How to Fix Dropbox Won’t Open

Dropbox is a cloud storage service which lets you store, edit, and access files or documents. It is a convenient for users to keep their files and folders organized using Dropbox. Just like other cloud-based storage services Dropbox can also face technical problems such as dropbox application won’t open, syncing errors, missing files etc. These problems need to be solved before you lose your precious data. If you are facing similar problems here are the solutions to the most common problems users face while using Dropbox.

Fixing Dropbox Won’t Open Error

This is one of the common errors dropbox users face. When you try to open dropbox and it gives and error of Dropbox is not open. To fix this error you need to follow these steps:

  • Open your control panel and go to the app settings
  • In the app settings, navigate and find the dropbox application
  • Right click on the dropbox application and uninstall the dropbox app
  • After uninstalling the app, go to the dropbox website and download the app again
  • Install the app and this will fix the error of dropbox not open

If you are still facing the error you need to refer to the next solution

Updating the Dropbox App

Now if you are using an older version of the app you might face this error. To fix the error you need to update your dropbox app by going into the settings of the app and clicking on check for updates. The app will automatically download the update and install it.

Syncing Error

The most annoying and common issues with dropbox is the stop syncing error. There could be many reasons behind the sync to stop working. It could be network error, client error, firewall blocking the application. You need to follow these steps to fix the syncing error.

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Restart your pc
  • After restarting your pc launch the dropbox
  • If you open dropbox application and it works, you have fixed the error, if it does not, there is a problem with the server and you need to wait till the server gets back online.

Dropbox Website Is Down

This is one of the worst situations a dropbox user can face, this means you cannot upload any file, delete any file, or do anything to your files which are on the cloud storage service. Usually, the fix for this problem is to wait for the website to go back live. But sometimes restart the dropbox application or the website may fix this error as Dropbox cannot afford to keep their website down for a longer period of time. The other fix could be to restart your computer as sometimes dropbox fails to read the synced files.

Files Missing in Dropbox

Not finding the files in dropbox when you open it, is a common issue faced by its users. If you are facing this problem there is nothing to worry about, the missing files do not disappear. Dropbox always keeps a log of the files if you delete or upload a file. When you move or rename a file you receive a notification of deleted file. Here are the ways you can search for your missing files:

Method#1: Use the Search Bar of dropbox

  • Log in to your dropbox account on the application or website.
  • On the top of the page, you will see the search bar
  • Search for the file using the keyword
  • You will see the log entry for the file whether it was added or was deleted.
  • Click on the three dots behind the missing file and then press the restore button

Method#2: Use the Events Page on dropbox

  • Log in to your dropbox account on the application or website.
  • Go to the page
  • Scan the page and look for the deleted files that are related to your missing folder or file
  • Press the restore button and get your files back.

Dropbox Not Working

Dropbox not working is a common problem that drives people crazy when they want their files uploaded or deleted from the cloud storage service. The most common reasons behind this error could be your computer not having a stable internet connection, or maybe your antivirus is blocking the connection, or the dropbox service is down or going through maintenance. The solution for the internet connection is to connect to a stable internet and disable the antivirus till you are done with the work and enable it again. While you have to wait for the service to finish maintenance and go back live.

Dropbox Won't Open

Dropbox Is Crashing

There could be many reasons behind dropbox crashing on your computer. It could be due to an antivirus which treats dropbox as a virus, or it could due to a corrupted file in the dropbox installation folder. Or maybe your windows 10 is infected by a malware which is causing the dropbox to freeze or not respond.

To fix these you can follow these steps:

  • Restart your computer, if that fixes it you are good to go if not,
  • Uninstall and reinstall the dropbox application
  • Turn your antivirus off and then turn it on to see if dropbox application start to work
  • If everything fails you need to install a fresh new window on your system as there could be a corrupted file which is making your dropbox services crash and making you unable to open it.


In this article we have discussed many different reasons behind dropbox services failing to work. There are some problems where you can do anything but wait for the services to go back online, for the rest of the problems we have mentioned a few quick fixes that can help you go back to using your cloud storage service without any difficulty.