What To Do If The Google Voice Search Is Not Working?

As you all might acquaint, Google has launched a voice search system where Google can really respond to Hello Google, and Hey Google, etc. and can bring about a search screen. After the search window appears, it can listen for the voice again for any search which the users may desire to carry out. This fantastic feature is being implemented in mobiles, PCs, consoles, smart TVs, and smart home modules alike and offers loads of functionality to you. Despite this fantastic feature being one of the most well-liked features which Google ever launched, it’s still encountered with problems when it fails to work correctly or reasons bizarre problem like the Google recognizing the voice but not registering your search later on or it rejecting to accept the voice at all. In this post, we’ll go through all the causes as to why this Google Voice Search Not Working issue happens and what are the solutions that you can carry out for resolving this situation.

What Causes The Google Voice Search Not Working Error?

After investigating numerous user cases, researching, and repeating the situation on the devices, we concluded that this problem could happen because of more than one reason. A few of them are listed below:

  • Wrong Language Settings: 

There’s a chance that the language you’re speaking does not match with the one inserted into Google. English (US) is set by default, but it’s always good checking anyway.

  • Different People: 

Google is actually set to react to a particular set of people’s voices. If somebody else is attempting to carry out the voice search, the feature will not take action and will stay idle.

  • Internet Problems: 

Whenever you search through this feature of Google, it always makes use of the internet connection for fetching the results. If you’ve a limited or bad internet connection, your search will not work in any way and stop responding.

  • Outdated Google App: 

Google launches numerous updates to the app, either for resolving different bugs or offer additional functionality. If you have not updated your Google app, it’s suggested that you carry this out as soon as possible.If your google chrome not opening pdf there are many working solutions are available for this error.

Make certain that you’ve backed-up all the data and have access to the credentials as you’ll be asked to sign in again.

Voice Search

Try These Fixes:

Fix#1: Selecting The Correct Language

Google provides the option to utilize numerous diverse accents and languages on the voice search module of it. Usually, the default one is set to English (United States), and by default, Google ought to respond to Okay Google. However, if you’re attempting to access your voice search through some other language and that spoken language does not match with the default language, this feature will not work. In this fix, we’ll go to Google settings and make certain to change the language selection to the right one.Learn how to delete everything in google drive.

  • First of all, launch the Google app on the smartphone > click More from the bottom-right side of your phone screen.

  • After that, simply click Settings > choose Voice.

  • Here, choose Languages > deselect the wrong one (if any) > choose the right language. If you’ve more than two languages chosen, you can hit and hold the language for making any of them the primary language.

  • Hit Save for saving the changes > go to Google Assistant > open Languages.

Fix#2: Making Certain The Correct Individual Is Operating

Google has a manner of recognizing and only responding to the ones whose voice has saved in the database of it. For instance, if I have a smartphone and I’ve trained my voice, it’ll just respond to the command given by me. If somebody else attempts to operate the search mechanism of Google, it’ll not respond only because it does not recognize the owner’s voice. If you desire to add the voice of yours to Google, you ought to ask the other individual for unlocking the device. From here, you can go to settings > add the new individual and also train it to identify his voice. Once you’re absolutely certain that the correct individual is accessing your voice search, only then go on with the other fixes.


Fix#3: Check The Internet Connection

The system of listening to Okay Google may not need the internet, but what follows certainly does. Google requires an open and active internet connection for processing the search query, and after getting the results from the servers, show them on the screen (whether PC or smartphone). If you’re making use of the public internet by organizations like your Hospitals, Office, and Coffee shops, etc. you ought to switch to the mobile data and then attempt to access the Google search. Only when you’re completely certain that the problem does not preside because of the internet ought to you go on with other fix listed here.If you are facing google chrome sound not working check different solution of this problem.


Note: You can connect some other device on this same network for troubleshooting your network and check if the Okay Google query workflow is working correctly.

Fix#4: Update The Google App

In many cases, Google recognized that there’s a bug or problem with the voice search system and launched an update for resolving the Google Voice Search Not Working problem. In addition to that, new features may also be included and rolled out through new updates. Normally, apps in the smartphone are updated automatically over time, but they do not if they’re not connected to your Wi-Fi. If they’re connected to the mobile data instead, the smartphone will hold up this updating procedure. The following is the way on how you can manually update your Google app.

  • Find the Play Store from the apps’ list and open it > slide the slider from the left side of your screen towards the right > click My apps and games.

  • After that, you can either search for Google app > update it particularly or update it by simply hitting Update all.

  • After the updating procedure is finished, reboot the smartphone and attempt to reaccess the voice search.