Gmail Not Sending Emails : Reasons And Solutions

Your Gmail not sending Emails? Are you wondering: why is my Gmail not sending Emails? Hold on! There are many more in the same boat and they are struggling to get the answer.

So, you can proceed to figure out the answer to this Gmail Not Sending Emails error.

Well, Emails are the basic ways of communication nowadays and it is equally important for every person: officer, banker, students, teachers, etc. many times, we need to send dozens of emails in a day. If Gmail is not sending Emails, it can push us into big trouble; thus, it is essential to understand the ways of troubleshooting this issue instantly.

The issue can be due to the non-Gmail recipient (there is no user with that email address) or there can be a server issue; hence, you need to find the ultimate solution. Otherwise, you will face multiple issues at the time of need. This blog post has covered every possible solution that you can adopt when your Gmail is not sending Emails.

So, drill down to explore them!

Gmail Not Sending Emails Problem: Easy Hacks To Follow

There are several reasons that create the Gmail Not Sending Emails errors. Many times your email goes into the spam folder, instead of into the inbox of the users. The reason for the email being filtered as spam is the rigorous check and balance over the emails.

Google and Yahoo are the service providers that are cracking down on spam, so they may serve their customers better. However, this process of email filtering is not 100 percent perfect because many legit emails go into spam folders.

Well, many more reasons and their solutions of Gmail Not Sending Emails are stated below, so you can explore them and try to sort out the issue promptly and save yourself from inconvenience.

●       Make Sure Recipient Address Is Correct

Yes, this issue happens many times, we write the address of the wrong recipients, and with the small mistake of letters or numbers, the email fails. The email stays in the outbox forever.

So, as a sender, you should check the recipient name and domain name (Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail) before sending the email.

If the name and domain name is correct then there could be any other technical mistake.

●       Try Sending Emails Through The Web Browser

If you are using Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., and still facing issues in sending emails then you can try sending emails via the web browser, instead of Gmail.

Most of the time, the wrong configuration of the client’s email creates Gmail not sending email errors.

For preconfigured settings, you can log in to your account on a web browser and it will help you send your email successfully.

●       Check Internet Status

Gmail is not sending emails, sometimes this problem occurs because of the bad internet connection. We continue doing our work without even noticing this issue. We get to notice when it shows errors. So, now you have to look for your internet connection.

Follow the given steps to check it.

  1. First look at the bottom right of the Desktop and check the status of your internet
  2. Take your cursor to the status area and check whether there are internet signals or not.
  3. Now go to the browser and try loading any page, see if it loads or not.
  4. Try to reload the age you are viewing already.
  5. If it is not loading then surely there are no signals.
  6. Check the power cables, network connection and go solve this issue.

But after this issue has been resolved, Gmail still is not sending emails then go to our next fix.

●       Verify Gmail Storage Space

Gmail Not Sending Emails is a very common issue that might happen due to less storage space. If the ninety percent of Gmail space has been occupied then chances are higher that Gmail stops sending Emails. It stops sending emails completely if the occupied space is 99 percent. In this situation try to free up space by deleting unnecessary and old emails.

To check how much space is left or occupied, go to the bottom-left corner of your Gmail window and here you will find the ratio. Click on manage to check for more details.

●       Check Email Sending Limits

Many people are unaware of the fact that Gmail has a limit to sending emails per day. It is possible that the sending limit reaches its level and it stops sending more emails. The sending emails limit per day is about 2000 emails. If your limit exceeds then be ready to face the email sending problem.

●      Virus On Your Computer

Gmail and other software of your computer behave weirdly sometimes just because of the Virus present in your PC. Today viruses also become advanced and might be the reason for Gmail not sending emails. A computer with a lot of viruses shows the following symptoms.

  1. Performance slow down on your PC
  2. It starts showing you Ads in number
  3. The Browser homepage changed
  4. Programs are unable to start

Below we will talk about how to get rid of viruses from the PC because it will help you in safe and quick email forwarding.

●       How To Remove Virus From The Computer

If you are using a Windows computer it comes with an inbuilt antivirus program with the name of Windows defender.

  1. Go to the search box and type Virus & Threat Protection. right-click on it to open.
  2. Now click on the scan options
  3. Choose the full screen
  4. Click on Scan now option
  5. Start following the screen instructions
  6. Wait until it scans our whole PC

You can also go for using other antivirus programs by installing them from a preferred website.

●       Clean Cache And App Data

If you are facing this issue on your android phone then cleaning of Cache and app data can resolve this issue. No matter what type of application you are using, clearing cache and app data always helps your apps to run faster than before.

But if you ignore the cache data, a time comes when the load becomes heavier and difficult to clean. In this scenario firstly go to the app and clear its cache data, otherwise, you may face technical problems just like this.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean cache and app data.

    1. Go to the settings of your android phone
    2. Click on the device under Apps
    3. Here you will see a number of apps, find the Gmail app.
    4. Click on Gmail
    5. Click on Storage now
    6. Clear app data and cache both


The Bottom Line

Perhaps, like many users, you are also curious to know why won’t my email send Gmail. Well, there are many reasons behind this issue and all these issues are described in detail.

You can undergo these causes and their solutions, which we have described step-by-step. Every method to fix the Gmail Not Sending Emails error is reliable, proven, and straightforward.

Whether you are tech-savvy or new in technology, this article will ease your troubleshooting and help you to send your emails successfully. So, go ahead, follow these ways, and say goodbye to the Gmail Not Sending Emails issue.