How to Connect HotSpot to Smart TV

A hotspot is a location (a physical location) where you can get the internet connection either through WLAN (wireless local area network) or Wi-Fi. Some hotspot connection delivers free internet and some needs proper payment to get connect and deliver Wi-Fi.

Now, with development in every field of life, TV has also gotten new features and is being modified to a smart TV. Such smart TV after getting set up requires an internet connection like a hotspot, Wi-Fi, etc. so that you can stream and download different videos & movies on TV.

So, hotspot (usually mobile hotspot) gets connect (either Wi-Fi or cable connection) to the smart TV by using different methods. This smart feature helps in delivering perfect streaming & downloading over the TV screen, providing immersive entertainment.You can also check our guide on hisense tv troubleshooting.

How to connect hotspot to smart tv?

This, how to connect hotspot to smart tv is a common issue faced by all, after they set their tv for the first time. Because after getting set up the smart technology tv will require to get connect with hotspot/Wi-Fi for the smooth working of smart apps over its screen.Learn more information about how to hook up cable box to tv without hdmi.

There are certain ways to make your TV connect with hotspot options (mobile hotspot, smart Wi-Fi). This article contains different possible solutions to this (TV) problem, they will surely help you in making such a smart hotspot connection. So, read it carefully below.Read more about Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working solutions.

Solution #1: Simple method, connect through ‘settings’ 

This is a simple and most often used method to connect a hotspot to the smart device, TV. But this method is only compatible when your TV has such an option, which means when your TV supports the simple smart connect options (mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi), otherwise is useless.Know the exact answer of why does hulu keep logging me out ?

This simple step method to connect mobile wifi is;

  • Click over the ‘menu button on the smart TV remote

  • Here select the ‘settings’ option showing over the screen

  • Then click on the option ‘General’ under the settings option

  • Select the ‘Network’ option among other given options

  • Here you’ll find ‘Open Network Settings’,

  • click over it to open the available network setting options

  • There you’ll see Network Types, select the ‘Wireless/Hotspot’ option

  • Then finally, select the Wi-Fi or Hotspot or mobile wifi (by name) of yours

  • Enter the password

  • Then click on the ‘Done’ option

Solution Two: Connect through mirroring

This is quite a smart and one step ahead process than the simple method but makes the mobile wifi connection comparatively easier. But, if your TV doesn’t contain built-in mirroring, then before mobile connects, you’ll require an app like screencast or Chromecast.Fixing 5ghz wifi not showing up error is easy if you follow our guide properly.

For this smart hotspot/Wi-Fi connect process other than the app and TV a smart mobile device is required (with Android version at least OS 4.4.2). Without such leveled mobile connection is not possible. Look over the steps now;

  • At first, step, open the option ‘mirroring’ over your smart technology TV

  • Now set the TV for mirror (after this, it’ll wait to connect with mirroring)
  • Open or launch the mirroring app on your mobile (android device)

  • Then click on the start button over your mobile

  • Must check your TV and mobile have the same Wi-Fi or hotspot connection

This method perfectly helps in delivering the smart mobile wifi connect over the TV screen by making it a mirror.

Solution Three: Connect through mobile hotspot option

This mobile hotspot connect option is quite a comfortable and quick option to use with your TV. Let’s look over the steps;

  • At the first point look over the ‘mobile hotspot option’, must be a smart/android mobile

  • Usually, this mobile hotspot app is present in the mobile app’s drawer

  • In case you cannot find the app in the apps drawer follow these steps, given below
  • First of go to the mobile ‘Settings’

  • Then click on the option ‘Network’

  • There you’ll find ‘tethering’, click on it

  • At this point, you’ll find the ‘mobile hotspot’

  • Click over it and turn it ‘on’

  • Now make a Wi-Fi connectivity option or direct mobile hotspot connect option available
  • Make it connect with your TV for further working, this connection is also a few step process
  • Open the list of available Wi-Fi options on your smart TV screen

  • Here selects the option which contains the name of your mobile hotspot

  • Now, enter the password of your mobile hotpot here

  • Click on the option ‘Done’ or ‘Connect’

  • Now, start streaming with the mobile hotspot over your smart TV

You can change the password of your mobile hotspot whenever you want to. Plus, this option is more reliable for smooth going smart network connection through a simple mobile usage option.]


These (above discussed) are some best and easy solutions for the question of how to connect a hotspot to smart tv. Plus, these methods are perfectly reliable. There are no complicated steps or apps which you find inappropriate or hurdle creators instead it’s just perfectly simple.

These solutions are selected for discussion after researching properly. So that you can blindly rely on them to get the solution to your problem. These are only a few because connecting a mobile hotspot with your tv is not a complicated process & can be done easily.