How to Enable Bluetooth on Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV screens are the need of the hour as they have combined the desired features of social media platforms with electronic media. This is to say that modern technology has enabled the applications of a smart TV as the tool for using social media platforms like video streaming apps, blogging sites, browsers, and all other social media features on a smart display screen with qualities and content of a conventional TV screen.

Samsung smart TV

Smart TV screens were launched a few decades ago but with the inception of Samsung’s industry-leading technology, these devices have become the common household devices with the rapid increase in their applications and hype in the market. This is all due to the widespread popularity of the Samsung consumer goods and the undeniable benefits of smart TV screens over traditional TV displays.Learn how to hook up cable box to tv without hdmi

To get the maximum benefits of modern technology cutting down the applications of entangling wires is a prerequisite and this is where Bluetooth technology has its roots. Bluetooth is the most common of all wireless networking options and is undoubtedly the most conveniently used one.Some people complain that my Samsung remote is not working so we got different solutions for it which you can try.

Using Bluetooth technology users can make connections with multiple devices of various types and get their media shared, data transferred and, the job is done, with few simple clicks instead of carrying the large extensions and power cords all the time to make up for wired connections.A lot of people ask why did hulu log me out ? well we have answer for it.

Samsung T V Bluetooth

Although Bluetooth technology is an old wireless technology its inclusion in TV screens is not a frequently encountered thing, to begin with. Samsung has broken the ice and launched its smart TV screens as the pionner in the industry to have TV displaying the media shared by Bluetooth. This could be simply understood as making a Bluetooth pair with a Samsung smart TVs and a smartphone device.

After the pairing user can easily play the media of their mobile phones on a larger TV screen without making any efforts to connect the devices with a power cord or data transferring cable.

Bluetooth on Samsung smart tv

To get the benefits of the Bluetooth technology on the Samsung TV, users need to pair the Bluetooth and for that purpose, they need to enable the Bluetooth. If you don’t know how to get this job done then you should keep on reading our review on how to enable Bluetooth on Samsung smart tv and get yourself acquainted with some simple steps of doing so.

How to enable Bluetooth on Samsung smart tv

Enabling Bluetooth on a Samsung tv is a very easy and convenient task. It is pretty much similar to pairing two smartphone devices using Bluetooth but the difference here is that you have to navigate between the menus using a TV remote controller instead of the smartphone.

How to Pairing Samsung Tv With Bluetooth

To quickly pair Samsung tv with Bluetooth follow through the given steps to swiftly and efficiently complete the assigned task.

Method #1 : Selecting the connection guide

The foremost step to take for pairing a Samsung TV with Bluetooth is to open the connection guide on the TV screen. For that purpose, you have to stroll through the source menu ad choose the connection guide. Among the connection guide drop-down menus, on the fourth number is the speaker. This item will show the audio devices and several other options including Bluetooth. From this menu choose Bluetooth.

Method #2 : Enabling pairing

After selecting Bluetooth a pairing mode for audio devices will be displayed on the TV screen. Just like the pairing list on the smartphone, you have to choose the device you are desperately looking for.  Entering the pairing mode will allow for pairing and without entering this mode, Bluetooth scan for the available devices will not be initiated.

Method #3 : Finding a device

From the settings of the Bluetooth pairing list, you have to refresh the list to find the desired Samsung TV. If no device is displayed keep on scanning until the device appears.  If the device is not appearing no matter how many times you refresh the list then you manually add it by going through the add additional device option.

Method #4 : Choosing the desired device

After finding or adding the desired device that could be either an audio device or a smartphone or headphones, you simply have to select the desired device and pair it with the Samsung TV Bluetooth by pushing the connect button.

After connecting the selected desired have been paired with the Bluetooth of Samsung tv and the two devices can now share data or any other media that initiated the pairing process.