How to Change Where Screenshots Are Saved Windows 10?

Taking screenshots with a new sense of ease is one of the perks of using your Microsoft Windows 10 update. In previous versions, you had to physically save them to different folders and while you still can, with Windows 10, you no longer need to! Just by pressing some keys on your keyboard, it is done!

If you want to know the basics of screenshots in Windows 10 devices and wish to know how to take and save screenshots, then today’s review will be perfect for you. You might also want to take control over where the screenshots go since using the 2 key method takes them to a specific folder!

We are also listing down the main steps on how to change where screenshots are saved in Windows 10 as well.

Where are the screenshots saved in Windows 10?

To answer this question, you must first be aware that there are quite a few different ways to take screenshots in Windows 10. Therefore, their subsequent locations might also be different! We will list out the main locations to save screenshots so you have a better idea!.A lot of people do not know how to take a screenshot so they ask how do you take a screenshot on a windows 7 we have a whole article about it.

  • Print Screen

Using print screen save requires utilization of the keyboard! You will hold down Print Screen on the far right of the keyboard along with the Windows key. Then you can start Windows 10 Explorer, and look for the Documents folder, then open the option for Pictures.

Select the Screenshots folder and all the screenshots you’ve taken using this process will be there. Previously, you had to do this and paste the screenshot in paint to save it first, but this has been changed with the new Windows 10 update. From onwards, you will find your screenshots in the screenshots folder.Learn how to change polling rate on any mouse.

You can still do this! However, it has been made much easier with the addition of the Windows key!

  • Screenshot of an active window

Select the Window that needs to be screenshotted. This is necessary since it needs to be active to get a screenshot. You can then hold down the Alt and Print Screen keys together.

Launch Paint or another image editing app and then hold down CTRL and V keys to place the screenshot there. It can then be saved in any file location on windows 10.

  • Snipping Tool

To use this option, you will use the Snipping Tool. First, open the Start Menu and go to Accessories. Then click on the Snipping Tool and then press the down arrow. You will then select the Rectangular Snip or if you want your shape, select the option for Free Form.


You can then name it whatever you want and save it in any file or folder located on the device.

Now, we are going to get to the main topic for today to figure out How to Change Where Screenshots Are Saved Windows 10.

How to change where screenshots are saved windows 10?

  • Using Windows + Print Screen will save your screenshots to a specific folder. If you want to change this, create a new folder. This folder will get renamed as Screenshots on your Windows 10 device when you make it the default location.

  • Then, select Properties from the Screenshots Right-click on Screenshots and press Properties.

  • Go to the Location option, and go to your Screenshots Finally, to change the location for Windows 10, click on the Move button.

  • Then Select a Destination window will appear. Look for the Windows 10 device to find the folder you created and press to select it. Then, Select the Folder button.

  • Go to the Screenshots Properties option, you will see a new path for the Screenshots Select OK.

Screenshots folder isn’t the only destinations to store your screenshots, you can choose any folder as screenshots folder.

You will be asked by Windows 10 to move all the screenshots from the old location to the new one. Click on Yes, and all the old screenshots will move to the new folder. Solve mouse moves on its own issue.

This is the end of the guide on how to change where screenshots are saved in Windows 10. The steps we have outlined will make the process quite simplified and easy for readers of all skill sets and experience levels.