Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Mac – Figure Out the Reasons and Fixes

If you have shared your discord screen and noticed discord screen share audio not working, then stay calm because you are not alone; there are many more in this boat.

Anyhow, there are various reasons behind this voice issue, you can jump into our article and figure out the basic reasons behind this issue. In addition to the causes, we have also elaborated on the quick solutions.

So without further ado, let’s come dive into the discussion.

Reasons for Discord Mac Screen Share Audio Not Working

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Mac is not such a big problem that makes you frustrated. This is a normal thing that happened due to a number of reasons. Fumble or glitches on the discord software is the main reason for this issue. We are going to mention some of the possible reasons.

  • If you use the older version of Discord on Mac, the audio may stop working properly during the screen-sharing time if you are still using the older versions of discord when opening it on Mac.
  • Another reason when you face audio issues during screen sharing is a large amount of discord cache.
  • When your Mac has already installed antivirus, it can block the audio system of the device.
  • The voice settings option of your Mac may not work properly, and this may be the reason.
  • No admin access is one of the main reasons which bring you into this situation.

What to do when Discord screen share audio not working Mac

When you come across an audio issue during screen sharing on discord, then no need to take tension. We are here with some of the basic steps. Timely updates and small changes will help you out to get rid of this issue. Whenever you use discord on Mac the audio-related issue will be faced at some point. Let’s deeply go through the methods to resolve the Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working Mac issue.

#1 : Restarting Your Mac

Let’s suppose you are going to share the screen on discord, and audio stops working in the middle. This may happen due to background programs running on your Mac, which does not suit discord. In this scenario, audio systems stop working and show you errors. So what should you do then?

Not a big deal! Just restart your Mac, and again open discord on your device. By doing so, it is possible that when you start discord again, the sound system starts working when sharing the screen.

# 2 : Install Latest Version of Discord Software

When you are continuously using an older version of discord and do not change it with the latest one on your Mac, it can cause audio issues. So, in this regard, update the software from time to time. When you use discord on the updated version, it helps to remove the bugs regularly. No worries if you are updating it for the first steps. Read the given steps below.

Step-1: Firstly check that your Mac is connected with a strong internet connection. Then access the discord from your system section.

Step-2: Then, to enter into the discord file, double-click from the mouse. You will also find some other files related to the Discord software. On the discord, check if an update is available. You will probably find it at the bottom of with a name update.exe.

Step-3: To start the updating process double-clicks, and wait until the process ends. After updating, restart the Mac, and again launch the discord software, and check if the audio issue is resolved.

#3 : Remove the Cached Data

At the screen sharing time, if you are facing audio, the next thing to do is clearing all the cache data as a huge amount of cached data stops the audio system from working fully.That is why it is necessary to clean all the cached data on an urgent basis.If you do not know how to turn down mic sensitivity windows 10 then there is no shame in learning it.

Close the discord app first, and make sure to keep open the finder window. Now press Shift-Command-G, by doing so a search box will appear, enter ~/Library/Caches in the box, and now press “Go.” In this way, you will get all the cached data present on your Mac, including all cached data of the discord app.

Simply delete the discord folder from there, now restart your Mac, and let enjoy the sound fully when doing screen sharing.

#4 : Audio Driver Updating

The bad audio driver is also another reason which causes the sound to be disturbed during screen sharing on discord. The faulty audio drivers may cause issues while running other apps. Firstly, detect the issue of Mac audio driver, Driver Easy, and driver pack to get rid of this issue. When the issue is in front of your screen, update it with a click. By doing so, the audio settings may work properly.

#5 : Antivirus Disabling

The antivirus or malware protection software might be installed on your Mac, and it can stop the audio from working during screen sharing on discord. Antivirus has problems with permission, and audio is one of them.

One of the solutions is to permanently delete, or disable the antivirus. In this way, you can get rid of the audio issue while you are screen-sharing on Discord via Mac.

#6 : Re-Installing Discord

By adopting any of the above-mentioned methods, the audio issue is still there. You have only one option left, try to re-install the discord software. Simply open the “control panel” on Mac. Press “Uninstall a Program” and find the discord location from there.

Right-click on the discord file. A pop-up window having an uninstalled option will be shown. Click on it to finish the uninstallation. Then open the discord website from Google, and install it again. We hope that when you start it again, the audio system will work properly.Learn how to unlock macbook pro without password.

Final Words

Many times it happens that when you share a discord screen, the voice exchange doesn’t happen, you don’t need to be worried because it happens with many of the users.

Therefore, this article has covered the reasons behind this issue, you may stay alert for the next time. Moreover, we have also explained the methods that you can follow to fix the audio issues. This way, you will be able to have a smooth discussion.