Solve Google Chrome Sound Is Not Working Instantly!

Many users of computers prefer the Chrome web browser as the main Internet browser. However, a lot of them stated that there had been moments when this tool had failed to play the audio. The Google Chrome Sound Not Working issue can be annoying, particularly when you see that all the other tools have sound. In general, the simplest method of resolving no sound in Chrome is to restart your web browser along with the complete Win 10 system. However, that fix doesn’t always bring great results. You don’t need to panic when this occurs to you. If you desire to learn how you can resolve no sound coming from the Chrome browser, you’ll find the fixes in this post. We have put together diverse methods for fixing the audio problems. So, it’s great that you try them out and see which one really works for you.

How Can You Resolve The Google Chrome Sound Not Working Issue?

Try out the following solutions to fix this problem:

First Things First:

Before trying our fixes, you may desire to check a few of the clear culprits why you do not hear sound from the web browser. Here’re a few things you ought to do first:

  • Make sure that the PC’s sound isn’t on mute. If you locate the volume control on a web tool, ensure that the sound is easy to hear as well.
  • Check if your audio is functioning correctly on the other Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You can also double-check if there is sound coming from the desktop applications.

If you don’t hear any sound from the other desktop browsers or tools on the computer, then the problem didn’t stem from Google Chrome. Furthermore, a few of the fixes comprised in this post might not be appropriate for you. Alternatively, if you’re capable of determining that the Chrome browser is the just the one with problematic sound, then simply give a try the fixes mentioned below.If you use chrome for reading PDF and chrome pdf viewer not working check all the solutions for this error.

Google Chrome Sound Is Not Working

Solution#1: Checking The Volume Mixer

There’s a particular feature on the Win 10 system that you can adjust your volume level for the particular tools. Therefore, if you meet the no sound problem in Google Chrome the Win 10, then it might be that you’ve muted the volume for the Google Chrome browser. You can also follow these directions to resolve the problem.Fix if your hyperx cloud flight microphone not working.

  • First, locate the Sound icon from the lower-right of the screen > right-click on it to select the Open Volume Mixer option.

  • Move the volume slider of Goggle Chrome to at least halfway up.

Note: If there’s no volume controller of the Chrome browser, then you ought to play audio/video in the Google Chrome for making it pop up.

Then simply reopen the Chrome browser and play video/audio for checking whether the no sound in the Chrome Win 10 issue is resolved.

Solution#2: Update The Sound Driver

When something goes wrong with the audio of your PC, one of the first fixes you ought to try is updating the sound driver. That said, it’s necessary to have the compatible and latest driver versions for the Win 10 system. It can make sure that the hardware and apps will work smoothly. There’re two methods of updating the drivers: manually or automatically via the Auslogics Driver Updater tool. Before you decide to do it manually, you have to acquaint that the procedure can take a lot of your effort and time. You’d need to go to the website of the manufacturer and locate the newest version of the driver that is also compatible with the system you have. If you install the incorrect version, you can reason more issues for the computer.If discover not working on google then fixing it is not a difficult thing it is very easy.

Solution#3: Ensure That The Page Isn’t Mute

Another cause can make no sound in the Google Chrome browser, which is the sound on your page you’re on is on mute. For resolving this, follow these steps:

  • Hit Win + R simultaneously for opening the Run box > enter inetcpl.cpl > click OK.

  • Navigate to the advanced section for locating the Multimedia section > ensure that you’ve checked Play sounds in the web pages > click on OK for saving changes.

After completing these things, open the Chrome browser again and play some video/audio to check if the issue is gone.

Solution#4: Clear The Browser Cookies & Cache

Cache and cookies are temporary files that increase the web pages’ loading speed. However, over time, the browser can collect a lot of them. As a result, the browser can become overloaded with the temporary files, reasoning different problems such as lack of audio. So, it’d be best to clear the cookies and cache of your browser. You can do so by following these directions:

  • Open Chrome.

  • Navigate to the top-right portion of your browser > click on Customize & Control Google Chrome. It ought to be the three vertical lines near the address bar.

  • Choose More Tools from that list > click on the Clear Browsing Data option.

  • Select the time range for the data you want to delete.

  • Click on Clear Data.

Solution#5: Disable Extensions

Extensions provide you a better browsing experience on the Chrome browser. For example, when you desire to stop advertisements from embedding on your pages you visit, you can install AdBlock. Alternatively, these extensions can meddle with the browser and reason audio problems. So, if you desire to resolve the sound issues on Chrome, it’d be advisable to disable the extensions. Just follow these steps.Read our guide about google voice search problems.

  • Open the Chrome browser.


  • Click on Customize & Control Google Chrome. You can access it by simply clicking on the three vertical dots by the address bar.


  • Choose More Tools > click on Extensions.


  • Disable all those extensions installed on the browser.

  • Reboot the browser > see if the Google Chrome Sound Not Working problem has been fixed.

You can also attempt to isolate the problematic extension. You can easily enable these extensions one by one until you locate which is responsible for the sound problems. If you want to delete everything in google drive you can learn it from our guide.