How to Instantly Fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

Whether you are an Android user or even if you have an iPhone, you might have experienced it when Google Play services stop unexpectedly and it keeps occurring! This is certainly not a new phenomenon and it is hinting that something is wrong with either your smartphone, your connection to the internet, or even with your google play store.

If your Google play services keep stopping, you will most likely have to deal with it crashing, closing, and getting a pop-up notification that reads, “Unfortunately google play store has stopped.” If you were in the process of downloading a new file, then you might also realize that this download has failed.

Of course, this can be extremely frustrating to encounter especially if you keep seeing it happen. That’s why today’s article will shed some light on how to fix the glitch when Google play services keep stopping. There are 6 methods we have compiled for you in total, you can choose whichever one applies to you best!

Why the Google services has stopped error pops up?

You might feel tempted to stop using your play store if this error pops up repeatedly! However, this is not something we recommend since the fixes are quite easy and one or two will certainly solve the issue for you! You just need to figure out why this is happening to your device!

The first reason why you might get the Google Play Service has stopped error is because your phone’s connection to your Wi-Fi or wireless network is faulty or has been compromised. Another issue might have to do with compatibility and you can usually fix it with some much-needed upgrades overall!

Now that we have the basics out of the way, we are going to begin going over our given methods to fix this issue.Facing chrome pdf viewer not working error ? check solutions.

How to fix the google play services keeps stopping glitch?

If your Google Play Services keeps stopping, there might be an underlying issue causing this problem! However, you don’t need to worry since this is a glitch that can be solved with one of these 6 possible solutions:

Method #1. Restart your device

This might be the oldest piece of advice you have heard for gadgets of all kinds; however, it has lasted this wrong because there is indeed some truth attached to it! By switching your android device off and then on again, you might be able to get to the crux of the problem.Fix if you are google discover not working.

However, we do recommend that you begin by shutting it off via its power button and hold it down for a few seconds. Then, wait for at least a few minutes before you restart it! Sometimes, your device is doing too much or might overheat in the process. This restart process will help give it a breather!

In most cases, unless the issue is more serious, this should have fixed the issue of your Google Play Store crashing. To make sure it is successful be sure to open it up again to check. In the case that this hasn’t worked out for you, we move onto our next potential solution:

Method #1. Get rid of Android Webview updates

These imply that there is a system glitch or problem with your device. Since many users have pointed out that the Android System WebView has been showing errors, it might be why your play store is crashing. A quick solution, therefore, is to uninstall these updates on your Android device!.Learn how to delete everything from google drive.

  • The first step will be to open your Android system’s Settings.

  • Then, you will click on the app option.

  • The next step will be to go to App settings where you get specifications on individual applications.

  • This is where you need to locate the Android System WebView.

  • Once there, you will see 3 dots on the right-hand side and you can simply click on it and then click on Uninstall updates.

Be sure to check out the Store, in the end, to see if it has been successful, if not, here’s what to try next!.Try our suggested solutions if your google voice search not working.

Method #3. Uninstall updates on Chrome

Another viable method if the issue keeps occurring is to look towards other updates that need to be uninstalled. This can include your Google Chrome updates as well. These might be getting in the way of your play store’s functionality and here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to your device’s Settings

  • Once you are there, simply select the option for Apps.

  • After this, you can choose the Chrome app from the list.

  • Finally, you will be able to select the three dots in the right corner and then select Uninstall updates.

Method #4. Clear Cache

Google Play Services much like most other apps will come with a cache that accumulates over time. This is where all information of the device is stored such as passwords and previous download activity. If your issue with Google play services has persisted till now, you might want to clear the app’s cache.

  • You will go to the Settings option on your android phone.

  • Once there, simply press the option that reads Apps and notifications.


  • Next, you will search this list for Google Play Services, and when you find it press the Storage

  • Then, you will see both Clear Cache and Clear Storage Simply press the Cache option and this will be signified by some space clearing up which is shown at the end of the page.

To make sure that these changes are absolute, you can also select an option for managing space and press on Clear All data. We also recommend that to make sure the changes are definite, you restart your phone by shutting it down and switching it back on.

Hopefully, this should be all you need to resolve this issue, and in the event, it is not, we have more options coming up!

Method #5. Check the internet connection on your device.

Like most apps you download on your android device, your Google play store would not be able to function properly unless it had access to the internet. However, sometimes, if you are using a faulty Wi-Fi connection or your mobile data signals are weak, it might cause the store to keep crashing.

Your internet connection needs to be checked in case that is causing the issue! A simple way is to switch to a stronger network if your current one is weak. Another way to fix the issue is to switch from data to Wi-Fi.

Method #6. Remember to upgrade to the newest version of the Google Play store

As an android phone user will be aware, the apps in your device need constant updates to the latest versions to work efficiently. This applies to Google Play as well. So naturally, if your store has not been updated recently, this might be a reason why its service keeps stopping.

Here’s How to Update Your Play Store:

  • Start the play store and look to the top left corner for three horizontal lines.

  • You can now go to the Settings

  • You will see an About Section. If you click on it, you will see the current version of your store.

  • If there is a need for an update once you tap on this option, it will begin your automatic updates and your issue should be resolved!

Conclusion on Google play services has stopped error:

Finally, we have reached the end of our detailed guide on how to stop Google play services if it keeps stopping. You can ultimately use any of these solutions to effectively figure out a viable solution for this glitch on your device. This error might surface at any time and for any device but it is more common for Androids.If there is no sound in chrome and it is irritating you then solve that issue now.

This is why we recommend that you make sure to keep a few other tips in mind as well. These include making sure your device’s storage is not full as this may also lead to said error. Other than this, if you are prone to downloading a lot of content off of the internet, you should ideally have a good anti-virus downloaded on your device as well.

That’s it from our end, we sincerely hope that this has been an insightful journey for you, from start to finish!