How to Adjust Microphone Sensitivity Windows 10

Microphones are used to record sound, music, or used to communicate with each other. If the microphone and its sensitivity is misconfigured it can lead to unwanted buzzing sounds or background noises that can be often annoying when you are trying to record something in hi quality audio. Users have complaint about the microphone and its sensitivity issues in the windows 10. This is a common issue as windows 10 is not yet fully optimized to reduce background noise or provide noise cancellation. This is something you do not want to face when you are working on your YouTube video or any podcast session. You need to understand why and how you can adjust the microphone and its sensitivity settings. You can use a noise cancellation microphone but you still would need to adjust the sensitivity to get the most out of your microphone. We will tell you How to adjust microphone sensitivity windows 10

Guide on How to Adjust Microphone Sensitivity Windows 10

Before we move onto the solutions of the microphone and sensitivity issues you need to follow these tips to have crystal clear audio for your YouTube videos or podcasts:

  • If you have the budget, never opt for a low-quality microphone. Your preference should always be a high-quality microphone, or a headset that has a noise canceling This will help you to record high quality audio.
  • Choosing a microphone which has a connection is better than choosing a one with a usb connection. As the 3.5mm connection has perfect audio quality while the usb one lacks the quality.
  • Air filters and pop filters help in minimizing the background noise
  • Keep the microphone not more than a foot away when you are speaking in the mic. The optimal distance varies from person to person, find your own optimal distance and use that to keep the background noise minimum.

Now let’s move on to the necessary instructions required to help fix the mic sensitivity in widows 10.Error Chrome audio not working is not very popular issue so solving it is very easy.

Method#1: Adjust and Reduce Microphone Noise in Windows 10

For starters we will be using the windows 10 control panel to see and fix the microphone and its sensitivity error on the windows. To fix the sensitivity issue you need to follow theses steps:

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  • Open the search bar and type control panel to search and open the control panel in windows 10

  • Now once you have opened the control panel now navigate to the hardware and sound settings in windows 10

  • You can change the setting from large icons to small icons and find the sound option in the windows

  • Now the sound dialogue windows will open. Switch to the recording tab

  • All the settings related to the recording and sensitivity will be available here.

  • Right click on the microphone with sensitivity problem and choose the properties

  • Increase the level of the microphone to 100, it should be 100 sometimes it is set as 10 is low. It should always be at 100%

  • After you adjust the settings, switch to the enhancements tab. Not every microphone will have this tab but if you do select the Immediate mode and check the box which says echo cancellation and noise suppression.
  • Press ok and save the adjustments you made.


The increase in the level of sensitivity should help you fix the microphone and its sensitivity issue on your windows 10. If you are still facing the issue even after increase in the level of sensitivity on your windows. You need to check this other method:

Troubleshooting the Microphone Settings in Windows 10

You can fix the sensitivity error by running the windows trouble shooter. This is how you can use the windows troubleshooter to fix your sensitivity problem:


  • Open the search bar and type control panel to search and open the control panel in windows 10

  • Now look for the troubleshooting icon, click on the troubleshooting

  • Click on the view all button on the left side

  • Now locate and click on the playing audio and follow the instructions

There is a high chance that the windows 10 troubleshooter will not find any issues but it’s good to check everything.Fixing spotify web player is really easy if your spotify web player not working.

Checking the Microphone Drivers to Fix Sensitivity Windows 10

Windows 10 keeps your drivers updated automatically whenever a new update is pushed by Microsoft window but sometimes it may not update all the drivers which may cause the sensitivity issue in your microphone. This is how you can update it manually:

  • Search for the device manager in the windows search box

  • Click on it and look for the sound, video and game controller settings

  • Right click to update the driver

  • Let your computer search for the driver on the internet and update the driver.


Window will update and install the driver, if it fails to install the driver you might need to visit the microphones manufacturers website to download and install the required driver.You can easily fix if your hyperx cloud flight mic not working.