How to Find Pictures Folder on Mac

Are you a Mac user who just got their hands on the new MacBook and is not familiar with the controls and shortcuts? Well, this is a very common scenarios with theee new Mac users who can’t look at their desired folders on the favorites tab and wander around checking every location to find out the desired files.

This is because windows users are accustomed to finding the pictures folder in the favorites sidebar that they find it shocking to not have a images folder there. But don’t worry this is not a very conspicuous thing and you can easily find out your favorite images on the go with few clicks.Learn how to unlock a stolen macbook pro

Without further ado, let’s figure out how to find pictures folder on Mac.

How to Find Pictures Folder on Mac

To find out the images folder as quickly as possible Mac users can make use of the finder (similar to the home finder in windows or Cortona search bar).

  • Finder can be brought into appearance by selecting the displayed finder icon on the dock after selection a finder foreground will be highlighted and you can choose the required options from the toolbar of the finder menu.

  • The toolbar of the finder menu in Mac will be showcasing File, Edit, View, Go, Window, and help options. From these options select the Go and from the consequent drop-down menu, you have to navigate to home.

  • Home will be appearing as the 5th option of the drop-down menu after downloads and before computer options. From there choose the home option so that a home tab appears before you.

  • To quickly open the home screen without clicking so many times you can simply recall the keyboard shortcut and open the desired window on the go. The keyboard shortcut for opening the home finder window is Sift + Command + H.

  • Home finder will be displaying many folders such as applications, desktop, documents, downloads, music, dropbox, pictures, and public.

  • From all of these displayed folders, you have to locate images and select them by double-clicking on the folder icon.

To avoid all this unwanted trouble and make it convenient for finding the images folder the second time you can add the folder to the favorites sidebar. For this, you have to follow the following procedure.

  • Locate the images folder in the home window of the finder menus.

  • Drag and drop the pictures icon to the favorites sidebar.

  • A small placement indicator will appear in the favorites sidebar.

  • Click on the icon to ensure that the pictures folder can be quickly accessed from the new location.

To change the placement of the picturs folder among the favorites sidebar you can point it out on the favorites indicator and select the resulting list to make changes in the sequence. By hovering the cursor over the list you can see the drop-down menu of favorites sidebar and make changes by drag and drop method to change the order of folder appearing in the favorites section.

Now you can open the favorites and can see dropbox, iCloud drive, applications, desktop, documents, pictures, downloads, Airdrop, and recently open locations on your Mac.  In this way, you can swiftly access almost all the frequently browsed locations on the Mac with a single click despite wandering from menus to menus.

How to find a folder on Mac using preferences?

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to take on this length procedure but rather want to make dddo with few clicks of the mouse then you can choose the preferences from the favorites sidebar and customize the options according to your choice.

For that purpose, you have to follow the following steps systematically.

  • Locate the finder active option on the desktop.

  • Click the finder and then right-click on the menu bar to locate preferences.
  • Open preferences and then from the finder preferences menu choose the side bar.

  • Finder preferences have four options displayed in its toolbar in the following sequence.

  1. General
  2. Tags
  3. Sidebar
  4. Advanced

From the sidebar available options checkmark the desired folders that you want to view in your sidebar.  By selecting the pictures checkbox you can quickly add the folder to favorites sidddebar so, that you can access the picturses directly from the sidebar without unnecessary hurdles.