Dragon Age Inquisition Won’t Launch – Fix Now

To enthusiasts of the Dragon Age: Inquisition, the game might be quite familiar. However, if you are new to the gaming world, this is an action role-playing video game first launched in 2014. It is created by BioWare and is the third installation in the Dragon Age franchise.

However, just as you might experience in any game, this one is also prone to glitches and problems occurring from time to time! The most common and most recent issue is that many users have been dealing with its inability to launch. This is more commonly experienced in Windows 10.

With most games, you can simply try launching it after a while but this has not proved to be a successful measure for this game! Therefore, it becomes vital to figure out exactly how you can fix the issue when Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch!

So, the theme of today’s article will center on precisely what to do when the dragon age inquisition won’t launch. Along with that, we will also provide some of the most common causes of why this error arises and effective measures to eradicate it so your gaming experience is enhanced.

What are the reasons why Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch?

Before you dig into the possible solutions for why dragon age inquisition won’t launch, you might also want to figure out and identify why this game is not launching for you! You will see that it depends on the system quite a bit.

So, to shed some light on the matter, let’s go over each reason and see whether this is why your Dragon Age Inquisition game won’t launch:

  • Interference from Background Processes

On your PC, no matter the version, there are almost always countless background processes that are running constantly. Many times, these are the reason why Dragon Age Inquisition among other games won’t launch! One culprit might be Windows services or it might be due to the interference from 3rd party apps.

Files are either corrupted or missing

If you have even a single missing or corrupted file, this can cause quite the problem with the launching of your applications! Every file plays a vital role in launching your game so if some are not working then your game will not run how you would like it to.

  • Requires Administrative Rights

A very common issue in this scenario might be that your game requires some extra authority and this can be in the form of administration rights. This might be causing a hindrance to launch and run the game on your computer.

  • Issues with compatibility

Usually, with Windows 10, the reason why your game might not be launching is due to an incompatibility. Problems like this cause the game to not run properly especially in windows. However, with windows 10, this problem can be fixed quite easily. This is all thanks to the compatibility mode that you can use to launch most applications.

  • Directx/VC Redist Error

Finally, when trying to figure out why Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch, the last reason might be due to errors caused by Direct X and VC Redist. If the versions of both of these applications are not up to date or there is an issue with them, this might cause issues with the launching of your game. They are included in the installer files and are located in the installation folder.

Now that you have your basic information out of the way, you might know why this error comes up but our coming paragraphs will deal with how to fix it as well! So stay tuned if this is an issue your encounter a lot!

How to fix the issue when Dragon Age Inquisition doesn’t launch.

Method #1 : Making sure your system meets the specifications

For the first reason why Dragon Age Inquisition won’t launch, you might want to take a look at your systems specifications and whether they match with the game’s requirements! It is quite easy to check what your system requirements are, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • First, hold down the Windows and R keys together and this will open the Run dialog.

  • Next, you can simply type dxdiag into this box and proceed by clicking on entering.

  • It might show you other prompts that need confirmation, you can select them and this will lead you to the computer specs located in the next window.

After this, you can go through your specifications and figure out whether they are indeed compatible. If your specifications are all in order and compatible, then you might want to opt for the next solution.

Method #2 :Run a Clean boot

Another reason why dragon age inquisition won’t launch due to some services running in the background. This might be due to your system’s service or a third-party application. However, to fix this, you might want to consider booting Windows.

Heres what you need to do:

  • First, make sure you are using your device as an admin.

  • Then, select the Search bar, and proceed to type in msconfig

  • Press enter and then click Services. After this, you can select the option for Hiding all Microsoft Services

  • You can select Disable All and all 3rd party apps will cease to run in the background.

  • Next, right-click the Task Bar and click on Task Manager

  • You will then select the Startup tab to ensure all applications are disabled.

  • Then you can reboot the device.

If this hasn’t fixed the issue, you might want to move onto the next option.

Method #3 : Permitting the Administrative Rights

Moving onto the next reason why your game is not launching, you might want to give your game some permissions and administrative rights to ensure it works properly. To address and fix this issue, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, launch the installation folder, then right-click on the game executable and click on the option for properties.

  • After this, in the Properties select the Compatibility tab.

  • You can then select the Compatibility tab and click on the option for Run as Administrator.

That’s all you need to do! Now you can start the game and see if the issue is there! if it hasn’t been fixed, here’s what we suggest next:

Method #4 :Compatibility Troubleshooting

Some games don’t fully support the architecture of Windows 10 and therefore often run into issues while trying to launch or while playing. Therefore, in this step, we are going to be using the Windows troubleshooting tool to determine the best operating system version to run the game on.

To fix this, you can do the following steps:

  • First, you will go to the game installation folder

  • You can then right-click on the executable and click on the option for properties.

  • Then, select Compatibility and proceed to run the Run Compatibility Troubleshooter.

  • After this, your Windows automatically determines what operating system will be used to launch the game.
  • You can then select Try Recommended Settings and click on Test.

Method #5 :Delete and Reinstall Direct X/VC Redist

As we mentioned earlier in the causes, one reason for this issue might also be the interference of Direct X and VC Redist that come included within the game installation folder. The reason why this becomes a problem is that your Direct X or VC Redist version might not be updated or might be interfering with the game.

So, to fix this issue, here are a few simple steps that you can follow;

  • First, you will go to your Local disc C files, in this order:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\__Installer\directx\redist

  • After this, you need to launch the exe and then get rid of the previous versions.
  • For the other end of this, you will go to the same folder again:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition\__Installer\vc

  • Then you will launch the exe. These will be in the same folder, replace the older versions and you are good to go!

The final step is simply to restart the computer and your problem should be fixed.

In case this did not work quite as you would have liked, we have one last trick up our sleeves to help you out!

Disable the Antivirus

There is no denying that antivirus is crucial for the overall protection and security of your computer. However, this might also be a reason why your game won’t launch in the first place! Surprised? Well, most users will engage with third-party antiviruses which are more likely to categorize your original software or applications as potential risks to your device.

This is why we recommend that if your game is not launching, then you might want to consider disabling your antivirus or installed security programs and then see if the problem has been solved or not. Another even better solution is to consider adding exceptions to the system’s Firewall and Antivirus. This will ensure that your system is protected but your game files won’t be blocked either.

In conclusion to why dragon age inquisition won’t launch sometimes on your PC, there might be quite a few reasons! However, as our detailed guide has shown today, each problem can be fixed with a simple solution as well.

As long as you follow these steps that we have outlined here for you today, you will not have any problems! We hope that this has been a helpful article for all our readers who wish to elevate their gameplay and increase their overall performance in the game!