How to Change Default Font in Office 365

Have you ever wondered when you open your word, excel, or any other workspace Microsoft office applications, you get a font and its size automatically chosen for you? Every single time you open it, it is chosen for you already, and when you want to work with some other font style and size, you have to go to the home menu and change it even if you pressed the CTRL + S. that my friend is your default font in all of your applications.

Before letting you know how to change the default font in office 365, we will explain what Microsoft office 365 is.

A little bit about Microsoft 365:

Microsoft office was being sold as a box initially, and it was sold as a separate office with different versions of it. You would pay once and never again.

Now, as time passes and the world is going all-digital, many companies started selling their software via subscription method. You pay and subscribe to the software and you get the latest version of that particular software on your computer.

Microsoft too started selling their software via subscription method. You can use office applications on almost all your devices and mind me telling you that they have many applications in the office that is being used by almost everyone who is into online work and the educational system.

Now we will discuss in brief all Microsoft applications and how to change the default font in each of them and if you can change the default font in each application permanently or not.

  1. Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is a platform provided by Microsoft that has all your chats, meetings, and files, all in one place. It is a place frequently used by offices and organizations, where the employees can have meetings and conversations at one place. In the navigation bar of your Microsoft Teams app, you can go to the chat area; this is actually the area where you will need to change your default font size.

It is to educate you that Microsoft has officially stated that until now there is no permanent way to change your default font to any other. However, you can easily change the desired size every time you want to have a conversation in your preferred style.

Let us see how to do this?

When you start a group chat or a simple chat with anyone on Microsoft Teams you can simple:

  • Go to the chat area down below
  • You can click on the very first ‘A’ icon and change the font size to your desired ones available in the list.

Until now, this is the only way and unfortunately, you will have to change your default font every time you start a new chat.

  1. MS Word

The second and the most famous one on the list is Microsoft Word. Almost every other person uses Word today for work or educational-related documentation is using MS Word.

Among many fonts in MS Word, Calibri and Ariel are used for most of the documents officially and due to this reason, both of them are set as your default fonts when you open the document. However, if you want to change it to any other font, you can surely do this; here is how it is possible:

  • Open up your MS Word document

  • Now press CTRL + SHIFT + F

  • A new font dialogue pop up screen will appear on the window screen with some options

  • Select your desired size from the font section
  • Now from the size section, select your desired size which you will be going to use frequently

  • You can choose your default font style alongside the effects option if you want to choose any
  • Now once doing all your settings, choose the ‘set as default’ option

  • A new pop-up window will appear with the options to either choose these settings for this document only or for the long run, which means that every time you open a new word document these settings will be already chosen for you

You can select the settings accordingly, but it is highly recommended to choose only the font and its size.

  1. MS Excel

MS Excel is also one of the best applications of Office 365. It is being used in many organizations for professional work purposes on daily basis. You can make lists, spreadsheets and store data in them. You can also use and share it with different people which means many people can save and work on this single sheet.

Just like MS Word, when you open an excel sheet it will open with a default font style and size. It does not matter if you are using it for your own or you are working with others on a single sheet, you can always choose and change a default font with the help of these simple steps:

  • Open the Excel sheet on your PC

  • Go to the left-hand side navigation bar and tap on the file option

  • Scroll down to choose ‘Options’

  • A pop-up will appear with settings

  • From the excel option’s navigation bar you need to click on the very first option named ‘General’

  • Now in the section of ‘when creating new workbooks,’ you can choose your default font, default font size, you can also choose how many sheets you want in the same workbook.

It is done. Now, from the period onwards, when you open any worksheet your font style and size will be the one you just set right now. You can change the fonts according to your preferred work requirement or your own work style.

  1. PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the basic tool to make and present your presentations in the educational as well as professional sectors. Almost everyone uses it and it comes with lots of functions too. You can choose your font style according to your work requirement or you can set it to your preferred style by default. We must say that PowerPoint is somewhat more graphical than MS Word or Excel and you need to change the size more frequently here. What you can do is set up your whole slides and then change the font or a theme that can be used in the future too.

How to do so:

  • Open your PowerPoint application on the system

  • Open your presentation as well
  • Now, tap on the Home tab

  • Find will find the option named Replace

  • Click on it and two more drop-down options will appear

  • Select the option named ‘Replace Fonts’

  • A pop-up screen will appear from where you can choose your replacement font
  • Select the desired font and the whole presentation will be replaced with the font you have just chosen
  • In the replace option, choose which font with you have written the presentation, and in the option ‘with’ select the font you want it to be replaced with

It is a bit tricky when it comes to setting a default font in PPT’s but once you grabbed the idea of how to do so, you can do it more frequently.

  1. Outlook

Outlook is another application of Microsoft that is usually used to send and receive email messages. You can also keep a track of your tasks here or you can manage your calendar alongside saving your contacts on the list. We will educate you on how this can be done very easily:

  • Open your outlook

  • Go to the File menu

  • Scroll down the navigation bar
  • Now, click on the ‘Options’

  • Now, you can a pop-up with outlook options

  • Choose the second option ‘Mails’

  • Go to the option of ‘use stationary to change default fonts and styles, colors, and backgrounds

  • Font settings are in front of you now

  • Click on the new mail messages font, select your font and its size, and OK

You are done. Your settings for new emails have been changed and you can further change them in the future.

  1. OneNote:

Another application by Microsoft is its OneNote. It is used to take notes and make sections too in the notebook. It is used for personal professional notes.

  • Open the OneNote. Add a new text block to type in
  • Go to the right side ellipsis symbol, and go to the settings
  • Scroll down and you will find a font option and choose your favorite font and its size

Changing font is very simple in OneNote and it will be set by default if you choose it from the settings

  1. One Drive

Lastly, the most used app from Microsoft is the one drive. One drive is alike to the cloud, which stores data, is easily accessible, and shares files. OneDrive does not really have much with writing and typing so unfortunately, the font style will be the same, and cannot change it.


You can change the font style and size accordingly with the help of settings. In a few applications, it is not permitted by Microsoft to change the default font, there we can’t do much.

Enjoy your favorite font!