How to Disable Fn Key on Lenovo Laptop

A computer and laptop is the need of every person in today’s world. We work all day on our laptops or computers, the world has gone digital and if you are a part of this digital world, these devices are your gadgets. We spend many hours on them and mostly work on our assignments or tasks on these devices. Now, many people ask how they can work more efficiently in less time and what kind of computer performs well than others?

A computer’s performance surely does matter and it saves you in many situations, but here is the deal. No matter how good your device is, if you do not know how to use it efficiently you will be stuck even with the best computer you can possibly have. The digital performance can be enhanced by skills alongside your device.

Have you ever experienced that while you are typing anything on your computer and suddenly you start seeing numeric in the typed words? Or you want to either increase or decrease your Lenovo laptop’s brightness. You might also want to enable WIFI and Bluetooth directly, but the question is how you are going to do this without going to the settings on your device?

Function Keys

Here comes the concept of Function Keys. Function keys are available on the keyboard of almost all laptops or computers and they are being used to perform some direct actions on your laptop or computer. You can perform a sort of shortcuts to some actions and you will not need to go to the device settings of your computer. Isn’t it great!

Well, function keys are F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, 10, F11, F12. These keys are mostly placed on the top of your keyboards. We will now briefly explain what the function of each function key is:

  1. F1

The foremost one on the list is F1. This key is mainly used to open the help center on your laptop or computer. You need to press F1 on your computer keyboard and it will open the desired settings immediately. You can get help regarding any application, software, or even for a chrome web browser. Where ever you are stuck and need information, simply click F1 there and you will get immediate help.

  1. F2

F2 is the renaming key. As mentioned in its name, it is used to rename files and folders. Normally you will go to the specific file or folder, tap on it, and then you will choose the option of rename to re-name it. If you want to do this process directly without having to choose the option from the list, simply go to the folder select it, and then press the F2 key. If you need to rename lots of software this key is just a miracle for you.

  1. F3

This is the searching key in your device. F3 helps you go to the search bar option on your device directly and you can search any file from there available on your laptop. On not only a laptop, but you can also even find texts or related searches in your chrome browser too. Just simply press F3, the search bar will appear, you need to search for the specific word there, and boom!

This key helps you save lots of time and energy and comes in handy for people who need to search a lot for either their assignments or job tasks.

  1. F4

For this key to function, you will need to press ALT + F4 altogether. It has two main functions; you can close any currently running program by pressing these keys together. Secondly, if you press ALT + F4 on your computer desktop screen you will get the option to restart or shut down directly.

Note: it is important for you to press ALT + F4 together for any function. If you only press the F4 key, nothing will happen.

  1. F5

F5 is referred to as a refreshing key. Normally we can refresh our computer by clicking right on the desktop screen. A pop-up of options will appear. We will then choose the third option from the top named ‘Refresh’. If you want to do this process directly, simply press f5 and your laptop will be refreshed immediately. You can even refresh any web browser page too by clicking F5 on the specific page.

  1. F6

This function key comes in handy if you want to decrease the volume of your device if you are using a laptop. In addition, it can help in choosing the URL directly. Simply click F6 on the web browser page and the URL you want to choose will be selected.

  1. F7

If you press the F7 key on your laptop’s desktop screen, nothing will happen because its main function is to check spelling errors or mistakes in your excel apps, be it in Microsoft Excel, MS Word, or PowerPoint. This tool can check all spelling errors immediately.

  1. F8

F8 is the safe mode function key. You can use this key if you want to go to safe mode while starting your computer or laptop. It can also help in MS Word, you can press the F8 key in MS Word and all files and words would be selected automatically.

  1. F9

If you press the F9 key on your windows, nothing will happen in general. Its main usage is in MS word, where you can update fields and even reveal the field codes by simply pressing ALT + SHIFT + F9.

  1. F10

Again, if you press the F10 key on your windows, nothing will happen in general. Its usage comes in handy in MS Word; you can easily see the context menu just by clicking on SHIFT + F10.

  1. F11

You need the F11 key function to display the full-screen mode directly. You can use any browser on the full mode by simply opening it and then pressing F11. The same goes for the reverse method, if you want to exit the full-screen mode press the F11 function key once again.

  1. F12

If you press F12 with the Fn key your laptop will go to the Flight mode directly. However, it has no use in the computer. It also has usage in MS Word; you can save your word files by simply clicking the F12 function key.

What is Fn Key?

Fn key is the modifier key in Lenovo and all other laptops. It is used to help function keys perform shortcuts in laptops. It is usually found next to CTRL or Alt key on your laptop. The Fn key is only available on laptops and you won’t find an Fn key on your computer keyboard.

How to disable the Fn Key?

Many people turn off the function key on their laptops so that they can press function keys directly just as they did on their computer’s keyboard. You can turn off or disable your function key in a few ways:

Quick Method:

  • You need to hold down and press the Fn + SHIFT + NUM LOCK altogether

This method usually works for Lenovo laptops.

You can enable or disable function keys if it did not work out for you, try this BIOS method:

  • You need to start your computer once again
  • Once your computer is restarting, press Fn + F2 key, repeatedly
  • BIOS settings will open up, go to the configuration option available on the top

  • You will need arrow keys to function
  • Use the down-arrow button and select ‘Hot Key Mode’

  • Press enter and disable it

  • Now go to the option of ‘Exit saving changes
  • Press enter to select the option
  • You will see a pop-up of ‘Save changes’
  • Select yes and that’s it

You are done!

Now your fn key is disabled and you are ready to work without it easily on your laptop. Its function will become the same as you can have on your computer keyboard. You can enable the fn key in the future with the same BIOS method if the quick method did not work out for you in the first place. The BIOS makes sure that you can easily enable or disable the function keys on your laptop and this method is being used in almost every laptop.

Now, we need you to understand that all laptops’ function keys work differently, that depends on the model of the device you are using. Your laptop brand also comes in the act and all your keys format is according to that. Some keys may work for you as it works in the other laptop brands and some might not, so you can search for your laptop’s function keys specifically. The BIOS system can be started with different function keys that work for your laptop. For this article, we used F2, you can search for your model’s BIOS operating key. Rest of the process is same for every laptop.