How to Get Free 100Gb Google Drive?

If you are a user of Google Drive then you might be familiar with the news that users could get 100GB on Google drive for free! This is mostly catered to people with Chromebooks because unfortunately, this is not possible for other users anymore.

When Google Docs was first launched, they only gave users around 5GBs and this was increased to 15GB later on. However, ultimately, Google decided to merge its main online cloud platforms. This meant that with the merge of Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive there was indeed a period when you could get free 100GB storage.

As long as you had an account on Google Drive, you could benefit from this offer. However, this is no longer the case. That is of course unless you have a Chromebook!

However! If you have a Chromebook, then you can free 100GB Google Drive space.

How to get free 100GB Google Drive!

If you own a new Chromebook and you are setting up an account on Google Drive, you are liable to get 1 year of free 100GB storage on Drive. While it might just be for Chromebooks, it is quite useful indeed.Fix if your google discover not working.

Most Chromebooks cannot offer you a ton of space, so this online resource might just be the best thing! However, there are a few steps you need to follow to get this advantage!

  1. Step 1-go to the promotional website

Your first step will be to open the Google Chromebook offers on your browser. Follow the link below:

  1. Step 2-Redeem the offer

When you open the link, you will click on the button on the page that reads Get perk.

  1. Step 3-Read and accept terms

Once you have selected Get perk, you will get a Terms and Conditions window. Read through these and then accept the terms and press Continue.

  1. Step 4-Verification

After you have done all of this, you will get another pop-up window and this one will look at whether your Chromebook or device qualifies for this reward! Simply Allow the process to begin and it will automatically verify this claim.

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  1. Step 5-100GBs on Google Drive are yours!

Once Google has checked if your Chromebook qualifies, you will see the bar for Success on your screen. After this, you can start storing files with your new 100GBs on Google Drive.

How to clear up some space on Google Drive?

There are also some useful tips on how to clear up your storage space on Google Drive that you can do instead! You can delete all files that are unnecessary and just take up space or you can use Google Photos instead.Learn how to delete everything in google drive.

We have finally come to an end to our article on how to get free 100 GB to google drive. This might just be available for those with a Chromebook now, but the steps we have outlined should be quite helpful! We hope this has been insightful and informative.Is your google voice search not working ? check our detailed guide about it.