How to Center Text in the Middle of the Page in Word

Microsoft word is being used as the official documentation for most of the world’s documentation and educational institutions. We use it for assignments; documentation in organizations, and much more. This is the new replacement of official documentation in the organization.

Many people today use Microsoft word for their everyday work and let me tell you this. This is not just a simple sheet, you can write here, you can even sign the paper for official usage; you can write stories and post them online. Microsoft word alongside its all applications is free to use and is found in almost all computers and laptops nowadays.

The Microsoft word itself is built to be used very simply, but if you are stuck somewhere you will need some help. It has many functions that you explore when you use it on regular basis and this is sull fledge for your writing journal.

People who are new to this don’t really know how some functions might work and for all those people this article will be a guide. In many assignments, when we are writing, we might want to quote someone’s word, headings, or highlight the main text in the normal, ever wondered how would you do that? Well it is simple and we will not only guide you on how to center text in the middle of the page on word, but we will also share some advanced skills to center your text in a more professional and cool way. So, let us dig into it.

A simple way to center align your text:

This is the simplest and most common way used to center a certain text in the middle.

To center align a text on the page all you need to do is simply:

  • Select the text you want to be center aligned.
  • Go to the Home option in the top bar. You will find four options in the paragraphs section.

  • Select the second one from there.

You can also just select the text and press CTRL + E. This is the shortcut key used to center the text immediately.

There are different sorts of documents and different sorts of assignments we usually do by using Microsoft words, now we will briefly explain how you can center align your text vertically and horizontally by using 8 different ways.

  1. Centering the text on the page using Table Option

The topper of this list is by centering your texting using the table option in Microsoft Word.

  • Go to the Page Layout option or simple Layout option in the top bar of your word.

  • Now, select the second option from the list named ‘Orientation’

  • Click on it and you will be introduced to two more options; portrait and landscape. Choose the second ‘landscape’ option from the list

  • Your page settings will be changed to the landscape.
  • Once done, go to the ‘view’ option from the bar. Choose the ‘One Page’ option from there. This will select these settings for only one page.

  • Now, go to the ‘Insert’ and choose the desired table or customize it according to the style of work you need to design.

  • Go to the layout option again and choose the center to align the text once again.

If you have followed the instructions above, you can now easily create a table in the center of your page and you can write in the center of each column very easily. You can add borders, use different fonts styles, and much more easily.

  1. SmartArt Graphics:

A new different way to center align the text is by using SmartArt graphics. Follow these steps to create a different addition to your word file.

  • Go to the Insert option available right next to the home option in the top bar

  • You will see a green arrow with a text page symbol and it will be named ‘SmartArt’

  • Choose the option and you will be given the option of different kinds of charts, choose your preferred SmartArt Graphic chart accordingly

  • Different columns in blue color will appear in your word file and TEXT will be written on each of the boxes
  • Now, select the option named ‘text pane’ from top bar

  • A new pop up screen will appear, this screen will give you the option to add the text in each bar

  • Type your text in the pop-up screen bar and close the window. Now this text will appear in the box you written it for
  • Select the text in the box, go to the format section available in the top bar, choose the option of shape fill, you can now add any color in this box. If you do not want to add any color just don’t go to the shape fill option.

  • You can also go to the format and choose to wrap the text in whatever style you prefer the most

  • Right next to the text wrapping you will find an option named ‘Align’ tap on it and choose ‘center align’ in order to get your text to be in the center of the box, no matter in what shape

You can change the size of the box and change the color and font style of words on it

  1. Paste as picture option

You can align it as a picture option here. You can align them in the center and at the position; you prefer them the most by using this method. Here is how to do it:

  • Type your text in the word file and select in the font style and size you want it to be
  • Now copy this text, go home from the bar, you will find a paste option, right-click on it and you will find special paste option there

  • Click on it and a pop up will appear with some options, you need to choose Picture (Enhanced Metafile) from there and press Ok

  • Now click on the text it will be selected, now, go to the format and then text wrapping, choose the option of ‘in front of the text’

  • Now, go to the crop option right next to the text wrapping option

  • Once you have chosen the crop option you can crop the text as you want and now go back to the text wrapping, choose the ‘ in front of text’ option again
  • Go to the alignment option, choose the option of ‘align as page’ then ‘center align’

You are done. You can align your text according to your preferred style.

  1. Using Textbox

You can choose the textbox option already available in Microsoft Word.

  • Tap on the insert option

  • Choose text box option which will appear as a newspaper icon

  • Click on it and you will find different text boxes with different styles available there

  • Select your preferred style from there
  • Add your text in the box, choose your preferred font style and size of the font
  • Now go back to the alignment option and choose it as ‘align center

  • Again go-to alignment and choose ‘align middle’ or where you want to be placed

Now, go back to the format settings and choose a shape outline. You can choose your favorite outline or no outline at all. It all depends on your preferred style.

  1. Using Auto Shape

You can use the auto shape option and center it. A perfect coolest text will appear. So let us try it.

  • Go to the insert option once again and choose the shapes option which appears with different icons joined together

  • There will be lots of options will appear which will have almost all kinds of shapes you can use in a document

  • Select your preferred shape and adjust its size accordingly
  • Now, click on it and choose the option to add text
  • Once you have added your text in it, you can select the whole of the text and adjust its size accordingly
  • Once done, go back to the home option and choose to center the text from the option given or simple press CTRL + E

  • Now, once again go the format settings and choose to align the text in the center as well as in the middle or however you want it to be placed on the page

Once all of this is done you can either choose to shape the outline of your shape or simply no outline at all.

  1. Using WordArt

The last method on the list is adding text to your word document by using WordArt.

  • Go to the insert

  • There you will find the WordArt option, choose your favorite WordArt

  • A pop-up screen will appear, here you can add your word and font style

  • Now go to the text wrapping and choose the ‘in front of text’ option

  • Adjust the size and color of your text

Once done. All you need to do is align your text from settings to center and the preferred position.


It is to inform you that different versions of Microsoft word’s settings and options might be a bit different from yours but all these settings are available on each of them. Therefore, you need to figure out your settings and try all these methods for a better text in your word file.