How to Change Text Color on Discord?

If you are an avid user of the Discord app, then you will be well aware of exactly how great it is for communication over the internet. This service is usually meant for people who want decent quality voice-over IP applications. This of course is why it is so popular in gaming circles!

You can also utilize its video call functionality and it is just as great for screen sharing which can be vital for streamers. You can also add multiple servers to various groups. While many people like the format of its interface, many do think it is a bit drab and dull as well!

That’s why we are dedicating today’s article on how to change the text colors on Discord! Yep! You heard that right! You can indeed change the colors of the text in your chats while using Discord! However, since it is a little tricky, you might want to read on closely!

Before we do so though, lets figure out why anyone would want to change the colors in the first place!

Why would you want to change text color on Discord?

The main reason why you would want to change the text color on Discord is simple; you get bored of the same monotone outlook! Of course, another reason might also be that you are used to engaging with apps and social media where you can customize your choices.

So, it is only fair to want that applied to Discord as well! Unfortunately, Discord does not provide you with simple solutions to this. So, you can just select an option to change the text color. However, this does not mean that you cannot change the way Discord is made out at all!

Using our guide for today you will soon be experimenting and figuring out more ways to change the color on Discord! Now, let’s proceed to how you can do that!

How does this text color change work on Discord?

The first thing you need to know about Discord before you get down to changing the text color is that its interfaces have been built using Javascript. Its main theme is known as Solarized Dark and there is also a complete library available known as highlight.js.

So, if you are confused still as to how we can use Discord’s user interface to change the color of our text. The simple answer is we won’t! Instead, we will be using its Javascript engine that is running the highlight.js script. You will add tiny bits of code into the text chat and therefore change the color of the words.Easily solve if discord spell check not working for you.

The code we will be using is called a code block and these are essentially 3 lines of text that you will add with the text.

Finally, lets see how we can change text color on Discord using these simple steps:

  • To change the color code for text in Discord you will first need to press the backquote symbol that is in the upper left-hand corner of the keyboard.

  • You will be writing some lines of code and the first line of code block will be 3 ” ` ” backquote symbols (”’), and the special code phrase that will alter the change in the general Dark theme of discord.

  • For the second line, you will type the text in a normal manner without any backquotes. Press down the Shift and Enter keys together to start a new line. You can then click on the option for Enter and you will have to press “Shift so that the message can be sent.

  • We now come to the third line of the code block and in this, you will add 3 additional backquotes: (“`).

Apart from this text color change method manually as we have shown, there is another way you can enter the text. A simple method is to keep a text file ready on your computer and it will contain all the codes for different text colors. This of course will be much easier as you can simply copy and paste the command lines for each color.

However, as we have shown, you can also enter the code blocks directly into the Discord engine one by one. So, after you have typed in a line, you will press and hold down Shift and Enter together. This will start a new line and will not send the text as Enter normally would.Learn How To Strikethrough Text in Gmail.

You will then proceed with the next line, hold down Shift and Enter, and so on! You can do this till you get to colors in the text that you like. Once you are done, it will show your text in different colors!

The issue with this method of course is that when you are working with it, it needs to be done manually for each code line. This means that you will have to go through all the steps for each color and even when you want to default back to the original. It can’t simply be turned off like s switch.

The known highlight.js codes are what you will use to get other colors apart from the grey that Discord already has!  Here are the ones we know:

  1. Yellow


Your text


  • Red


Your text


  • Green


Your text


  • Cyan


Your text


  • Orange


Your text


With that, we have come to the end of our detailed guide on how to change text color on Discord! While we have jotted down the most common colors, you can find more and now that you know how to, we recommend that you keep experimenting!

We hope that this has been a clear and concise detailing of the topic on hand and that our readers now have a helping hand in this process!