How to Hook up A Cable Box to Your TV Without HDMI?

For most modern TVs, if you want to connect them to any external device, be it a laptop, external speakers, or even a gaming system, in most cases all you need is an HDMI cable or wire! The HDMI cable is one of the most popular connection options and the best part is that it has become the standard for most devices.

However, you may still come across an instance where the TV you have doesn’t have an HDMI port or even if it’s broken! In that case, you may use either an HDMI converter, a component video cable, or a composite video cable instead. So, in case your TV is the latter one, then you might need to know how to work these options!

It can be slightly tricky learning how to hook up a cable box to your TV but that’s precisely where we come in! Today’s article is going to help you figure out exactly these different alternatives and finally how to set it up yourself!

Let’s see How to Hook up A Cable Box to tv without hdmi.

How to Hook up A Cable Box to tv without hdmi?

There are 3 main alternatives you can choose when trying to hook up a cable box to a TV without an HDMI cable.

Method #1 : Composite Video Cables

Composite RCA cables are one of the oldest connecting cables that are still used! They are the perfect alternative to HDMI. They also link up both audio and video. These are usually categorized via their yellow, red, and white cables.Also Check the list of spectrum cable box error codes.

These are usually yellow RCA connectors along with white and have a red RCA audio connector. You will only need the yellow cable to connect video which is why this is called a composite video cable.

Method #2 : Component Video Cables

The Component video cable will have many cables meant for video whereas there will be 2 more ones for audio. These cables may be blue, green, or red and the audio ones are white and red.

All you have to do is connect these cables to the 2 cable boxes and your TV. Once this is done, start your TV, go to the input option and select the Component as your source.

Method #2 :HDMI Converter

The last situation is one that many people might find themselves coming across! In this case, your cable box will have an option for HDMI but unfortunately, your TV does not. You can then choose to opt for an HDMI converter. This also works if your TV has the HDMI cable but the cable box doesn’t!

Since HDMI works for both audio and video, you can connect the converter to where the HDMI port will be. On the other end where there is no option for your HDMI cable, you can attach the RCA side depending on the color.

Now that we have gone over what kind of alternatives there are to hooking up your cable box to TV without the use of an HDMI cable, now we are going to proceed with how to execute this!

How to connect your TV without HDMI cable

When it comes to learning how to hook up your cable to your TV without HDMI, you need to know what kind of alternative you are using. This will depend on the kind of setup you currently have and what options are available to you including port options and more!

  • Turn the TV and cable on

  • Then you need to make sure that the Cable or Converter is plugged in.

A good tip to follow is to make sure that both are plugged into their respective inputs. You might want to look at the label. These might be Composite, Audio, or Component. Luckily, they will correspond to their colors and that will make set up easier.

  • Your next step is to switch from your TV’s existing speakers to your choice of external speakers that are connected. This will also depend on what kind of TV you have but if it doesn’t have HDMI ports, we’ll assume it’s a little old-school.

  • Finally, the last step is to make sure everything is running smoothly. You’re not just connecting the devices via the cables, you also need to make sure you have both audio and video inputs working properly.

This has been our detailed guide on how to hook up your cable box to your TV without the use of any HDMI cables! While it is true that HDMI cables are by far the most useful options around, after our helpful guide, you can opt for others as well in case it doesn’t work for you!