browser on the Chromebook:

If you are acing issues with the keyboard of Chromebook not working ten the browsers of the Chromebook might be an issue. This browser scripts can interfere with the system of keyboard and the touchpad and then causes malfunction in the keyboard system causing it to not work properly.

To reset your browser of the Chromebook you have to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, click on the Menu Icon in the Chrome.
  2. Now select the Setting option.
  3. Now choose the Show Advanced settings.
  4. Now go to Reset and click on Cleanup Settings.
  5. Now click on the Reset Settings Icon.
  6. Now click on the Ok button to confirm the reset of the browser of the application.

Now that you have the browser of keyboard of the application Reset. Turn off the computer and then restart it in order for the system to activate and then and then check if the keyboard of the Chromebook is working or not.

Method # 5: Power Wash the Chromebook System:

Chromebook is an OS that is a software. Many applications and programs can get stuck in the software of the keyboard of the app causing malfunction in the keyboard. The app itself has a built-in power wash mechanism in order to remove these stuck programs and application that are in the software. Doing this power wash of the software of the keyboard of the Chromebook will help you solve the not working issue of the keyboard.

Following steps should be taken to power wash the system of the app.

  1. First of all, you have to sign out of the Chromebook Account.
  2. Now press the Ctrl + Alt +Shift + R Keys together present on the keyboard.
  3. Now select the restart option.
  4. Now click on the Power Wash button.
  5. Now click on Continue.

At the end follow the instructions given on the screen and then you can restart the keyboard of book and you should be able to you is properly without any issues of it being stuck or not working properly.

Method # 6: Restore the System of Application:

Is the power wash solution does not work to fix the keyboard to work properly then you can try to rest the keyboard. It will not remove any of your data, it will be completely safe. This reset will remove any bugs that maybe present in the keyboard and causes the issues with the keyboard and the typing.

To perform the hardware reset of the app you have to follow the following steps that are given below:

  1. You have to press the Refresh button and the Power button together.

  1. Keep them pressed for about 10 seconds.
  2. First, release the button of Refresh.
  3. Then release the Power button.

Now the application should start automatically and the issue with the keyboard should be fixed by the help of this method if you did it properly.

Method # 7: EC Reset the Chromebook:

When the above-mentioned hardware reset does not fix the working problem of the keyboard of the application then you can try the EC reset method. EC is also called as Embedded Controller. This is used for caring the charge controller.

This EC reset will discharge the controller and then reset your device. It is a powerful reset method that can fix all the keyboard related issues. Following steps should be taken in order to perform the embedded controller of EC reset method:

  1. First of all, turn on the application.
  2. Remove the power cords from the keyboard of the application
  3. Now remove the battery from the keyboard while the application is turned on.
  4. Wait for few seconds.
  5. Now put the battery back in the keyboard of the application.

It is seen that the embedded controller reset has proven to solve major issues of the keyboard issues of the application. So, when you will power on the Chromebook it should have fixed the keyboard issue of not working.


You have to make sure that you have the latest updates of the app and that you are checking the technical aspects of the keyboard as that can be a major problem due to which the keyboard issues in the Chromebook occurs.


Many users have faced the keyboard issues in the application and hence the solutions given above can help you fix the issues. You can use any of the above-mentioned steps to fix the issue.