How to Access Capture Gallery PS4 on Phone

Your PlayStation 4 gives you some of the best moments of your life. Be it with a bicycle goal in FIFA or an incredible headshot in Call of Duty. These priceless moments are unbelievable because this gaming console is second to none in the generation that has passed.

The PS4 is an incredible console that helps you capture some fantastic screenshots and gameplay videos which you can access from your PS4 gallery later on. After which, you can share the content that you took on your social media accounts with your friends.

Then again, you are not present every time on your console, which is why you will need a way by which you can access your PS4’s capture gallery. The game media that you save will be present on your PlayStation console, but you cannot access it directly using your phone.

Sony has specifically made this interface this way to block users from working their way around, but there are a few fixes for this, which is why Sony hasn’t given the option to access your gallery using the PlayStation App.

Although there is a hack for this problem in the PlayStation App itself, and even though it is a method that takes a lot of time, it is the only fix that we know as of now.

Solution for Accessing Capture Gallery PS4 on Phone

Step 1: PlayStation App Compliant Smartphone

The first thing you need to do is get a smartphone that is compliant with the PlayStation App. The PlayStation App is something that you will need badly on your phone if you’re a PlayStation gamer. Apart from accessing your clips, images, and all other media storage, this app helps you manage your account settings and other files that need tending to.

Step 2: Connect App to Console

Now that you have a good phone on which the PlayStation App will work perfectly, the next thing you need to do is connect your PlayStation App to your PS4 console. This will take a few minutes, but it is necessary if you want your friend’s list, game data, messages, and game library synced with your console.

Step 3: Send Media on Messaging

This might sound weird, but this is the major solution. Many articles and tech videos on the internet might be telling you of even lengthier hacks, but this is the most viable and shortest solution that we’ve managed to come across regarding this problem.

What you will need to do in this step is to open your console and select a picture or a video from the capture gallery which you would like to share. Now, press the share button on your Dualshock 4 controller and share the picture or video with your friend using the chat option.

If you don’t want to bother somebody else like this, you could always make a new chat with yourself and keep sending all the media you want to access on your phone. This is how the hack works, and this is why it is so time-consuming. After this, you can access the PlayStation App on your phone and then download the media.

Apart from this, since the size of the captured files is too large, that is another thing that contributes to them taking a long time being sent. Nevertheless, other devices that have PS4 media being accessed take a lot of time to open the media.

There are different levels of security encrypted into the PS4, but since you aren’t doing anything wrong, Sony more or less allows this method.

Step 4: Share Capture Gallery Media on Social Media

The other method you can use to access your capture gallery is by uploading your media on your social media accounts and switching the media’s privacy to “Only Me.” After which, you can download the picture from your social media accounts directly to your phone. This is another method by which you can access your capture gallery using your phone.

It takes a lot of time for new PS4 users to work their way around their new console, and they spend a lot of time on the menu searching for an option to download media to their phone from their console. Yet, it isn’t as easy as it seems.


Sony should be working towards a solution to let gamers access their saved media on their phone directly. Things are already too time-consuming, and this is another thing that will contribute to that. We hope Sony listens to the demands of the players and makes it easier to access their photos and videos.

As the PS5 still isn’t available to many gamers, it would be a great surprise if this feature is integrated to make gamers lose their minds!