Dolphin Emulator Controller Not Working – Troubleshoot It

Dolphin Emulator controller gives you a lot of edges for enjoyment because you can use this controller in multiple ways. But many times, due to several reasons, the Dolphin emulator doesn’t not recognise and proceed with any controls, just like the keyboard or gamepad doesn’t work when you play Gamecube.

The short way of troubleshooting this issue is press F1 and come out of this weird situation; if it is not working; no worries, we have covered you up.

You can get into this article and find the ultimate solutions to deal with this dolphin emulator controller issue but before that we will extend some of the information on Dolphin Emulator.

Where Can We Use a Dolphin Emulator?

PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5,Xbox One, Xbox 360, etc are some of the famous video gaming consoles present in the market. Along with all these Nintendo Switch is one of the top-notch video game consoles.

This top video gaming console also released two of its brands having names Wii, and GameCube. To play games of these brands you need  Dolphin Emulator on your Windows PCs. This is the main reason why you have to install Dolphin Emulator on your desktops.

After installation gamers can comfortably play the GameCube and Wii games with high resolutions of 1080p. The Dolphin Emulator shows compatibility with all PC controllers. The Dolphin Emulator also helps you in many ways, you can enjoy different video effects, and also be able to connect multiple players over the network, etc.

Besides all the benefits, it may also cause troubles. Below are some of the most common reasons when a Dolphin emulator does not work properly. Read further to know more.

Problems That Can Occur While Working With Dolphin Emulator

The issues that arise while working with Dolphin Emulator are as follows. But no worries you can also fix them while using different solutions.

●      Dolphin Emulator Controller Buttons Not Working

If this problem occurs, simply unplug the controller from the current USB port, and try using it with other ports. Now check whether the buttons start working or not.

●      Dolphin Not Detecting Controller Input

To overcome this issue it would be better to set up the manual keyboard controls. With this, you also have to use the mapper, such as joytokey.

●       Dolphin Emulator PS4 Controller Not Working

To check whether the PS4 controller is working with other emulators or not you have to change the Port 1 settings of the emulator and check if the issue is resolved or still exists.

●      Dolphin Emulator Keyboard Not Working

Sometimes you notice that the keyboard does not show you any reaction during a gaming session. This problem most often occurs with the GameCube, not with the Wii console. So always satisfy the minimum needs of your PC, and it is better to update the Dolphin Emulator with the latest version.

●     Dolphin Hotkeys Not Working

Firstly check thoroughly that the hotkeys are working well with other emulators or not. If they do not work fully then try to update the Dolphin emulator, or uninstall it on your Windows PC. After installing, again reinstall to enjoy gaming.

Steps To Fix Dolphin Emulator Not Working

The basic steps to get rid of this Dolphin Emulator not working issue are mentioned below. By following these steps you can resolve the problem and start playing games without further delay.

●       Restart Your Windows PC

The first and foremost solution to fix this issue is to restart the PC. But instead of using the normal reboot try opting for the power cycling method. Remove all the power cables from your computer, and connect them again after a couple of minutes. Now restart the PC, and check whether the issue is being resolved or not.

●       Try With Other Games

If you have seen the Dolphin Emulator Controller Not Working while you are playing any game, then try to play another game. Now see if the controller is working with Windows 10. You have to know that this problem may occur with some of the games. If the controller works with other games efficiently, then it is sure that the problem is with the game, not the controller.

●       Try Connecting The Controller To Other USB Socket

Another major reason for this issue is the bad or damaged USB port. The damaged USB port is not capable of detecting any controller. Because of this reason, the controller will not work when you start using it. To resolve the issue, remove it from the damaged USB port, and try using another USB socket. Now turn the controller on, and see whether it is working or not.

●      Check With Another Controller

Sometimes the issue lies with your controller itself, it may be damaged internally. To check if the controller is damaged or not, take your friend’s controller, and connect it with the device. If this one works properly then surely the problem is in your controller. If the Dolphin Emulator Controller Not Working disappeared, but the problem still exists, then try following some steps to fix the issue.

Advanced Troubleshooting Methods

If the Dolphin Emulator Controller is not Working while using the basic methods, then try to go for more advanced troubleshooting techniques.

●       Step 1: Update Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator is an application or software that only works perfectly when you keep it updated all the time. Continuously using the old versions will also create security issues and other errors. Therefore it is suggested to use the latest version of Dolphin Emulator. To install the latest version go to dolphin’s official website, and install. You can download this from this site. Download it first then finish the installation phase. Now start it again, and check if it is working or not.

●       Step 2: Change GameCube Controllers

If you are planning to play the Dragon Ball Z game and controllers are not working fully with Dolphin Emulator, then try following the below-mentioned guidelines.

Gamers can play this game with the help of a Wii Remote by using Nunchuk, or a classic controller. You can also enjoy this game via WaveBird, or through a GameCube Controller. Firstly move to settings, and disable all the Wii Remotes except the first one. Check if the controller is working. Always ensure that all the GameCube Remotes are disabled.

●       Step 3: Run Dolphin As An Administrator

When the Dolphin emulator does not work fully try to run it as the administrator. A lot of users resolve the issue by following this method on their PCs.

  1. On your Windows 10 go to the installation folder of the Dolphin.
  2. Now select the. Exe File Of Dolphin, then Right-Click On It, and click on Properties.
  3. Move to the Compatibility tab under The Properties Window.
  4. Now Enable The Run This Program As An Administrator.
  5. To save the modifications click on apply, and Ok.

Now check if it starts working or the issue still persists.


Step 4: Change The Controller Settings

After opting for all the above-mentioned methods, now try to change the controller settings as given below. The first and foremost step is move to the Manage Shortcut section and click the Controller Options that is present below the Steam Controller tab. A pop-up window with the name of Controller Application Options will come on the screen. From this window deselect the Allow Desktop Configuration in Launcher. To save the changes don’t forget to click on OK.


Step 5:Uninstall & Reinstall Dolphin

The last method that anyone can use is to uninstall and then reinstall the Dolphin on your Windows PC. Go to the control panel, and uninstall the Dolphin Emulator from the computer. After this remove all the related files of the Dolphin, then go to the official website( given above) to download it again. Now reinstall it, check now if it is working properly. We are sure any of the methods will work to get rid of this issue.

Tips To Avoid Dolphin Emulator Controller Not Working

  • If you don’t want this problem to disturb you again and again, then you have to keep it updated from time to time.
  • Make sure your PC fulfills all the necessary requirements to run the Dolphin Emulator Controller On Your Computer.
  • Before launching any game check all the faulty settings fully.

Our Key Take

Who can deny the benefits of Dolphin Emulator because it can serve you many ways round? You can easily play GameCube and Wii games with your Emulator Controller on our Windows PCs. But, if unfortunately, the controller stops working, don’t be frustrated and only follow the above-mentioned solutions.

We have shed light almost on every possible solution and we hope in a short time, you will fix your issue. So follow these ways, share with your friends, and enjoy the fun of the dolphin controller without any barrier.

Be mechanics of your own problem; good luck!