Computer Monitor Keeps Going to Sleep Windows – Possible Reasons And Ultimate Solutions

Are you facing any issues with your monitor? Does your Monitor keep going to sleep? No doubt, this issue is very irritating; well, this article includes the reasons and an extensive range of solutions to this issue.

By default, computers have to be set to save energy, so they lower the light for this purpose. And, many times, for the sake of power management, the monitor keeps going to sleep automatically.

This error is extremely disturbing for movie lovers; even many gamers also come across this issue. We know this feature is beneficial in many ways, but it also creates conflicts; therefore, we have explained the ultimate solution of this problem. If you are using Windows 7 or 10, this guide is for you.

So here you go!

Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep : Key Points

While working on their computer, many users get messages that their monitor has gone to sleeping mode. In the continuity of the work, getting this note becomes disruptive for the user; the tempo goes out, the video, file, or audio that was in processing mode goes interrupted.

Then, whether you have to wait or make the system restart. Whatever, it is annoying for everyone.

The reasons behind this issue could be so many, but the most common causes of this error are:

  • Faulty connection
  • Glitch in file
  • Power Plan Setting
  • Outdated Driver And System

Well, it is time to figure out the solution and the tips that can save you from this issue.

Monitor Keeps Going To Sleep: Major Problems

Several problems are associated with a monitor, and the most crucial one is sleeping; here, we are going to extend our discussion on it.

Why Does My Monitor Keep Going To Sleep?

Many times, when you are using Windows 10, your monitor goes to sleeping mode, and the primary issue could be the drive or power plan settings.

Why Does Monitor Automatically Go To Sleep Mode?

Monitor keeps going to sleep error is prevailing day by day, while you are painting, playing games, enjoying audio or video, your monitor unexpectedly sleeps down. Perhaps, it could be due to a network issue, inappropriate plug-in, or signal issue.

Why Does Monitor Keep Going To Sleep At Startup?

If you haven’t appropriately started your monitor, your monitor will go to sleep mode as you will start it.

To sort out these problems, you can perform the following troubleshoots.

Monitor Keeps Going to Sleep – Ways to Troubleshoot

  • Fix#1: Check the power settings
  • Fix#2: Update the graphics card driver
  • Fix#3: Disable the screen saver
  • Fix#4: Change the System unattended sleep timeout to a longer time

Fix#1: Check the Power Settings

Power setting plays a significant cause in the monitor keeps going to sleep error. If you have configured your power setting for a short time, it will go to sleep accordingly. Let me simplify it: if your monitor keeps going to sleep after 5 minutes, you need to check your monitor setting and increase the power setting time.

To change your power setting time, you can follow the given steps:

  • Open your Control Panel menu.

  • Click on Power Options.

  • If your computer sleeps, you can click on the change

  • Modify the sleep setting as well as display settings according to your need.

  • Hit the save changes option.

  • Tap on the check to see and figure out whether the things are working for you or not.


  • You can change the Turn off the display setting if it is not according to the way you want but keep it the way if it is according to your desire.

Fix#2: Update the Graphics Card driver

Graphics and drivers are the most significant cause for a monitor that keeps going to sleep; therefore, you need to update them as soon as possible. Faulty and outdated drivers don’t support your computer, and unfortunately, it keeps sleeping frequently.

If you install high-end and updated graphics cards, for sure, this problem will be resolved. If you are running out of time and cannot do it manually, you can make it done automatically by taking the help of Driver Easy.

For your ease, Driver Easy will recognize your system and find the most accurate drivers for your computer. Do you know how beneficial this Driver Easy is?

  • It reduces your risk of downloading the wrong drivers
  • Your worries of making mistakes also reduce
  • Your manual tasks shift to automatic.
  • Your drivers automatically update, and it’s up to you whether you want to get the Pro version or FREE one of Driver Easy. Well, the Pro version is only two clicks away, and it also provides you with full support, and you get a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

How to Download and Install Driver Easy?

  • You can run Driver Easy and then click on Scan Now. Driver Easy will scan the problems of your computer and detect if there is any problem in drivers.

  • Tap the Update button, which is available right next to a flagged graphics card driver. It will automatically download the most accurate version of the driver; later, you can install it. (when you are getting a free version)


  • You can tap on Update All to automatically download the correct version of all the missing and outdated drivers of your system. If you have the Pro version – your system will immediately upgrade when you tap on Upgrade All.

After these settings, you again need to check whether the monitor keeps going to sleep or not.

Solution 3: Disable the Screen Saver

Here comes another solution, disable the screen saver. The screen saver is built in the way that it automatically activates after a certain period.

For instance, if your system’s screen saver is set to blank, it will adjust to 5 minutes, and this way, your screen will turn off after 5 minutes. No worries, this problem can also be sorted out; to sort out this problem, you can follow the given steps:

Setting the Screensaver Timings For Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 and want to set your screensaver, the following steps are for you.

  • To bring up the start menu, you can press Win+S on your keyboard.
  • Then in the search bar, you can type lock screen settings, and then you can pick lock screen settings.

  • Tap on the screen saver settings, which will be found at the bottom of the window.

  • Here you need to set the screensaver to None.

  • Now, you need to verify whether the problem with the computer keeps going to sleep is resolved or not.

Setting the Screensaver Timings For Windows 7

Those users who are using Windows 7; can follow these steps:

  • First, you need to open the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Appearance and Personalization. In many cases, it shows as Appearance.
  • Tap on the button of Change screensaver.
  • Set it to
  • Test whether the problem persists or is sorted out.

Hope after these settings, your issues will be resolved; if not, then you can jump on the next.

Solution 4: Change the Unattended Sleep Timeout to a Longer Time

If any of the above fixes don’t work for you, you can do the setting of your system according to the System’s unattended sleep timeout.

By default, this option is invisible in Windows, so you need to make it visible first, then you can reset the time period according to your need.

Very first, you can edit the registry to make the unattended sleep timeout option visible.

If you make incorrect changes, it will cause issues, so you need to follow the most accurate steps. Instead of directly modifying the registry, you can back up first; this backup will save you from so many risks.

Well, back to the registry, you can follow the given steps for Opening the Registry Editor.

  • To invoke the run box, you can press the Win+R on your keyboard (the R key and the Window logo key simultaneously).

  • Click OK after typing the regedit.

  • The window of the Registry Editor will appear on the screen.

The Bottom Line

Interruption in any of the essential tasks seems very annoying; for instance, you are in the middle of your important tasks (sending files, playing games, watching dramas, attending online lectures, or anything else) but your monitor keeps going to sleep. How waste of time is it?

Well, no need to be worried, to make you come out of this problem, we have stated several proven solutions for you. You can try one after another, we hope without taking much time, this issue will be resolved, and you will be able to continue your work without any interruption.

So, be your own troubleshooter, try these solutions to beat your problem; here you go!