Fix The File System 2147219196 Error?

You may see a File System Error 2147219196 when attempting to open the pictures using the Windows Photo application. In a few cases, you may also see this issue when trying to open other Windows applications such as Calculator, etc. This File system error is just on Windows 10, and it’ll stop you from utilizing a certain application (in the majority of cases the photo application) or a group of applications. The 21472119196 issues is reasoned by a bug in the Win Update. One of the newest Win Updates introduced this bug into your Win Photo application, and many individuals are facing this problem. There is not anything that’ll permanently fix this problem other than the Windows Fix, but there’re a few things that the users can try. You can make use of the Win Photo Viewer or a 3rd-party photo viewer. All of such fixes are given below. So begin by simply following the steps given in solution 1 and keep moving on to the next solution until the issue is fixed.

Try These Fixes To Resolve The File System Error 2147219196:

Now, let’s just check out each possible fix for this error.

Solution#1: Updating Your Photo App

First of all, you can attempt to update your Photo application for resolving this file system error. At times, the existence of an issue is the cause of Photo application versions. Check whether there’s an update in your Photo App at the Win Store. If yes, then follow these steps for installing the newest version of the Photo App.

Step#1: First of all, Click on Start > go to Microsoft Store > choose See more option > click on Download & updates > navigate to the Get updates option.

Step#2: After installing the newest version of the Win Photo App, check whether your file system issue is resolved. If not, go on to the next method.

Solution#2: Uninstalling The Windows Photo and Reinstalling It

Uninstalling and installing your Win Photo App again has fixed the problem for a substantial number of users. Follow these for uninstalling, cleaning different over files, and reinstalling the Win Photo App

Step#1: Download > run the Reimage Plus for scanning and restoring the missing and corrupt files, run it > install the app once the repair is finished.

Step#2: We first need to uninstall the Win Photos App. So, hit the Windows button.

Step#3: Enter powershell in your Windows Start Search

Step#4: Then, right-click the Win PowerShell from the available search results > choose Run as admin option.

Step#5: Enter Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos | Remove-AppxPackage > simply hit Enter.

Step#6: Now, download the PsTools package.

Step#7: You may get this file in the zip format. Simply, right-click on this file > choose Extract files… choose the appropriate location > extract your files.

Step#8: Hit the Win key again.

Step#9: Enter command prompt in the search bar.

Step#10: Then, right-click on the Command Prompt from > choose Run as admin.

Step#11: Enter <PsExec location address>PsExec.exe -sid c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe > hit Enter.

Note: Make sure to replace the <PsExec location address> with the genuine address. It ought to be the location where you have extracted the downloaded file’s contents.

Step#12: Click on Agree when it prompts.

Step#13: You will see a new command prompt pop-up after hitting enter.

Step#14: Enter rd /s “C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Windows.Photos_2017.37071.16410.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe” > hit Enter in the recently opened Command Prompt.

Note: The version of Win Photos application number will differ. Since the number of versions is in a folder name, that folder name will also differ. Here’re the steps to get the precise folder name:

  • First, hold the Win + R keys.

  • Enter the folder path > let the Run app auto-complete it. This utility will auto-complete to the right version.
  • Once the name of the folder is auto-completed, copy the path from your Run dialog box > simply paste that path in the Command Prompt window.
  • Note: The folder name will also be shown in step#14. You can get that name from there also.

Step#15: Hit Y once your system asks for the confirmation.

Once completed, you ought to be good to go. Open the Microsoft Store > simply download the Photos application. Check if it fixes the problem or not.

Solution#3: Booting In The Clean Boot

On the other hand, you can do the Clean Boot on the PC for resolving this file system issue. Here’s a simple guide for resolving the problem through the clean boot.

Step#1: Open the PC with an Admin account.

Step#2: Hit the Win + R buttons for opening the Run window > enter msconfig in the Run box > click OK.

Step#3: Now, click Services > uncheck the Hide all Microsoft services option. After clicking on Disable all, simply click on OK for saving these changes.

Step#4: Go to Startup > Task Manager.

Step#5: Click on Startup from the task manager.

Step#6: Click on all the Enabled status apps > choose disable.

Step#7: After that, restart the PC.

Step#8: Now, the PC can boot in the Clean Boot.

Step#9: Open the Win Photo Viewer app for checking whether the file system error still exists.

Step#10: If the issue is resolved, please repeat the steps mentioned above and try to enable one service at a time.

Like this, you can identify which service reasons this file system issue (if the problem takes place after enabling each service). Then disable that service again.

Solution#4: Running Your Windows Store Applications Troubleshooter

Step#1: Go to Start > click Settings > go to Update & Security.

Step#2: Select Troubleshoot > click Windows Store Applications Troubleshooter > Run the troubleshooter.

Step#3: Follow the directions that appeared on your screen > allow the troubleshooter to resolve the issues.

Step#4: When this is completed, close the troubleshooter > attempt to open the image file. If the issue persists, then go on to the next solution.


Solution#5: Windows Update

Since it’s a known problem and many users of Windows are facing this problem, there’ll be a bug solution released in the newest Windows Updates. So, if the solutions mentioned above did not fix the File System Error 2147219196 problem, then keep an eye on Win Updates. Make certain that the system is updated. For checking for updates:

Step#1: Hit Win + I keys at the same time.

Step#2: Click Update and Security.

Step#3: choose Check for Updates > wait while Win checks for the new updates.

Step#4: Updates will then be downloaded & installed automatically.

Step#5: Reboot your PC after updates are installed for applying them on the PC.