Fix dismhost.exe Dism Host Servicing Process High CPU Windows 10

DISM host stands for Deployment image servicing and management. This manages the unmounting and mounting process of the windows image files when we have to install complex windows updates. The dism host helps to mount and establish a connection with the windows image and the system in the background. There are some problems when it comes to dism Host service process or the DISMhost.exe process. Most of the antivirus consider dismhost.exe as a virus, while other consider dismhost.exe as a main component of the windows operating system. The dism host servicing process can consume a lot of your computer’s resources making it slow for you to use. These slowdowns can occur at any time, at a time when you are working on an important assignment, preparing presentations for your work. It can happen anytime and it can interrupt your workflow and the only option will be forcefully restarting the windows on your computer. You can always keep a check on which program is using how much of your resources by using the task manager.

What errors can exist in the DISM host service process?

Dismhost.exe or the dism host servicing process might not really be a useful or important part of the windows operating system as it does not have icon, nor it is present on the taskbar. The DISM host servicing process can cause various issues such as.

  • It can be considered as a malware by many antivirus software
  • It usually causes the high disk or high CPU usage error. In which exe uses the maximum disk and CPU which slows down the computer. It can go from 90% to 100% usage.
  • It uses internet bandwidth which can be a big issue if you are on a limited data connection package. It also affects the ping in the games which lead to an unwanted lag in online games.

The biggest and common issue of dism host servicing process is the high CPU usage issue. This can slow your pc down and even corrupt the windows at certain times. To solve this particular issue the dismhost.exe issue, there are a few tricks and techniques one can use to get rid of the dsimhost.exe servicing issue on your windows.

What is the DISM host service processing error?

As it has been discussed early in the article that DISMhost is a windows servicing feature which helps in various process and it works in the background. However, the main purpose of this tool is to help the windows prepare an installation environment for the windows image. It also helps in disabling or enabling different windows servicing features. The problem with dism host servicing process is that it saves temporary files in your windows servicing system. This way it can save hundreds and thousands of unnecessary files in your windows system, which can damage the windows. Even though the dismhost.exe or the dism host servicing process works in the background but you have to tweak a few settings to make sure it stops working.

Detecting the reason behind DISMhost.exe high disk usage error

Detecting the reason behind this error is not an easy job, as it can be residing in many things. It could be cause of a faulty system, or corrupted file. This dism host servicing process error will start on its own in the windows without you doing anything. The DISMhost.exe cannot only have the disk error issue but it can sometimes cause your servicing system to crash. If not fixed it can harm your computer. It may appear as these errors on your windows computer.

  • exe error has occurred
  • EXE has failed
  • .exe is not a valid Win32 application
  • .exe has encountered a problem and it needs to close
  • Run time error, exe has stopped responding
  • Error starting dismhost
  • Exe cannot be found
  • exe cannot be found
  • Application path not found exe

This is certainly not the end of the list of the dism host servicing process errors. It can go from bad to worse in a couple of days if you do not detect it on time. You should definitely be looking to fix this dismhost.exe issue on your windows computer as soon as you can.

How to Fix DismHost.exe High Disk Usage issue?

We have discussed the numerous problems dismhost.exe or the dism host servicing process can cause, now we will give you some effective solutions on how to fix these issues related to dism host.

Disabling the SuperFetch service

SuperFetch helps the windows to keep your computer updated with all the components that are inside the PC. The main purpose of the tool is to minimize the loading and servicing time of the system apps, whenever you launch them. It helps you to instantly open the files you use the most when you turn on your windows. Here SuperFetch can be constantly running the dism host servicing process causing the dismhost.exe to run over and over again causing various problems to your system.

To fix this error you need to disable the SuperFetch service in your windows. If you are not aware how you can disable the SuperFetch service to fix the dism host problem here are the steps.

  • You need to press Windows+R buttons together to open the Run command
  • Now, type in services.msc in the run command and hit Enter

  • After doing that, find the service named SuperFetch

  • Right click on that service and click on the Properties option

  • And then, click on Stop button to stop the process from running.

  • After doing that in the Startup type drill-down, select the option Disabled.

  • Click on Apply and then Ok.

Hopefully after following the steps above you can get rid of the dismhost.exe servicing error. You need to restart the computer to have an effect on the dism host. If the problem still exist you need to follow this other method.

Does your system have any malware?

Dism host is a part of the windows. However, you can end up using different deceptive software that can cause the dism host problem in your windows. This could be a malware acting as the dism host and trying to mess with your system.

To get rid of the malware you should go with the Windows defender scan at first, if the windows defender is unable to fix the dism host error then you need to switch to a more premium solution service that is running either of the premium versions of the anti-malware programs. The premium antimalware programs will help identify the problem and fix dism host service by removing the malware service. It will also identify if the dism host servicing process error has made any suspicious copies of the dismhost.exe file. If you are seeing such errors then this is definitely a malware and you need to install any of the premium antimalware to fix the dism host servicing process error and get your windows pc back to normal.

Disabling the BIT Service

The next solution to the dism host problem can be disabling the Bit service. This is another service or tool used by the windows to help the computer to handle all the tasks and apps in the background without a sweat. This service is used by the dism host servicing process or the dismhost.exe to send and receive files to the internet for some reason. It too can use up your internet bandwidth. So, disabling this service might help you get out of this issue. To fix this dism host we need to follow these steps.

  • You need to press Windows+R buttons together to open the Run command

  • Now, type in msc in the run command and hit Enter

  • Now find Background Intelligence Transfer Service there and right-click on it.

  • After that, click on Properties option and then Stop the service.


  • From the same dropdown, select the disabled function and then apply the changes.

Restart the computer and see if the problem still exists or not. You should be able to solve this issue using this method. If still the error exist you now just need to move to the next solution.

Deleting the dismhost.exe

If you unable to fix the dism host servicing process error. You simply need to remove it from your windows computer. This is the final solution to fix the dism host error. You would not find this software directly sitting in your computer with all the other software however it is possible that you might have installed any other software which is causing the dism host error. You need to remove all the unwanted software from the control panel. Once you are done with removing the unwanted software from your windows, you need to navigate to the dism host servicing process file and see if it exists or not. If it does not you have successfully gotten rid of the dism host error. If this fails then the final thing you would need to do is either update your windows or install a fresh windows.