How to Factory Reset RCA Tablet?

Do you want to know how to factory reset RCA tablet? Some people probably do not know how they can reset the factory settings of the RCA tablet. Are you one of them? If yes, then get ready because here we are discussing a quick guide on factory reset of RCA tablets! Let’s get into the discussion below!

As we define the term RCA, it is known to be a significant and well-known American electronics manufacturer, which was established in 1919. RCA is currently involved in selling various customer electronics products based on tablets or the 2-in-1 tablets or androids. The use of RCA models and tablets has been widespread among students and office-going people. This is because they are relatively better in price and are lightweight.

How can you back up the RCA tablet before a factory reset?

You will store all your information and files on the tablets. This is because tablets have larger androids storage access. So before you perform the factory reset, it is important to do the reset or tablet backup as well. Apeaksoft Android Backup & Restore is the best tablet backup or resets tool for the RCA tablet. To perform the restore or factory reset backup, follow the below steps:

  1. Download the latest version system of the Androids Data Backup & Restore, which has been installed on the tablet or PC. For the Android Mac OS, there is a specific version. You have to connect the tablet with your tablet or PC system using the USB cord to reset.
  2. Now click the option of “One-click Backup” as soon as your androids have been detected. In this way, the tool of tablet backup will automatically create the whole reset It would be best if you waited for this entire factory reset process to end up on your tablet.
  3. As the result pops-up, you have to choose the latest tablet backup file and then click the option of “start,” which is at the bottom. Please open it and view all the tablet data in the form of categories. This includes reset photos, reset messages, WhatsApp and contacts.

Quick Guide on How to Factory Reset RCA Tablet

Let’s get into the discussion one by one without any delay! If you want to wipe away all the content on the RCA tablets and have it hard reset or restore through the factory conditions, then we are sure that this reset guide will help you a lot. It would be best if you made sure that the tablets have at least the capacity of 50% power.

For the factory resetting of RCA tablets, you are left with three reset ways which are discussed below:

Method no 1: Factory Reset the RCA tablet running the Android with Settings menu

  1. First of all, you have to unlock the RCA tablet and then run your “Settings” app through the Android home screen.
  2. Now you have to scroll down and then look for the hard reset option of “Backup & reset.” Click on it, and you will start to be promoted to the factory reset information to delete all the tablet data available on the androids
  3. To confirm it, you have to tap on the hard reset option of “Reset Tablet” or the option of “Factory Data Reset” to trigger the whole factory reset process smoothly.
  4. Once the factory reset process of the RCA tablet is finished, you have to restart the tablet once again and use it as the new androids

Method no 2: Factory Reset the RCA Android tablet within the recovery mode

  1. First of all, power off the tablet by using the button “power.” Let the tablet screen get blackout completely. Now hold down the buttons of “Volume Up” and “Power” together until and unless you do not see the androids screen of tablet recovery mode.
  2. Next, you have to navigate to the hard reset option, labeled as the “Wipe data/factory reset,” using the hard reset buttons of Volume Up and Volume Down. You have to perform the specific tablet command through the RCA Power button.
  3. As soon as the androids screen of reset configuration appears, you have to highlight the option of “Yes — delete all user data” for the factory reset of the RCA tablet device. Once you are done, you have to tap to the “reboot reset system now” and once again restart your RCA device or the androids against the hard reset.

Method no 3: Reset the RCA tablet is running on Windows 10

  1. Starting with shutting down the androids or the tablet and then once again power it. Hold the “FN/function” button once you power on the tablet for the hard reset.
  2. On the boot screen, you have to select the option of “Troubleshoot” and then choose the option of “Reset Your PC.” This will pop up with two complex reset options: either remove tablet files or fully clean the androids
  3. Make the final choice, and then start the androids device again. If you see the RCA logo, it means that your androids or tablet is all set to hard reset