Discord Mic Static : 7 Different Methods to Fix it Instantly

There are numerous Discord users today, and if you are a game lover, you indeed love this app. However, if you are here, I assume that you are also facing the same. The loud buzzing, echoing sound comes in the mic, making you feel as if your ears have been pierced or there is no sound commonly known as ‘Discord Mic Static.’

Well, do not worry. You can simply follow these steps and get back to where you left in the hassle of a few minutes. Many people have faced this issue already, and you are lucky as we have the solution for you. If you are new to discord, it is highly recommended that you remember these steps for the future and never miss the win of your game’s last round.

Discord, launched in 2015, is an instant chat, video and audio call, files, links, and screen sharing platform via private chats, also known as ‘Servers.’ It means that you can add your friends and families here and can create several different servers to communicate with them, privately.

Discord is popular among gamers because they can share screens and talk simultaneously on their private server. I know how it feels, isn’t it a dream come true?

Discord Static Mic

Well, the only problem so far is when its microphone becomes static, and it gets frustrating.

Why Static Sound is coming from Discord

Since the day, many Discord app users have faced static mic issues while using it on their computers. By saying, static mic what meant here is; either the sound is indistinct or too noisy for the ears. In both cases, it is troublesome and gives a hard time to its users.

So, the question is why Static Sound is coming from Discord.

Well, there are numerous reasons for different users and numerous solutions for each problem. Firstly, you need to figure out what the cause is and look for its solution.

To find the root cause of the problem first, you can follow these general configuration steps – which work for the most users – and then you can find a solution for your issue specifically. Hopefully, these steps will ensure you a solution as well, which figuring out the problem.

Steps for configuration/troubleshooting of Discord Mic Static:

  • Connect/Disconnect your Output variable
  • Use another Headset device
  • Use it on your web browser
  • Re-install your Discord app
  • Allow ‘Noise Reduction option in Discord
  • Examine ‘Voice Settings’ in Discord
  • Try restarting your Computer

You can follow these steps to configure general issues of Discord Mic Static.

#1: Connect/Disconnect your Output variable

Try disconnecting and then connecting your audio mic or headset again. Most of the time, our USB port connection with our device is poor, and due to this very reason, we get these irritating and blurry sounds. By disconnecting and then connecting your mic again, you can resolve this issue.

This solution comes in handy when your system is doing these static sound issues in general too. Now, you can recheck sound; if it was just the connection problem, you are now sorted and good to go.

#2: Use another headset device.

The next step is to try another headset or mic device. The issue is mainly in the device you are using and not in the system.

Before removing the device, you can test it on other applications on your computer and check its settings to ensure everything is fine. If it is not working there, the device is faulty, and it will not work anywhere.

#3: Use it on your web browser.

There is a high possibility of some bugs or viruses from the end of your friends too.

You can try using the Discord app from the web browser you are using. Check if you are still hearing the same sound; if you do, the problem is your headset or device settings.

If you do not hear static sound in the browser, you can delete the existing app and try reinstalling it again to get rid of the virus or bug.

#4: Re-install Your Discord App

The bugs and virus issue in the Discord app are shared, and for your safe side, you can delete the app and download it again.

This will help you eliminate the risk, and you will not hear those static mic sounds anymore.

#5: Allow ‘Noise Reduction option in Discord.

You can also try out some noise reduction settings options on your device and on the Discord app. By following these steps, you can quickly reduce static mic issues

  • Open the Discord app
  • Directly go to App Settings

  • Click on Voice & Video option

  • Click on the Video Processing option and enable the ‘Noise reduction’ option.

#6: Examine ‘Voice Settings’ in Discord

You can also check your input device settings in the app. There is a possibility that your device settings are not supporting the mic or headset you are currently using.

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Directly go to App Settings

  • Click on Voice & Video option

  • Click on voice settings
  • Check for input and output device settings

  • Check for volume settings

  • Click input mode to Voice Activity

Once done, you can recheck the audio; if static is gone, it must be an input and output device settings.

#6: Try restarting your Computer.

This step is essential to resolving this issue at the earliest. After trying everything, you can restart your computer to fix the issue.

There are times when the Discord app is not loading or working correctly. What you can try is to restart your computer as well as your Discord app.

Even if you do not try anything, you can simply restart your device, and most probably, the irritating static sound is gone already.


Many people face different problems due to different reasons in this app. It gets irritating when you are in the middle of a conversation or talking while playing the game; this sudden irritating and echoing sound – in most cases no sound at all – comes in, and whatever you were doing, the flow has been broken.

To avoid it, you can check all settings beforehand. Reset all settings, test your microphone beforehand and then start your activity.

In case, after all those precautions, you face these issues. You can try out these seven mentioned configurations for troubleshooting to get back instantly. These configurations are for general problems and come in handy to resolve general problems instantly. You can also go to settings in the discord app to get some help within the system.

If this article was helpful and you have successfully resolved the issue, I wish you a happy Discording!