How to Get Twitch Chat in VR – A Reliable Solution

One most prominent issue that creates hurdles for broadcasters from VR games streaming is chat issues. Staying in touch and having communication is important for every channel’s growth but when the users are unable to keep up with their chat, many issues are raised.

When you enter a VR world, you don’t get any built-in feature to view your Twitch (Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, etc) chat. Well, there are some extensions that you can add.

So, the question that pops up in many users’ minds is How to Get Twitch Chat in VR? So, to help them out; this article covers the ways that will help to get a chat in VR.

How to Get Twitch Chat in VR – Best Twitch Chat VR Program

OVRDrop is the most pre-eminent program that makes you view your Twitch chat when you are streaming your most favorite VR game. This problem can easily resolve your big issue and it was published by Nicholas Ewalt. This program is well-compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index.

The paid and free, both versions are available but paid versions of a lot more bonus features and the major difference is it uses GPU, not the CPU.

The free version goes with 360p at 30FPS but the paid version can manage 1440p at 200-300 FPS.

To sort out the twitch chat issue, we recommend you the paid version of independent developer. Setting up, downloading, and running this program is a bit straightforward.

How to Setup Twitch Chat VR?

Step 1: Download and Extract Hotrian’s OpenVR Twitch Chat

  • You need to Visit Hotrian’s page on GitHub

  • Scroll down the page, you need to find and click on “”

  • Download the zip file.
  • Once the downloading is finished, you can extract the file.

Tip: Always keep the unzipped files in your folder, these unzipped files are quick to access and you can easily add an overlay over your VR game.

Being a VR streamer, you also need to have a repeated access to the file; moreover, you also need to watch the program to watch YouTube, Netflix, or any other program, so an unzipped file is handy to add overlay.

Step 2: Open SteamVR And Launch OpenVRTwitch Chat

Launch your StreamVR program from your stream.

Ensure that your VR equipment is turned on and it is activated,too.

After checking the controllers, you can launch the OpenVRTwitchChat .exe file.

Step 3: Enter Your Information

Af\ter following step 1 and step 2, you will approach to a screen that will question for the following information:

  • Username
  • OAuth Key
  • Channel Name

After updating the required information, you can click the “Press to Connect” option.

Step 4: Pick a Controller to Manage Your Chat

In this step, you need to pick a controller that you want to control your chat when you are using VR.

After picking the controller, you need to access the drop-down menu, which you will see at the lower-left side of the screen.

Then you can pick either the right or the left controller – it is based on your choice. Your controller can manage your chat in a better way.

Step 5: Modify the Size and Opacity of the Overlay to Your Choice

To modify the overlay size, you can set the drop-down menu to “None.”

Fields manges different things: one manages the opacity and the second one changes the size. After doing the settings, you can check the settings of the controller.

After following these steps, you can carry on your successful streaming with VR chat.

We have finished the discussion on How to Get Twitch Chat in VR; now, it is time to explore the names of some top-notch headphones.

VR Headsets Compatible With Twitch Chat

Here are different VR headsets which allows you to view Twitch Chat while streaming and a few are:

HTC Vive: It shows its compatibility with Virtual Desktop and OVRDrop.

Valve Index: Valve Index has compatibility with Virtual Desktop and OVRDrop.

WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) VR: It is perfectly compatible with Virtual Desktop.

Oculus Rift/Rift S is also a powerful gaming headset.

The Bottom Line

Many times we fail to twitch chat in VR and this lack of communication creates many problems. So, the need is to resolve this issue then and there and it is only possible when you have a good knowledge about the troubleshooting of twitch chat in VR.Must learn to use wii controller on switch if you want to be a pro gamer.

This blog post has a detailed discussion on fixing the twitch chat. Once you read this article, download the OVRDrop  and manage your chat issue immediately, just like a pro.