How to Connect Xbox to Laptop

Connecting your Xbox PlayStation with your computer or laptop is one of the most asked questions because it will ease your life, you will be able to play within your comfort zone and it gives you the freedom to sit anywhere.

We will share a very easy method to do this and you can start playing games right away.

Different Methods to Connect Xbox to Laptop

Connect Xbox to laptop via Bluetooth

Follow these simple steps to connect your Xbox games on PC and thank us later:

  • Open your device; PC or laptop and look for the Windows icon to tap

  • You will see the option of settings here, press on it with your mouse


  • A new popup window will open and from here you need to search for the option of devices

  • Now, here you will see another option of Bluetooth and other devices

  • Here, you need to first turn on the Bluetooth and search for other devices to connect
  • From the Add a device option, you need to choose the Bluetooth option

  • Now, you need to make sure that your device is on and it is discoverable to other nearby devices
  • To do so, turn the center button on your Xbox, it will start flashing, now you need to hold onto the sync button on top of the controller

  • It should take a few seconds to pair – usually it depends on the quality of your Bluetooth – once it has found your device, it will ask you for permission. Make your choice and pair your device with the controller
  • Once you allow it to pair, your device will undergo more settings and additional setup
  • Once the whole process is done and completed, you will get a notification on your device that will clearly state the connectivity status of your devices

Now, your Xbox is connected and it can be used as an emulator, you can steam and do other stuff with it on your PC without hassle. You can also do additional settings of the controller on your device.

Connect Xbox to laptop via HDMI cable

The other method to connect your laptop and Xbox is by using the HDMI cable. Follow these steps to successfully connect it:

  • The very first thing you need to do is connect one port of your HDMI cable into your laptop and the other end in the port for input on your Xbox console
  • Once it’s all connected, head back to your settings on your laptop or your PC
  • Now, navigate to look for the option of TV & one guide
  • If you click on this you will get a few more options; choose the Audio and Video option and again choose the HDMI option from here
  • You will see not connected written at HDMI option
  • Click on HDMI and it will start showing you the picture of your laptop. Click next and it will start connecting it with your laptop.

Set this up by following all the steps in OneGuide.


You can use the above-mentioned methods according to your own preferences and connectivity quality.