How to Connect the Switch to the Laptop Without a Capture Card

Nintendo launched Nintendo Switch back in 2017 and it is doing super fine. You can play games on TV as well as on your Console. You can play it on your phone, PC, or laptop too. Dissimilar to the Xbox, twitch, and PS4, you do not have the option to stream your gaming experience on different social media platforms. So, in order to stream your videos you need capture cards and easily do it without much hustle, but the question is, what if you do not have any capture cards?

In this guide, we will share with you what is a capture card, what is Nintendo and Nintendo Switch, also how you can connect your Nintendo Switch to the laptop without using the capture cards. Let dive into it.

What is Nintendo?

Nintendo is a gaming company – I am sure you must have heard the name – started back in 1889 with a playing card game known as ‘Hana Fuda’. After that, they made the very first handheld game known as ‘Game and Watch’ in 1979. This handheld game was one individual player game. Then they released Donkey Kong in 1981, followed by the worldwide famous ‘Mario’. In 1983, they released the family computer, which is now known as Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  This system introduced the world with ‘Super Mario Brothers’ which is the best-selling video game of all time. After that, they launched many hit gaming products that are still popular among game lovers.

What is a Capture Card?

Capture cards are typically standalone USB or PCI Express. A capture card is a device designed to take the unencrypted video signals and convert them into a format that can be understood and recorded by the computer or any device it is plugged into.

It takes the video signal from your Switch – which is intended to be captured – and converts it into a format that your computer or any streaming device can understand. After that, the computer or any device receives the data from the capture card and converts it into a playable video or live stream.

What is a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a video game system. Nintendo Switch is comprised of a Nintendo Switch Dock and Nintendo Switch Console. You can connect the Nintendo Switch with the TV to play video games. If you do not want to play the games on TV, you can simply remove the Switch from the dock. You can attach the left and right controllers to your phone and continue playing from your comfort zone. You can choose your play style accordingly.

Nintendo Switch Play Style:

  • TV Mode: The first one is the TV Mode. Here, you can play your video games on TV.
  • Tabletop Mode: You can stand your Nintendo Switch console up with its kickstand and joy-con are used to play
  • Handheld Mode: you need to attach the left and right joy-con to the system and play comfortably.

How to connect your Nintendo Switch to a laptop without using the capture card:

Well, it is not legitimately possible to do a live stream of your Nintendo Switch as they do not have that option yet, but you can try this method to make a way out of the impossible.

  1. With the help of Xbox:

You can connect your Nintendo Switch to a laptop without using capture cards with the help of an Xbox One.

  • Make sure your Nintendo Switch has both cables plugged in the back. HDMI and AC Adapter.
  • Now, connect the other end of the HDMI cable with Xbox.
  • Now, you will need to connect another HDMI cable with your TV and the other end of your HDMI cable should be plugged into another port of your Xbox.
  • Now power on your laptop. (Make sure your laptop has a windows 10)
  • Please make sure that your Xbox is also connected to the same WIFI as of your laptop
  • Check if your laptop is connected to the WIFI. If it is not connected, connect it with the right network
  • Go to the windows and you will find ‘Console Companion’
  • Please select ‘Connection’ on the left side available
  • Now hit the option of the stream and now you are connected
  • Click continue and again choose OneGuide option available
  • A new window will show up
  • Now, you will be given two options here; set up your cable or satellite box or Set up your USB TV Tuner
  • You need to choose the very first option
  • Now, you need to turn on your Nintendo Switch
  • Now you will see that your Switch working fine the window is very small.
  • You can turn off the switch and remove it from the dock. Now turn it back on and put it back to the dock. Now, you will have a full-screen option

If you have followed this whole procedure, by now, you will be able to connect your laptop with the switch without using any capture card. This process works if you already have an Xbox and high-speed internet connection available at your place. You also need a TV for connection and that is it. You will be doing great without any video adapter.

Tips for your Nintendo Switch:

We have already shared how to connect your laptop with a switch without using capture cards. Now as a bonus, now we will share a few tips and tricks you can use while using your Nintendo Switch. These tricks and a few tips will help you use your Switch for a longer period of time and without having many struggles with your gadget:

  1. Removal of Joy-Can straps:

The very first one is the Joy-Can strap. It is very delicate and if you are not being careful with it you can break it in no time. Always look for the plus and minus signs on both straps before sliding it in place. Now, on the bottom of the Joy-Con, you will find a lock button, which locks in the direction you have to push so please make sure the lock is disengaged. You will also find grey buttons on the back of the Joy-Can, release them and then pull the strap off. Also, make sure that do not reengage the lock when you are pulling off the strap. It is an important asset to your gear so please be very careful with it.

  1. SD Cards

Did you know that your Switch supports Micro SD Cards? The one weird thing about the card slot is that the card sits behind the kickstand, which is quite an odd place for it and it seems like the card behind it is quite exposed. However, the best thing is that the switch supports high-capacity Micro SD cards that do not even exist yet. That is very future thoughtful of them as this will be a great thing.

In addition, you cannot really share Micro SD cards with different consoles, if you do try to use them the switch will let you know that this card is already in use and you will need to format the card to use it on the new device. Also, you cannot copy game save files from the console to the card. In fact, you cannot transfer your saved files from consoles at all. The company does really care about the privacy of its users after all. If you lose your switch, you cannot restore it by any means.

  1. Console and the charging

You should keep these things in mind about the charging of your console. The very first one is that you cannot really charge your console while it is placed on the kickstand because the USB C port is in the box of the console. If you plan to take your switch somewhere and you need to charge it, it is highly recommended that do not play it in the TV mode while you are charging it, because the charge gets really slow.  The third one is a joy-can charge situation, which might be bothersome. The only way you can charge a joy-can is by attaching them with the console. Joy-cans also has a 20-hour battery life so you won’t have the need to charge them again and again frequently.

  1. Protected Console

A protected console is something that is necessary if you want it to last longer. It would be wiser if you invest in the screen protector of your console. Many people complain about having scratch issues on their console and the primary reason for this is the Dock. There is a high rate of possibility that you might end up getting scratches on your switch while placing it on the dock. If you cannot find a screen protector right away, you may use some high-quality clothes in the dock to protect your switch for a while.

We hope this was a helpful read to you.