Instantly Fix EPSXE Black Screen Windows 10

The ePSXe is a video game console emulator made to play games on your computer that are normally played on your PlayStation. The ePSXe emulator brings back a lot of great memories and even today, gamers play games on it to relive memories of the finest PlayStation titles that ever existed.

Then again, where there was so much fun received from this emulator, there was also a big problem that came with it. Yes, we are talking exactly what you’re thinking about. The often hated black screen used to be a menace for all of us. This black screen has resulted in destroying a lot of our gaming sessions.

The ePSXe black screen issue can turn out to be a hectic process if it is not resolved earlier. Plus, this isn’t just any problem that is going to be resolved by restarting your PC. You will need to carry out some troubleshooting methods to get rid of this problem. Before you do, make sure that you run your emulator on the best possible specifications which you can have on your system.

The ePSXe emulator works effortlessly and makes use of several different types of GPU plugins to work perfectly and also adopts several functionalities of your CD-ROM to give you a gaming experience that is nearly equal to that of a PlayStation.

With that being said, here are the related problems which you might come across that result in a black screen for your ePSXe emulator on Windows.

Troubleshooting Methods To Fix EPSXE Black Screen

Moving on to the troubleshooting methods of the ePSXe black screen issue, there are lots of them. You will need to try each of them step-by-step until you come across the one that is going to fix your issue. Here are the methods you need to carry out while dealing with this problem.

#1: Restart Your PC

Starting with the most basic solution of this issue you will need to restart your PC. This trick is as old as time itself but sometimes it works like a charm. Anything on your PC including your running programs including ePSXe will be terminated.

Many times, the computer has to block or limit certain third-party apps in order to work efficiently. Due to so many processes running at once, the emulator isn’t able to handle the burden and a black screen shows up.

Another tip is to make sure that no other processes are working from the taskbar before launching the game.

#2: Check the GPU Plugins

GPU plugins play an important role for an emulated PSX emulator to launch the games smoothly. To make sure that your GPU plugins are working correctly you need to keep them up to date and make sure that those plugins are extremely user-friendly.

Make sure to cross check that there are no issues.

#3: Lower Your System’s Resolution

A way you can fix the black screen of ePSXe is by playing your favorite games in low-resolution graphics. The graphics of your game will be the only thing you will need to compromise on. You can lower the resolution of your system by following these steps:

  • Go to the start menu and click on Settings

  • Go to the option of System Menu

  • Open the display settings in default

  • Search for the Display Resolution

  • In the drop-down list under the Resolution section, choose the preferred resolution to Low

  • Finally, click on the keep changes option to make sure the applied changes are kept permanent

#4: Enable CPU Overclocking

In normal terms, CPU overclocking means to make your CPU work faster. Enabling CPU overclocking is a standard method most gamers apply to get more processing speed out of their systems. Enabling your CPU’s overclocking capacity can help you to resolve the issue of a black screen.

Here is how you’ll increase the overclocking speed of your computer:

  • Go into the options menu of the enhanced PSX emulator

  • You will find the CPU overclocking option which you will need to click on

  • There will be a drop-down list, select 1X on it

Once you’ve executed these steps, restart your computer and once you open the emulator after your computer boots up, your emulator should be free of the black screen issue.

#5: Changing ePSXe Configuration

This might seem like a pretty non-effective method but trust me it does wonders because oftentimes it’s the wrong configuration that can lead to the issue of a black screen. You should always have a look at the configuration of your emulator to make sure you’re running your game on the right settings.

To make sure you’re running the correct settings, make sure to follow these steps:

  • Launch ePSXe on your Windows
  • Go to the Config menu and click on the Video option

  • Then go to the Configure ePSXe core GPU Windows screen
  • After reaching here, go to the Default Settings section and click on the Nice button that will be present there

  • Click on it and then press the OK button and return to the main screen of the emulator
  • Now choose an ROM file and check whether the problem has been fixed or not

EPSXE Related Problems


This is one of the most common problems you’ll come across while using the PSX emulator and this problem mainly occurs due to corrupted ISO images of the game’s disc. If the game is running smoothly then it is proof that the BIOS is performing perfectly fine.

To solve this issue, you will need to make sure that you’re playing a game with the CD of the game inserted into your disc drive. The problem of an ePSXe black screen occurring this way is very common and is going to mess up your entire gaming session. Since corrupted images cannot be displayed on the screen as graphics, hence a black screen occurs.

Incompatible GPU Plugin

Other times where you might face a black screen while playing games on the PSX emulator is when you’re playing games on your Android device and you come across this problem. This problem is mainly due to the incompatibility of your GPU Plugin with the game emulator.

This issue is most commonly found in Android devices and to fix this problem you will need to install the best compatible GPU plugins. These plugins are going to work in relation to the graphic card where automatic configuration will take place and the graphics will be enhanced on your emulator.

Emulator Not Working

Several times your emulator is not going to start or when it is working normally it will crash. The explanation behind this is that you might be using your CPU beyond its normal capability. This could be due to the high resolution of the game which is why you should pay attention to the overlocking of your CPU.

To fix this problem you will need to configure the emulator to 1X to ensure smooth launching of the PSX emulator and its following ISO files.

ROM Black Screen

The black screen which you come across upon starting the ROM on your emulator is also a problem which is related to the GPU plugin compatibility. This is a particularly easy problem to solve which you can do by simply playing the game in Windows mode rather than full screen mode.


The problem of a black screen in the ePSXe emulator is a killer of your fantastic gaming sessions. Now that we’ve mentioned the ways to deal with this problem, go on and get rid of them so that you get to enjoy the best PlayStation games right at the comfort of your desktop computer!