How to Disable the Touch Screen on HP ?

Nowadays many laptop devices have touch screens and this is quite an effective feature that will elevate your experience. You can use your laptop as a tablet and also a laptop and this 2-in-1 ability is necessary for a lot of different ways. You will find that like most laptops, HP models also come with touch screen options.

Many of these touch screens, unfortunately, do not have any methods to shut the touchscreen off, however! At least not externally. Therefore today’s article will focus on how to disable touchscreen on HP devices. While there are ultimately many ways, we will focus on the 2 simplest ones.

With this information, you will easily be able to toggle your device’s touch screen options on and off as you like. However, before you get to these methods, let’s look at why they need might arise to disable touchscreen capabilities:

Why Would You Need to Turn Off the Touch Screen?

It is important to know why you might need to disable your laptop’s touchscreen feature and it might depend entirely on the user! Bear in mind that this will be a temporary way to turn off the touchscreen since you can just as easily toggle it back on at any point.

The first reason of course might be that you are storing the device away for travel and don’t want it to accidentally start-up by brushing against your luggage. Another reason might be your child getting access to your HP laptop and you simply do not want them getting their grubby little fingers on the touchscreen.

However, another very likely situation might be that your touchscreen has become faulty. Whether due to troubleshooting issues or even because it has some physical hardware difficulties, you may need to disable it. If the issue is quite serious, you might have to end up getting the laptop screen changed especially if it is damaged. However, till then you need to disable the touchscreen till it can be taken to a professional for repair.

Without Further Ado, Let’s Discuss How to Disable the Touch Screen on HP.

How to disable the touch screen on HP?

The first method will make use of the disabling of your HP laptop’s touchscreen via the search bar feature. With this method, you will be utilizing the Windows Search Bar and this one is placed next to the Windows logo button on your HP laptop. This is one of the easiest methods that there is!

  • Your first step is to find the Search Bar/ Cortana if it is Windows 10 and you will find a tiny magnifying glass.

  • Press on it and type in device manager. Once you have typed it in, press Enter.

  • Next, select the option for Device Manager in the results. Then you can click on the option for Human Interface Devices from the results that appear.

  • Click on your laptop’s touch screen display from the recent search results.

  • Then, right-click to choose the option that reads, Disable device.

  • This is when a pop-up for verification might appear. If this happens, press Yes and it will run the command.

Once you have gone through all these steps, the next step for you is to check your laptop screen and figure out whether the touchscreen is disabled. However, in case this hasn’t been entirely successful, there is one more trick up our sleeves that you might want to try!

Now, we will move onto our next method to disable touchscreen functionality on your HP laptop.

This method has everything to with searching for Direct Access with either the Start menu or by using hotkeys. If you prefer to make use of keyboard shortcuts instead of your search bar, this method might appeal to you more!

  • The first step for this one is to press both X and Windows keys at the same time. An even simpler method is to right-click and get to the Start

  • Next, you will press the option for Device Managerfrom the pop-up that will appear.

  • You will then click on the option that appears in the new window for Human Interface Devices.

  • This is when you will click on the touch screen display and right-click on this to select the option to Disable Device.

  • A pop-up verification will appear, press Yes and it will proceed to disable your laptop’s touch screen.

Again, for this solution, we also recommend that you try to engage with the HP laptop and its screen. This will confirm whether or not your overall process has been successful in disabling the screen or not.

We are also adding in some tips that you ought to remember if you wish to off touch screen abilities on your HP laptop:

It is necessary to be quite careful when dealing with your HP laptop and its screen, especially if it a touch screen one. This is because the touch screen will be made out of a glass material that is much more sensitive in many ways. So, to make sure that your HP laptop screen will last a long time, you can add Gorilla Glass as a safety feature.

However, this might not always be enough to protect your HP laptop and its screen from potential damage. When your laptop is not in use, a great way to decrease any damage is to turn the screen off so that it will reduce any risks of damage.

We have now concluded this article on how to disable your HP laptop’s touchscreen. We hope that the 2 solutions we have outlined for you in this article will help you easily turn off your HP screen’s touch abilities without any need for professional help.