How to Add Someone to Discord Call

If you are using Discord then for sure you will be wondering about the ways to make a group chat, which might be outside of a Discord server. Well, nothing is tricky here, you can do it, even your huge group of friends can join your call.

You can send the invites anytime and you can also cancel them when you want. We have an idea of how good these calls are for hanging out with friends. Making group calls to your friends is an awesome way as you can share different worthier strategies together. You can share your life’s fun, achievements, and much more with only one call.

Yes, one call and several melodious voices at one time; hence, keeping the fact in consideration, we have stated the ways of adding your friends on the call.

So why more talk? Let’s stick to the point and figure out the ways of How to Add Someone to Discord Call!

How to Add Someone to Discord Call

Your group chats and calls depend upon your friend list; it means, the person whom you want to add to the group call, must be on your friend list. If the one is not in your contact list, ask them for their Discord ID and add them. After doing this short part, you can move ahead with the group call.

Below are the steps that will blow your mind because you are gonna have a lovely chat by following them.

Step 1 – Add your one Friend First

First, you need to open the Discord and then select your friend whom you want to make the call (the person must be on your friend list).

After selecting that individual, tap on the call icon; after pressing the call icon, your friend will get rings.

Step 2 – Find Plus Button

Now, your one friend is on your call – what you need to do next is find the plus (+) button on the top menu. This plus button is the one that will help you add as many individuals to your call as you want.

Step 3 – Make the Endless List of Friends

What you have to do is select the name of the friends that you want to add to your call. As you will select their name, at the top right, you will find the ticked checkbox.

When you have added your desired people, you need to press “Create Group DM.” That is all! You have made your group call in Discord, and all of your favorite persons are added. Have an unlimited chat and cheer up with your favorite buddies.

Note: If you have mistakenly added the friend, you can uncheck the box or you can also tap on the small “X” button, which is next to their name.

You can follow these three steps right now and make your Discord group call list- we hope, from now on, you will find no query about How to Add Someone to Discord Call.

The Bottom Line

Having more and more people on your group chat is next-level fun. The more you will join, the far you will go in communication.

By keeping the importance of group call in mind, we have decided to write this guide for you. It includes many easier and convenient steps that you can follow to reduce the distance of the friends that are miles away.

So, follow these three steps and add anyone you want in the call, so go ahead and have a long chit-chat!