How to Delete Everything in Google Drive

Google drive was developed/formed by google on 24 April 2021 (launch date).  The purpose of its formation was to allow the users to save their data and files, especially it is for the people who often get worried after facing the problem of deletion of files.

The drive not only keeps the files secure but can store everything like folders, etc. So, google drive an excellent place to secure your data/files to keep them away from deleting. Plus, it provides a larger space/area to save data and for a larger time.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to delete everything in Google Drive.

How to delete everything in google drive?

To delete everything or files in a google drive is not a big issue or doesn’t require any complicated process to apply over. Instead, you can apply simple steps to delete files inside the drive, which you don’t need any further, or the files that are now just trash for you.If your Google sound search not working we have a lot of methods which you can try to solve this.

You can simply go inside the storage of google drive and delete google photos, google documents, shared files, etc. Even you can delete the shared drive easily. Using a google drive itself gets loaded after some time (as files get stored automatically inside).

So, after some time you surely need to delete some files and folders among all. Which files/documents are needed to delete, can be checked inside the storage area.  Not only such data but also google sheets, emails, duplicate files, etc. are needed to be removed.After reading our other guide you can know why is google discover not working

Solution One: Delete the files individually

This is a simple step method (mostly applied by people who often clear their drive).

  • Go inside the google documents, choose or click over the file you want to delete from the drive

  • There you’ll see the three vertical dots, that sign indicated the ‘Menu’ of that file

  • Left-click over this icon (Menu icon)

  • Here, selects the option ‘Remove’ among all

  • The file will get removed from the drive
  • Meanwhile, at the bottom of the google screen, a dialogue box will appear (showing the file is deleted) along with the UNDO option on its right side

  • You can use this UNDO option in case you accidentally delete the google files

  • Otherwise, the deleting process of a single file in google drive has been completed


Solution Two: Delete the google folder

This is also a very simple process to delete a single folder from the drive.

  • Select or click over the folder you want to delete inside the google drive

  • Click right and select the option ‘Remove’

  • Or select the ‘trash option’, here right-click, and select the ‘Remove’ option

  • Click on the ‘remove’ option again, this will delete the folder and take it inside the trash


If the files inside the folder have shared ownership, then the removal of the folder only deletes it is from your site. Other person/owner will still have the access to such files.

Solution Three: Delete multiple files/folders in a google drive

Inside google drive, multiple files and folders can be deleted with few steps which inside simple google or its documents area it is not possible.

  • Come at the point/place of files you want to delete collectively inside the drive

  • Left-click at the first of all files, or click at the first file of the list

  • Now hold down the key CTRL and keeps left-clicking over all files you want to delete from the google drive

  • Continue the process, till the whole files (you want to delete) are selected
  • Instead of it, you can hold down the key Shift in case the files are located consecutively. This can be same applicable from the first click to the last click

  • After completing the selection process of files inside the drive, ‘Right click’ over any of such files

  • Here you will find the Menu, select the ‘Remove’ option of it

  • Or at the window’s top right select the ‘Trashcan’

  • Now the files you have selected are part of the trash only, making more space inside the google drive

Solution Four: Permanently delete everything/empty the trash

Deleting files from google drive will make the drive empty but google still holds the burden of them by keeping such files in a drive’s trash. This is beneficial in case something is deleted accidentally so that the owner can restore the file from google drive’s trash easily.

But, if you don’t need such data, remove it from the drive’s trash too, to make it permanently deleted. After that, they can not be restored and get deleted from all sides (accesses) of the drive.

  • Look over the top left corner of the drive, click over it
  • Select the three-bar option ‘Menu’
  • Here click over the option ‘More’
  • Now go inside the ‘Trash’ option, inside the More
  • Here, inside the trash you’ll find the deleted files, you can either delete one of them or you can empty the whole folder, depends upon you
  • Here you’ll again find the three-dot ‘Menu’ on the right upper side
  • Select the option ‘Empty Bin’

  • Inside it click over the ‘Delete Forever’ option

  • The process is completed now and every file or folder that was useless for you is permanently deleted.


This article contains few true and perfectly applicable answers of how to delete everything on google drive. The article has been written after collecting authentic information and making so much research. So, read it carefully to apply the perfect suitable solution.


If you want to delete a shared file (a file that you have shared with others too) then first of all transfer its ownership over their name (to whom you have shared the file) delete it for yourself. Otherwise, the file under your ownership will also get deleted from all sites.