Fix Gboard Not Working Android Quickly

If you have been using Gboard for the last so many years, then probably you might have experienced the issue of facing a standard app error which is “Gboard not working.” But if it is happening with you for the first time, then finding its required Gboard solution is extremely important. Fortunately, you have reached the right place where we explain to you simple and easy to follow solutions for fixing this stopped working Gboard error on your android device.

But first of all, we will discuss some minor details about the Gboard, and then we will head towards its main problem. And finally, our last section will be about the basic Gboard solutions for the app. Let’s get into the discussion below!

Introduction about Gboard

Talking about Gboard, it is also known as Google’s virtual keyboard. It works as the typing app, which you will find on a tablet, iPhone, and Android phones. Its main features are emoji search, gliding typing, Google Translate, and handwriting. You can also look for the app GIFs and some predictive app-text features for your Android.

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Various Android devices are available with the Gboard, which is already installed in it. In android devices, it works as the default Gboard keyboard. But you are free to have it added to any Android or iPhone/iOS device.

If we talk about few more features of the iPhone Gboard, it makes it easy for you to perform some quick communication on your mobile app screen with the help of a smaller android keyboard. The involvement of Google Search and the Predictive typing engine will make the whole android app interesting for you. At the same time, this app supports around 900 different languages along with the floating android keyboard.

What causes the Gboard Not Working?

Now moving ahead, the users want to know the main problem of facing such an error in the Gboard iPhone app! Well, the reasons for Gboard which is not working are numerous and quite common too. A few of them are discussed below:

Cause No 1: Cache System of Device

One major cause of facing such an error problem notification is due to the problem inside the cache memory of your android device. iPhone and PC will be generating the app cache and have them stored in the storage section. Hence, it would be helpful when it comes to saving the android processing and providing some quick Gboard results.

If you have taken some images and want them to be stored in the mobile app gallery, then a cache will be created by your iPhone device. Cache often gets corrupted because of various app reasons. Once you find the app corrupted, it will affect the rest of the android mobile functioning.

Cause No 2: Android Bugs

Another major cause of facing an error of Gboard which is not working is due to the updates. No doubt, an app developer will design a program or android application flawlessly. But somehow, the android applications will develop some app bugs, which can disturb the entire functioning of the app system. All such app bugs are hence coded as inside your android program, due to which various Gboard errors can occur.

Major Ways to Fix the Error of Gboard Not Working

Now let’s move to the main section of the article, which discusses the methods for fixing the app error of Gboard, which is not working. Let’s get into the discussion below:

Method no 1: Restarting the Android System to Fix Gboard Error

Although it will still work most of the time! You have to click on the Gboard power button and then select the app reboot option for restarting the iPhone or Android phone. This is so straightforward!

Method no 2: Clear the Gboard Device Cache

With the help of cache, your entire android app will respond faster for storing programs or data which it uses on the local machine. Most of the time, the app’s latest Gboard updates are often rolled out using your iPhone device cache memory. This might result in conflicts or Gboard latest app crash.

Hence, this might cause the Gboard app to either not open, or it will stop loading. To fix this app issue of Gboard, which is not working, perform the below steps:

  1. Visit Settings and then click on apps
  2. Now you have to check the option of “Gboard” and then click on it.
  3. Inside the app section, you have to choose the app storage option for revealing the info of Gboard cache data.
  4. It would be best if you cleared all your android cache memory by deleting it. Click the option “clear cache.” In this way, the Gboard whole app will download and update the new data from the server.

Method no 3: Uninstalling all Gboard Updates

Most of the app is quite often updated for various reasons. This usually includes bug fixes, the latest android features, android security, and Gboard patches. Most of the time, this might happen due to app compatibility issues! Making any new update will break your iPhone app. For fixing the Gboard error, perform the steps discussed below:

  1. Visit the settings option and then click on Gboard
  2. Now you have to again look for the Gboard option and choose it.
  3. Click the three vertical dots, which are located on the upper right Gboard This will unveil all the app update options one by one. Uninstall Gboard.

Method no 4: Uninstall the Gboard App

This is the point when your Gboard app is misbehaving with you. Hence, this will be causing all the Gboard features and working of your android app to work disturbingly. It is similar to the process of teaching an undisciplined kid with some good manners.

It is impossible to uninstall the Gboard from the settings menu just because it is working as a Google app. Google will never allow you to uninstall any of their android app or software. You have to visit Play Store and then look for Gboard to open it.

Under the name of an android app, the option of uninstalling is available. Next to Gboard uninstall, there are options such as open or android update is also available. If you do not want to uninstall the Gboard, you can choose to update the iPhone app to figure out if the app problem is solved or not.