Instantly Fix Firestick Network Connection Lost Error

Your Firestick is a home entertainment device which provides users with easy access to a wide library of their favorite TV shows, movies, and on-demand streaming. It is one of the best hardware streaming devices that users can buy for themselves which gives them a wide range of options to choose the content they would like to watch.

However, in some cases, the internet connection keeps getting disconnected in the case of your Firestick. The worst part is, you cannot troubleshoot the problem immediately because there are several reasons due to which this problem might be caused.

Whenever your internet connection is disrupted, you are shown the following message “Home is currently unavailable, we are unable to connect to Amazon Services. Please check your internet connection or try again later.” This message is pretty annoying to say the least. As we’ve told earlier that this problem has several reasons that could contribute to it, we shall see them now.

What Causes Constant Disconnection?

With Firestick connection being lost every now and then, there are a lot of potential triggers that contribute to this but the most important one are as follows:

WiFi Reception

Your Firestick might lose its connection constantly due to weak WiFi reception in the area. Your WiFi might be working poorly or it might be far away from your Firestick which is why its performance might’ve taken a hit. To make sure your Firestick works seamlessly, you will need a seamless internet connection that doesn’t trip every now and then and provides a stable speed.

A fast internet connection is going to result in better performance of your Firestick and also make sure that whatever it is that you watch is shown to you in the highest quality.


If your Firestick software gets old due to bugs and glitches then it is going to hinder the functionality of your device. Make sure to keep your Firestick updated at all times on the latest build which is released by Amazon. Turn on automatic updates for your Firestick which will cause your device to update automatically whenever a software update arrives.

Bugs and glitches are normal in all kinds of devices and since the manufacturers release timely updates, you will also need to keep your devices updated to their latest version to make sure they work at their optimum performance levels.

We shall now discuss the solutions of this issue where your Firestick connection is lost. Follow these steps to make sure you end up solving your problem with the least of hassle.


Decrease the Distance between Firestick and WiFi Device

Be it your WiFi router or a mobile internet device, make sure that the distance between your internet device and your Amazon Firestick is decreased. When your WiFi device is far from your Firestick, it will result in weak signals and the weak signal strength is going to be the cause of frequent loss of internet connection.

To overcome this issue, decrease the distance between your router and the Firestick. Put them close together to get the best signal reception. A router with more antennas would be an even better fix whereas WiFi boosters can also be used to resolve signal strength issues. Another good fix would be to have both the devices on a single table kept side by side.

This will undoubtedly give you the best results and better connectivity.

Faulty Ethernet Cable

If you are using a wired connection for your Firestick then it is entirely possible that you might have a faulty Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable issues are pretty common and they can take place every now and then. Although it is particularly hard for users to pick out this problem if it arises in the pin of the Ethernet cable.

To see whether your Ethernet cable is working properly, put it to test and use it with other devices. Check to see if the internet connection is established. If it isn’t then there is definitely a problem with your Ethernet cable. Get your cable replaced as soon as possible to make sure the internet connection on your Firestick works properly.

We cannot stress how important your internet is going to be for you while delivering a top class Firestick experience. In fact, most of the problems that show up in the Firestick are due to internet issues. Hence, why it needs to be completely free of problems at all times.

Reset Your TV to Factory Settings

If you’ve checked all the possibilities of your Firestick being faulty and none of them show such signs then you might need to check what is going on with your TV. You can always give your TV a reset to check if the trigger behind this issue is related to a bug in its software or any other software settings.

Whatever the issue with it, the simplest solution is to reset your TV because resetting it will bring back its default settings and in those settings, your Firestick might function properly.

Here are the steps you will need to carry out to reset your TV:

  • Remove the Firestick from your TV
  • Open the main menu of your TV and go to its Settings

  • Select the Reset option from the menu and wait for a few seconds until the television resets

  • Insert the stick back into the television and check to see if the problem still persists now

Hopefully this tip is helpful enough to reset your TVs settings as well as make the Firestick work on it.

Restart Your Firestick

Restarting your fire stick can also cause the connectivity issue from showing up every now and then because as told earlier, this might be due to a bug in your Firestick’s system that prevents it from functioning properly.

Restarting your Firestick will get rid of most of the problems and you will also get your device in better working condition. Here is how you can restart your Firestick:

  • Go into the settings of your Firestick with the button located at the top right corner of the main page

  • With the help of navigation keys select my Fire TV from the settings screen

  • Select the restart option from the device window to restart your Firestick

  • Press the restart button in the dialog box to restart the Firestick

Once the Firestick restarts, hopefully the issues that you are facing subside.

Change IP Settings

Changing the IP settings of your device can help in getting rid of certain connectivity issues that you come across with your Firestick. You can reset the IP of your TV by carrying out the following steps:

  • Go to the menu of your TV and select the Network option using your remote
  • From Network, access Network status
  • Wait for a while until three buttons appear at the end of the window, choose IP Settings
  • From IP Settings, click on the DNS setting option and click on enter manually
  • Enter the require IP address, press OK and wait for a few seconds till the connection is established with the internet
  • Check if the Firestick is now connecting properly to the internet or not

Changing your IP can help avoid clashing of IP servers which is one of the main reasons why connectivity might be limited to you on your Firestick.

Update Your Firestick

Using an old version of your Firestick might be the cause of frequent loss of internet connection. Since your Firestick works best with its latest version, hence it is required to update it regularly. To update your Firestick, carry out the following steps below:

  • Power up your TV and go to settings from the Firestick’s main screen

  • From the drop down menu, select my Fire TV from the menu

  • Select About from the next menu

  • Check for system update and once it appears, select it

  • If the update is available, update your Firestick and wait for some time till your Firestick is updated
  • Relaunch the Firestick after the completion of update has taken place

Once it has been updated, check to see if an error still exists or not.

Modify LAN Protocol

If the LAN protocol is not described properly in the network settings of your router then it can result in a continuous loss of connection in your Firestick. IEEE 802.11 is a set of LAN protocol instructions that sets a standard for the communication between the server and the device that is Firestick and the WiFi. Modifying the LAN protocol can help in resolving connectivity issues.

You can modify your router’s LAN protocol by following these steps:

  • Click on the search button in the taskbar and search for Command Prompt

  • Type in the “ipconfig” and hit enter

  • Scroll down and locate Default Gateway under the heading of wireless LAN adapter Ethernet or Wi-Fi

  • Copy the router’s Default Gateway IP Address and paste it in your browser’s search bar

  • It will direct you to the homepage of your internet provider, search for the Network settings tab and click on it
  • Locate Wireless settings in network settings and select others
  • Locate the internet protocol settings under the heading of 802.11 modes
  • Change it to 802.11n if it is set to 802.11 b/g/n and Apply the changes
  • Restart your router and connect it to the Firestick now

Check whether this problem still persists. If it does then you might need to change the password of your WiFi router to make sure that your WiFi is secure and that nobody other than the people whom you’ve given the WiFi password to are using the WiFi.


Watching stuff on your phone is great but the Amazon Firestick is going to give you an incredible experience watching it. Which is why when you come across the problem of your Firestick network connection being lost, these are the solutions that you can carry out to make sure that your Firestick connection isn’t interrupted further.

Once you get rid of these connectivity issues, you will enjoy watching what your Firestick has to offer!