How to Disable and Enable Touchpad Lenovo – Two Easier Methods

Do you want to enable and disable your touchpad by following some easier ways? No need to worry, you can read our guide and explore some easier ways.

We hope this guide will reduce many of your confusions and you will be capable of turning your touchpad on by pressing a few of the keys of your mobile.

So are you ready? Let’s have a look at the tip and tricks on How to Disable and Enable Touchpad Lenovo?

How to Disable and Enable Touchpad Lenovo – Two Best Ways

Method 1: Use the Dedicated Keyboard Button

The Lenovo laptops include a function key that is dedicated to enabling or disabling the Lenovo laptop touchpad.

Many laptops (ThinkPad range, IdeaPad, etc.,) have some specific keys, “F6” or “F8” that help in enabling or disabling the touchpad.

What you need to do is press and hold the “Fn” key and then press the specific function that you want to apply on your laptop. Here you can click on F8 and your laptop TouchPad will get disabled. If you want to enable it back, you can repeat the same steps.

You might don’t know about the keyboard, its functions, and keys, but you can check your laptop user guide or manual as it will let you know all about the keyboard. The more information you will get the more confident you will be able to use your Lenovo keyboard.

Well, it is a temporary approach because your touchpad will auto-enable once you reboot your laptop.

Method #2: Via the Mouse and Touchpad Settings

If in case the first option didn’t work for you, which I hope must work, check this one out.

Go to your system’s “Mouse/Touchpad settings”.

  • If you are on a Windows 10 laptop, open up your system’s settings, seek out “Devices”, and there in you’ll find these settings.

  • Or simply search “Mouse”, in your device’s search box, and open the “Mouse Properties”, or “Mouse and touchpad settings”.

  1. Down there, you will see “Additional mouse options/settings”, hence, click on it.
  2. You will see a new window being popped up with many different tabs i.e. Buttons, Pointer, Pointer Options, etc.

Bonus Tip: Enabling the Touchpad in Lenovo ThinkPad

  1. If you have Thinkpad, you can think on the rightmost, the “ThinkPad” tab. There you will see the “Enable Touchpad” button. You can uncheck the option and your touchpad is enabled now.

Alternative: click on the “Settings” button on your laptop screen, a new menu will pop up and there you will view a drop-down list. You can own the list and tap the option “Use TrackPoint Only”. Here you are done with it!

  1. If it’s an IdeaPad or any other Lenovo laptop, click on the “Device Settings” tab, you’ll find two clear “Enable” and “Disable” buttons there.

The same method you can follow for disabling your Lenovo laptops,

Note: Here is one thing to remember if you own a ThinkPad, the rightmost tab, which is named after “UltraNav ” or simply “ThinkPad” will help you out. If you have an IdeaPad or any other Lenovo device, you will view a screen with `Device Settings” so this Device eSetting option will assist you a lot.

So, these were the two methods of our guide: How to Disable and Enable Touchpad Lenovo?

Wrap Up

If you are wondering about enabling and disabling your Lenovo touchpad, you don’t need to browse further because here we have elaborated on most of the reliable factors.

You can follow these ways and can safely switch your laptop’s touchpad mode.