Does Oculus Work With PS4

Sony has launched the trendiest games, and the PS4 is the most loved by enthusiasts. Playstation 4 supports VR games by connecting the PlayStation VR headphones. But the problem is with the outdated Oculus, which was launched in 2016 and included fewer quality features and unwanted performance as compared to the latest PSVR headphones.

Modern headphones (PSVR) include many latest and futuristic features; moreover, also encourage high-core advanced games.

So, if you are a gamer, for sure you have a question that popped up in your mind about Oculus, does Oculus work with PS4 or not?

The short answer is no! You cannot use an Oculus headset for the replacement of a PSVR headset because they are not compatible. In extreme cases, PS4 includes USB with 3.0 ports, so this way, you won’t be able to link the console, and you will not get your expected result.

Let’s explore this article in detail and find its facts and figures!

Is There any Compatibility Between Oculus and PS4

The simple answer is no. As you know, Oculus is used either for PC or for gaming PCVR (virtual reality), and PSVR is explicitly used for playing games on PlayStation. The next possible question is, do you connect Oculus with PS4 by using a link cable? The answer is again yes to some extent, but this will not work.

Although PS4 has USB ports, they both work with different software, and if you connect PS4 with Oculus, the end result is nothing because the software is not the same. Because of the differentiation in the software, they cannot recognize each other.

For example, if two cars work with gas engines, and you try to fit one engine in another, is that possible? No, as both have their own design and are not compatible with each other. The same is the case with Oculus and Play station. But it might be possible that the future does not remain the same.

Does Oculus Work With PS4?

The shortest answer is no. Trying to use an Oculus headset instead of a PSVR headset would not work for you. Why? Let’s see it in detail.

The PS4 comes with USB 3.0 ports, you may connect the Oculus cable to the console, but this will not give you the desired result. Sony is a world-recognized brand and released the world’s best console games and one of them is PS4. PS4 promotes virtual reality gaming by connecting to PlayStation virtual reality headphones.

However, the main issue is that it was released back in 2016, and became outdated with time, and gave low-quality performance because of the use of older technologies. The market is flooded with new and advanced VR headsets that have unique features and are equipped with advanced technologies.

Some of the examples are headsets from Oculus that are Oculus quest and Oculus Rift. They continuously invest in making modern headsets that give maximum efficiency by not breaking your bank.

It is possible that the Oculus link converts the Quest to PCVR headphones, but it totally depends on the PC and compatibility with software to produce all content, tracking, displacement of motion controllers, and interpreting. It would be troublesome for you because of the difference between software features, tracking, and other things.

It does not mean that Oculus is totally noon supportive of the PS4. Oculus may connect with some of the side apps to make a connection with PS4. Oculus also releases its brand new product, which comes with the name Oculus rift, a wonderful addition to the list of headsets.

Till now, they designed headsets only for PCs, and the next one might be compatible with other devices. On the other hand, Playstation has a project named “Morpheus”,  which will possibly upgrade the PS4 VR headset.

Can You Connect Oculus Quest 2 to PS4 or PS5?

From the list of Oculus headsets, the first one is the Quest 2, and it does not show any compatibility with either the PS4 or the PS5. Sony is always trying to release their headsets, and this is not a thing to wonder about.

They want people to use their PSVR headsets instead of going towards 3rd party headsets like Oculus. Around the games, and controllers the first question which comes to mind is compatibility. The Quest is primarily best to use with a PC, so if you either plug it into your console, it will not work.

How to Connect Your PlayStation to Your Oculus Quest 2

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to connect Oculus to play station 4, or 5. But there are some options to play PlayStation games on your headset.

The first one is to install Side quest onto the PC.  After that use APK to install PS remote play onto the Oculus headset. Some of the gamers who tried this come with an issue. The problem they face is that the remote play app does not work so great. However, there is another option which you can try.

Run PS remote play onto PC, and mirror the screen to your Quest 2. To use this method, you have to take the help of Virtual Desktop, by doing so you will mirror your content easily. But as you are transmitting data in two stages, this may cause some latency issues.

This is not a big issue and depends on the game you are going to play. The problem may arise when you play fast-paced games. If either of the options won’t work then we suggest you use specialized PSVR headsets for better gaming.

The Bottom Line

This article covers the reasons that will let you know why Oculus doesn’t work with PlayStation 4, so all your queries related to PS4 and oculus get resolved.

Repeating once again, PS4 doesn’t support outdated headphones like oculus, you can buy PSVR headsets to enjoy an immersive gaming experience.