Fix Diablo 2 Unhandled Exception Access Violation c00005 Windows 10, 7

Diablo 2 is a game that is an action-based game. This is a hack and slash game. This game is based on fantasies and horror themed games. This game can be played on computers, PlayStation, laptops etc.

This video game was developed by Blizzard North and it was published by the Blizzard Entertainment in 2000 by Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, and MacOS. This game was designed and conceptualized by David Brevik, Erich Schafer and Max Schafer. The producers of this game were Matthew Householder and Bill Roper. They both produced this game. Diablo 2 has an initial version that is simply called as Diablo.Solve disc soft lite bus service now if you are facing it.

Many of the users of this game Diablo 2 has complained that they are facing a problem called as “Diablo 2 Unhandled Exception” while running this game. Now what is Unhandled Exception. This is a type or error in which the application codes do not properly handle the exceptions. This error occurs when the app developer is not able to anticipate and handle the coming up exception.

What Happens in Diablo 2 Unhandled Exception?

Many users have complained that when they start the game the above-mentioned message pop ups on there screen and then the screen become black. Hence, showing that the game has crashed and it won’t work. this can happen in the games if you have used any sort of cheat codes and if after using that the game crashes and stops working that can indicate that the cheat codes you have used had some sort of corrupted files. This can also happen when a third part software is being streamed causing some sort of corrupted files in the game, which makes the game freeze and then ultimately crashing the game.Check different solutions for vac was unable to verify the game session

Solution to Fix the Error:

Following are the methods that you can try to fix this error.

  • Try to troubleshoot.
  • Run it in the Administrator Mode.
  • Turn the game in to Windows Mode.
  • Make Data Execution Prevention (DEP) Exceptions.

Method # 1: Try to Troubleshoot:

  1. Choose the option Start.
  2. Now choose the “Control Panel”.
  3. And now click on “Security and System Link”.
  4. Now, under the Action Center, click the “Find and Fix Problems”.
  5. Now choose the Get the Most Up-To Date Troubleshoot. This will allow you to get the trouble shoot of the latest updates and versions.


Method # 2: Run It in Administrator Mode:

Administrator mode if the most advanced type of account. This gives you access to the computer accounts and all the other accounts you may have on the computer. Hence, to activate this mode you have to take the following steps for guidance. This can help you fix the error.

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Now right- click on the “Computer”.
  3. Choose the “Manage” option from the Computer Management Windows.
  4. Click the arrow that is present next to the Local Users and Groups.
  5. Now Double click on the “Users” folder.
  6. And now click on the “Administrator” open in the list.
  7. Click on “More Actions” in the list.
  8. Now choose “Properties”.
  9. Click on the box that is present next to the “Account is Disabled”.
  10.  Now click “Apply” followed by a message “OK” to activate the administrator account.
  11.  Click on “Administrator” in the center panel of the computer managements windows.
  12.   Click on “More Options” followed by “Set Password” and then click “Proceed” to confirm the password and activate it.
  13.  Now enter the password for the Administrator in both the fields. And then click on “OK”.
  14.  Open the “Start menu” and then Log out of the system.
  15. Now again start the computer and add the administrator password to activate it.

Method # 3: Turn the Games Into Windows Mode:

Most games tend to take over the whole screen of your computer or laptop. But it all depends on whether the developer supports the windowed mode option. Hence, if the game does not natively support the windowed mode you may have to take some additional steps in order for the gam to work in the windowed mode and this can also help you fix this error occurring in Diablo 2 game.

  1. Right click on the shortcut of the game that you want to play in the windowed mode. 
  2. Now select “Properties”.
  3. In the shortcut tab is the “Target” option add “-window or -w” at the end of file path.
  4. And then click on “OK”.

Method # 4: Run a Data Execution Prevention (Dep) Exceptions:

Data prevention execution (DEP) is a security feature that involves in the modern Operating Systems. It is known to be available in Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems and is said to prevent an application or any service that is from the executing mode of the non-executable memory region.

Following steps should be taken to run the Data Execution Prevention (DEP). This can help you fix the error:

  1. Go to the “Start” option.
  2. Now go to the Control Panel.
  3. Select the option called as “System”.
  4. Now go to the “Advanced” tab
  5. Now access the “Performance Settings”.
  6. Now Go to the “Data Execution Prevention” option.
  7. Now you have to Enable the Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only the radio button.

Method # 5: Reinstall the App:

The last resort you can use to fix this issue is to delete this app from your system. Deleting this app will removing all the corrupted files present in the computer. You also have to remove all the cache files related to this app so all the damaged files related to this app are also removed.

Then after deleting the app reinstall a fresh file. This will ensure you that you have no corrupted files in the application and you will be able you use it without any crashing o the game.


Thus, this shows that any corrupted file will cause this error to occur and will cause the game and all of its systems to be compromised. You can use any of the above solution to resolve the error.