How to Delete Header in Word – Quick Guide

As suggested by the name, Headers are used for adding headings or titles in your word document. Sometimes, these headers are linked unintentionally when you click somewhere near the page break. But, if you added a header intentionally but now want to delete it, how can it be done?

You can also get Headers and Footers with some documents downloaded over the internet. Now there can be headers on a single page or on multiple pages too. So, if you face anything like this, there is no need to worry because, with a very few simple steps, you can delete the header in Word.

But first, what is a Header?

A Header appears on the top of the page which is separated from the body text. It is used to display the author’s personal information or some other signs such as document title, date, or the number of pages on a larger document.

These are usually helpful when you are working on a longer document but, they consume considerable space on the page and are sometimes and simply unnecessary to be added.

Methods of deleting Header in Word document

We have figured out three extremely simple ways with which you can delete header in a word document.

  1. The quick way

  • Open word document, click on File

  • Head to the Check for Issue section

  • From there, you will see an Inspect Document option, click it

  • A document Inspect window will appear

  • Only select the box mentioning Headers, Footers, and Watermarks

  • Once done, click on Inspect

  • The tool will check your document for all the Headers
  • As the inspection is done, click on Remove All

  • Close the tab and voila! All the headers from your document are removed

Note: This method is ideal for removing several headers from a multiple-page document.

  1. The 2 features way

  • Choose Insert from the toolbar at the top

  • Click on Header

  • You will get several options regarding the header, select Remove Header

Note: If you have one or two headers in the whole document, try out this method.

  1. The Direct way

  • Bring your cursor to the Header and double-click on it

  • As you click on it, the header option from the toolbar will be activated
  • Select the text in the header and erase it with a Backspace or Delete key

  • Now the content of the header is removed

  • Press Esc or click on Close Header and Footer from the top right corner of the Word document

Note: Since this method requires removing every header one by one, it is only suited for headers in shorter documents.

Delete header from different pages in Word

Since the header covers some part of your page, it can take away the actual appeal of the layout of a document. Here is how you can easily remove headers from different pages in a Word file.

  1. Removing Header from the first page

  • Active the Header by double-clicking on it

  • Now select Different First Page from the Header tab activated on the toolbar at the top of the screen

  • The header is removed from the first page of your document with this action

  1. Removing Header from other pages

When it comes to removing header from others, it generally requires more work. Since the layout of a single page cannot be changed in Word as it applies to the entire document, you must create a separate section. Once done, you can change the layout of that particular section.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Drag your cursor to the area right before the page having a header that you want to delete
  • Click on the Layout option from the toolbar above

  • Select Breaks, a drop-down menu will appear

  • Choose the Next Page option from there

  • Doing so will create a section break where you placed your cursor and the new section will be started from the very next page
  • Now double click the header that you want to delete
  • Switch to the Design Tab from the toolbar above and select the Link To Previous option

  • This breaks the link to the previous section of the header
  • Select the text in the header and erase it

  • The header for that page is removed now

Note: All the headers following the section break you added will have the header removed. If you want to add headers in any of the pages after it, you are required to add another section break and create a header for the next section.


While it may seem like a tough and technical task, it is extremely easy to delete the Header in a Word document. As a frequent Word user, you must know the different methods to delete header from any page you want.