Easy Fix For Gta San Andreas Mouse Is Not Working

Grand Theft Auto is quite a popular game still even though it has been around for quite some time. The San Andreas version just like all its predecessors is an action-adventure game that allows users to role play as characters. Within this world, you get to experience third-person shooter and driving games gameplay.

For older users of this game, if it is being played on your PC gaming system, you will certainly be making use of a mouse. While you can also play with a joystick or gaming system controller, this is still a popular method as it gets you the perfect gaming experience.Facing roblox error code 524 ? check the guide to solve that error.

However, there might be issues that arise with this method and today we are going to figure out what to do when your GTA San Andreas mouse is not working. Towards the end, we will also add in reasons why your GTA San Andreas game itself might be crashing and how to fix that!


Solution of Gta San Andreas Mouse Is Not Working

Now let’s move onto how to fix it when the GTA San Andreas mice out of order.

Method #1 : Try running it in compatibility mode

Sometimes the issue lies with whether or not your game is running with compatibility or not. To check this, heres what you need to do:

  • Go to the File Explorer and open local disc C, Program files and go to Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

  • Proceed to select the exe file by right-clicking it and then and open Properties.

  • Go to the Properties window and open the tab for Compatibility.

  • Once you are running Compatibility mode, select the Run this program in the compatibility mode

  • You will then select the drop-down menu and click whether you want to see Windows 7 or 8.1.

  • Finally, apply these settings and remember to press OK so the changes are saved.

If that hasnt fixed the issue for you, then your problem might have to do with the mice itself. Look at the next solution to this problem!

Method #2 : Switch your mice for a controller

  • You will need an Xbox controller and you will need to connect it to your device.

  • Then you can simply start the game on the Rockstart Game Launcher.

  • Go to the Settings and alter the controls to change them to Joystick/ Controller from Mouse and Keyboard.

Make sure this has solved your problem. If not, try the next solution.

Method #3 :Make sure the original steam file is being used

  • Find the original Steam version of GTA SA and download it.
  • Then start up the Rockstar Game Launcher.

  • Click on Settings and then select the option for My Installed Games.

  • Then, proceed to select the option for Grand Theft Auto: SA.
  • You can then select the folder for View Installation.
  • Here you will type in the downloaded GTA-sa.exe file.

Method #4 : Reduce system usage

Sometimes, the culprit to why your GTA SA mouse is not working might be due to increased system usage. This might mean a lot of background processes from 3rd party apps or the Windows services themselves. However, we have a few easy steps for you to follow and that will enable you to fix this game error.Learn how to change mouse polling rate.

  • First, you will launch your GTA SA files folder.

  • Then, proceed to launch the GTA as you normally would.

  • After this, you will minimize your game and select both Windows and Tab keys to go to the desktop screen.

  • Proceed to right-click on the taskbar, select Task Manager, and right-click on exe and then select Details

  • Again select exe once more, then right-click again and then click on Set affinity

  • You can then uncheck all CPU Boxes and ensure only CPU 1 remains selected.

After this, you can launch the GTA and see if your mouse is working.

The only thing to remember about this method is that it might have to be repeated each time the game is launched! Also when you apply this solution, make sure the game is running in the background.

Now that we have gone over all possible causes as to why your GTA San Andreas mouse is not working, we also think it is imperative to look at some easy fixes on how to prevent the game itself from crashing. This might also help your mouse issues.If you are facing steam games keep crashing error.Solve it after following our guide.

Heres how to prevent your GTA San Andreas game from crashing:

Method #1 : Make sure your device is supported

Your device must be listed as a supported device for this game to work as unsupported ones might result in the entire game crashing or poor overall performance. You might want to check the official GTA specifications and requirements from their page or via a simple Google search before proceeding!.Fixing chromebook keyboard not working is really easy.

If you go through all your checks and figure out that your device is supported, here is what you can do to prevent crashing on San Andreas:

  • First, you will have to close all background applications

  • Next, it depends whether you have a macOS or Android, for Mac, select the Home button and then proceed to close all other applications.

  • For Android, you will have to make use of a 3rd party application. We recommend the Advanced Task Killer as this will aid in closing unnecessary background processes.


Method #2 : Reboot your device

Finally, we recommend also trying to reboot your device as this might help refresh your system and the San Andreas game as well.  Heres what you can do to start the reboot process:

For iOS, you need to press down on the Sleep/Awake option for a few seconds. Then you can slide the button to shut it down and reboot. Wait at least a minute and then turn the phone device on.

For Android, you might either launch the phone’s specific method for booting or, you might also wish to close the device for at least a minute. Then turn it back on and it should be rebooted.

All-in-all that has been our in-depth look into how to fix the issue when GTA San Andreas Mouse isn’t working. As with all hardware devices, you might want to switch from one controller to another, however as our review has shown, the issue might also lie with the software aspect of it all. Solving mouse is moving on its own issue is really easy if you follow our guide properly.

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What are the minimum requirements for GTA San Andreas?

First, to make sure that your system requirements are not causing issues overall, you need to make sure they work well with GTA San Andreas as well!

  • You need a minimum CPU of Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
  • Your CPU speed should be at least 1 GHz
  • The RAM of your system must be 256 MB
  • The operating system should be at least Windows 2000 or XP
  • It is recommended to use a 64 MB DirectX 8.1 compatible video card. This should be NVIDIA GeForce 3 or better.
  • It should be compatible with a sound card.
  • There should be at least 3.6 GB for installation.

Therefore, you might want to consider a more holistic approach and consider all sides. That being said, our guide now comes to an end and we hope this has been an insightful journey!.Wanna play GTA 5 for mobile ? download GTA 5 APK.