How to Bypass HP Instant Ink Cartridge

Regular user or not, we need ink cartridges in order for our printer to run smoothly at any time. HP introduced the HP instant ink cartridge program to its users for hassle-free cartridges delivered to your door each month before you run out of it and rush to your nearest store at the D-day. This program is beneficial in a number of ways to those who use printers on regular basis and they surely need the ink cartridges before they run out of them at the end of each month.

This specific program counts the number of pages you print each day and it does not count the ink being used on it. It has different plans for different users. For example, if you use it at home and do not require printing a large sum of pages, you can get a plan with fewer pages to be printed for each month and if you are a frequent user, you can opt for the option with more pages.

This program is compatible with only specific printer models and it does not work with all HP printers. The cost of this program depends on the plan with the number of pages a user chooses while making a subscription and it does not matter if you have used the same or less amount of pages that month or not.

Take it as a subscription plan offered by Netflix or your Internet service provider. You choose a plan for yourself and pay the fees at the end of the month, it does not matter if you have watched Netflix this entire month or did not use the internet, you will be needed to pay the bill.

However, many people take the subscription at first and realize that they do not use it as frequently as they thought, or if you have decided to not use it and manually buy it from your local store. You can bypass the HP instant ink cartridge program and surely, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How to Bypass HP Instant Ink Cartridge

if you do not wish to continue with your HP instant ink plan due to any reason, we will share a few steps and guide how you can cancel your subscription and eventually disable HP instant ink message as well that might have been bugging you because you haven’t made payment for this month.

How to Cancel the Subscription Plan?

Many people find it difficult to cancel a plan just by going to the website, if you search for an answer on their website it will tell you to go to your account and cancel the plan. However, if you log in to your HP account there is no clear section or option given there that can be used to cancel the plan.

Here we have a website that works for UK customers and if you are residing in the UK, it will get the job done. In case you are from another country, the best thing is to call the Customer Care or Customer Services number and ask them where you can go to cancel the subscription. You can also go to the same site and in the top right, you will see a UK flag, click on it and choose your country to get started with it.

  • In case you are from the UK, just follow the link and go to their website
  • Once you are on the official website, after choosing your country, you need to log in or sign in to your account
  • Once you sign in with the details with which you made your account the first time on the HP instant ink program, it will show you all the details and information of the plan you choose. You will also be able to see options like refer a friend, change your plan or payment method or you can see the status of your package delivery
  • Now, if you look on the right side of your account you will see an option named My Account, right under this option you will be able to see an option named view account details written in blue color
  • If you click on it, a new window with all of your plans – you subscribed to – information, your billing information for all these plans, your contact information and account settings as well
  • Amongst all these options, if you click on the Account Settings option, you will be able to see a few settings alongside an option to cancel your HP instant ink subscription
  • Now, if you click on this option here a new popup window will open to cancel the plan

  • You will need to choose a reason why you want to cancel the plan and if you still want to be enrolled, you can click on keep enrollment. If not, after choosing the reason, you need to click on the option of next
  • Once you click next, a new popup window with some other options will appear
  • Hear it will give you the option to transfer your existing HP services to a new printer. It means that you can use a new printer with all services on this account and this printer will no longer have access to the instant Ink services
  • If you wish to transfer these services to the other printers, you can choose the option highlighted in blue named Replace my printer. If not, go with the option of continuing cancellation
  • Now in the final verdict of information, it will share all details and what happens once you cancel your plan. You will need to pay one last final bill at the end of your billing cycle and any additional charges as well if you have used extra ink or pages
  • After reading all information, you need to check the boxes in front of each of the given instruction

Once done, now you need to click on the cancel enrollment option. You can also leave feedback as well at the end of your cancellation process.


You can cancel your subscription plan anytime time. You can also change your HP protection if you just need to use these services for another printer. However, the subscription and cancellation are simple and easy. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily unsubscribe from the plan.