How to Get Someone’s Ip From Discord?

Discord is commonly used by gamers who play co-op games along with a group of their friends while being on a single voice call on Discord. It is a communication application that allows you to chat or call with a single as well as multiple people at one time. Many cooperate individuals also use the platform for different purposes.

We know that everyone on the internet has a unique IP address and these IP addresses are responsible for sharing the information between a particular device at the network. Considering the fact, IP addresses are extremely crucial to be kept safe and are not at all meant to be shared with anyone.

Even though Discord doesn’t directly allow anyone to get someone else’s IP, there are some ways that can do the job for you. In today’s article, we have discussed some ways through which you can determine the IP address on which the other person is using their device.

What is an IP address?

As soon as you open anything on the internet, a request by your system is sent to the server for the activity you are performing. For example, if you open any website, the system sends a request for its webpage data.

Now, this request has a unique address for your device that is sent to the server and this address has your destination address and all the information that you need. This specific address is what we call an IP address.

Why you cannot directly get someone else’s IP on Discord?

The application along with various other techniques works on a TLS (Transport Layer Security) system that ensures enhanced protection to the users against hackers and scammers.

Another amazing thing about its security is the serves used in the application are hosted by Discord itself which is responsible for improved protection.

This is why, even if you try to get your friend’s or anyone else’s IP directly from Discord, you won’t be able to do so. On the contrary, as a user, you don’t also have to be worried about your online security as Discord offers an exceptional one.

How to get someone’s IP from Discord

Just because Discord itself doesn’t help you in getting the IP address of the user you want, you must not give up on the idea. There are a few third-party apps and other ways that can help you achieve your purpose.

In this article, we have offered a step-by-step guide to the most widely used method that can easily get you someone’s IP address from Discord.

  1. Create an IP Catcher

The first method that can help you get someone’s IP address from Discord is by creating a website that is capable of extracting the IP addresses of people who visit the site. In this way, you can either mail the extracted IP to yourself or store it in the database.

How does the Web App work?

Before you start making a website, make sure to understand how this entire setup works. As mentioned earlier, when you visit any website, your router sends a request to the specific website’s server.

Here, the web application that you will create will get the IP address shared as soon as any user visits the website. When this happens, you can store the address in the database.

With this setup, you will only be able to collect very limited information of the users including their internet service provider’s name and their location.

Now that you have understood the concept of working, it’s time to move forward. There are four main steps for this process, each one is discussed below in detail. Let’s check it out:

  • Frontend coding

You don’t need to worry much about the frontend coding of the website since all the main jobs will be handled by the backend. Therefore, you can either choose any of the free templates available or create your own user interface for the site.

  • Backend coding

This is where you need to put all your brain and efforts into it as it is the most logical part. Here, you must be very careful and include a function that can extract the IP address of all the users visiting the website. Moreover, you must also include a code that saves the IP addresses of the users in the database so that you can view it anytime.

The language in which you code the backend doesn’t matter here unless the work is done finely. If you are a tech geek and know automation, it will be a plus point to add a code that can automatically send the IPs to a mailbox or someone safe.

  • Hosting the website

Once the coding is done, it’s about time you make your website live. Purchase a domain name and simply connect your site to it. If you don’t want to pay for hosting the site, try the free ones out there.

  • Execution

Now that you are done, you must execute your task. Open Discord and send the URL of your website to the user whose IP address you need to get. When the person will open the site’s link, their IP will be shared with you and stored in the database.

Note: You must never do this without the consent of the user since it is unethical and also illegal.

Wrap Up

Simply put, there is no possible way to directly get the IP address of someone from Discord unless you do some technical work. The company has created some incredible security barriers that cannot be invaded while staying in the app.

This is one of the top reasons why people easily rely on Discord for private as well as conference calls especially while gaming or cooperate meetings. But, if you try out the method shared above, you can get the IP address of anyone from Discord – only if they open the URL you send to them.