Does Gamestop Repair Consoles

A broken or damaged PS4 is so heartbreaking. It is the worst because your gaming console is your best friend; it lets you play games, that too, in your comfort zone. Now that your PS4 is broken or damaged and you do not wish to sell it or replace it, you might be wondering what possibly could be a solution to this problem.

There are hundreds of queries on websites and social media interaction platforms like Reddit and Quora about how you can get your PS4 fixed. If you have already looked up these websites, you might have come across a platform named GameStop.

Many people claimed that this retail company could fix your broken PS4. However, a simple yet straightforward answer to this question is NO but is a bit complicated as well because it can be considered as a partial yes and partial no. There are a number of factors involved to answer this question and if you are well suited to all of their terms and conditions, you might get a damaged or broken PS4 serviced – more precisely – repaired by them.

GameStop is a retail company of electronics. They deal in the trade of buying old and broken gadgets – at greatly reduced prices –and selling them after doing some renovation of the gadget. They do not repair the consoles for you, however, if you purchased a console from them and it is still under warranty they will do the repair for you.

GameStop is considered to be a game-changing website in the gaming industry and video games. They deal with damaged consoles almost all around the world but as they are based in the USA, the clients from the USA have more edge when it comes to policies and benefits as compared to other countries.

If you have a broken or damaged console in your hands and you have no idea what to do with it, we will enlighten you with some of the options that you can consider and choose the one that suits you well and you think is in the best interest for you.

Cause of actions you should consider:

1. Try considering a parochial approach

When it comes to repairing a gadget, it is always the best approach to consider getting it serviced and repaired by your local electronics store near you.


There are a few positive reasons for this approach:

  • The very first thing is that it will cut down the repair cost to half or even less than that. You can even bargain and try to cut down the cost but if this is not a possibility in your case, it will still be far less than other options.
  • The local store will be near you and you can get it there by yourself. Depending on the issue, you can even get it done in a few hours and take it home with you. If not, it will take a few days and you can get your console back way earlier or just go and grab it. There will be no hassle of courier services and waiting for a few extra days due to the delivery procedure


  • The only negative side of this approach comes to play when your console is under warranty and you get it repaired from a local shop. By doing so, you will no longer be eligible for the warrant6y offered by your console company. In case, your warranty is already over, this approach is the most suitable one for you.

2. Contact your console company

This is the most professional and legitimate approach amongst all. There are a number of positive points to this approach:


  • The very first thing is that this is the right decision. If your console is still under warranty, you need to contact your console company provider and tell them the issue you are facing. If this is something minor, they will help you to resolve it at home. If not, they will ask you to get it to one of their stores or send it to their head office.
  • The company will repair your console in the best means, as they are the manufacturers and they know it the best.
  • This method will be cost-effective, you will have to pay little to no money for the repair and according to policies you might have to pay a little amount which is a better option than paying way more at your local repair shop.


  • If your warranty has expired and you consider this approach, at first, they might not even repair it and even if they do, they will charge you into the bargain.
  • If you need your console urgently, this might not be a chance for you to take because normally a company takes at the very least 4 to 5 working days, again which depends on the issue. In addition, the delivery days are also included and it will take it 6 to 7 working days.

3. Give in part-exchange on GameStop

If you think that the above two methods are not suitable for you then your last resort is GameStop. You can give your console in part exchange on the GameStop.


  • You can sell off your old and damaged console on GameStop, they will give you a reduced amount according to the console and its condition and you can again purchase a new console from them by adding some money.
  • This method is better because the amount of money you will spend on repairs will be more and you can get a new console from them in less money.
  • If you just want to sell off your console that will work as well.


  • If you just need to repair the old console that might not work for you because of the term and policies factor and the price they will offer you for your console might be much less than you thought. If it is a console, you already purchased from GameStop and it is under warranty as well, then you are good to go.


GameStop is a good option if you are ready for the part exchange, but they will not repair your console unless you had purchased it from them and it is under warranty.